Sunday, February 11, 2007

If you want to read, read

Do you find yourself comprehending more now as an adult then when you were a child? I mean I help my kids with their homework and literally i have to go on the internet to help them. I told my mom the other day that if i had the internet back then i would have been a straight A student. My daughter brought home what i hated the most when i was a child, math homework, especially fractions! She had to make a proper fraction to an improper fraction. 'Wha'? I really, really hated fractions when i was a kid. So i hopped online found out how to do it and learned how to do it in about 5 minutes and said to myself that wasnt' hard! Why did i have such a hard time back then? I guess my teachers had to do everything in a round about matter, rather then show the very easy way. I do enjoy helping them with their homework, I learn new things everyday. Plus it feels like quality time together.

I already told you about Amber being on the honor roll for the second time this year.
My son was on the honor roll for the second time also! All A's and one B! Go Darin! It's your birthday! He's so smart. He's also developing the funniest personality. He can make me laugh even when i am so mad that i can spit nails at him. I looked at him the other day and i am starting to see the beginnings of a mustache! My baby is growing up! Which means i am growing old. :(

When i was a kid it felt like adulthood would never get here and now that i have kids it feels like their adulthood is coming faster than mine was. Does that make sense?
I had to take Frank to the doctors on Thursday. He hurt his back at work and he had to get a shot and some muscle relaxers and rest this weekend. It's going to hurt because he took 2 days off, but if your in pain, i guess you can't do much else.

I wish i could say things were going good for us right now. What' s really wrong is our job environments. We both are not happy, I could be if every one was doing their job instead of me feeling like i am the only one doing anything around there. I come home feeling like i got in a fight with Mike Tyson, and so tired i can barely walk in the door. I used to LOVE my job, now i have fears of at any moment they will take away my hours. I hate that i feel like i have so much to accomplish on my shifts because "I" know that one of the other managers is not going to do a f***in thing on his shift! And gets paid for it! One manager, he is a sweetheart of a guy, but boy is he lazzzzzzzzzzzzy! I leave him notes of what needs to get done and he just ignores them. Of course he is higher ranking then me so he can do that. The last note that he ignored i asked him about and he simply stated " I didn't feel like doing it" , so my question is when he leaves me a note about something and i say the same thing is that going to jive in my favor?
Can you feel the venting? In all honesty i kinda feel better now that i have wrote it down.
Let's hope that it won't spill out at the meeting tomorrow because i'm still feeling hostel about it.

Frank....his job sucks, sucks, sucks. He is filthy from head to toe when he gets home. His job has no paid vacations, he gets paid very little. You never know if your gonna get at least 40 hours. Can you believe that even his pay checks have bounced?! One time i put a check in my checking account and a week later i found out that i had accumulated 365 dollars in overdraft fees! Thank god(but with alot of hostility) they paid for those. But from now on my husband cashes his check at the store or their bank. I'm not going thru all that again. Can you believe that?

Well i think i have done enough bitching for one night..

Oh and if ya gotta a second, a little prayer that Frank can find a better job would be nice:) I can manage for the moment...But he needs a ego boost right now. :)