Thursday, March 29, 2007


Frank is still doing wonderful on his new job. He looks forward to the next day now.

My job on the other hand is cutting my hours down again. Also when i picked up my last prescriptions i found out that i have already maxed out my yearly allowance for prescription drugs. Not good when they cost me $300.00. Frank's insurance i still have to wait till he has 60 days in. I will have to see if my doctor has any samples left to tied me over. I doubt it because i was informed not too long ago that they will no longer carry samples as of last January. Or i will have to pick which pills are the most important and wait till the insurance kicks in.

My son is going on his Washington trip in April, he is looking forward to it. We got a list of the things that he will be doing while gone.
cleveland zoo& rain forest
and a swim at aquatic center

Annapolis Naval Academy
Museums on the mall
Smithsonian air and space museum
Smithsonian natural history museum
Smithsonian African art
WWII Memorial
Jefferson Memorial

Goup Photo at U.S. Capitol
White House Photo Stop
Daniel's story at Holocaust Museum
Arlington Cemetery Walking Tour
Marine Memorial (Iwa Jima)
Illuminated Tour of MemorialsVietnam/Lincoln/Korean/Einstein

Day 4
Gettysburg Battlefield Tour
and return home by midnight

That's really alot for just a few days. But i am sure that he will have alot to talk about when he gets home.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Frank is a new man now that he has a much better job than he had. On Wednesday I decided that before the bed arrives on Friday I would put up the new ceiling fan for the bedroom that i purchased almost a year ago. Well i got the old one down with no problem, but when Frank got home i asked him to help me put up the new one(two hands are better than one)....Now if you know Frank and I, you would know that any sort of assembling of anything would cause us to be cursing at eachother and things getting thrown. Not this time folks! We did it without any broken bones, blood, or using the lords name in vain. This is a good sign Frank is in a better place.

My poor Darin is very sick! He woke up this morning saying his throat was hurting him a bit. I gave him some motrin, but something told me to make a doctors appointment and then go get him out of school. Around 9:00 a.m. i called the doctor and the earliest i could get was 2:00 pm. I ended up getting a phone call at 12:30 pm from Darin's school saying that he really wasn't feeling good and asked to come home. I informed the Nurse that i was going to be getting him in a half hour and taking him to the doctors anyway i would be right up.

When i got him in the car i felt his forehead and sure enough he was getting hot! Took him to the doctor and the doctor said he has an infection in his throat. Poor little guy, well not very little, i was just informed that my son is 1 1/2 inches talling than me at the age of 12! He has antibiotics and i had to go buy him some adult tylenol in the liquid form for the fever. He don't like swallowing pills. My daughter has no problem with pills, but Darin hates to even try.

Amber came home yesterday with her shoe torn apart, so that was a trip to payless shoe store to get her a new pair. OMG, the girl is wearing a size 9 shoe now! She's 11 years old! While we were there she picked out the most ugliest sneakers, folks they are green and white, we are talking MICHIGAN STATE (the football team) green and white. I tried to talk her out of them but she just kept saying that she really liked them. Well to avoid a scene and to avoid drama queen in action she got her wish. I really should be happy because they only cost me 10 dollars but GREEN is just not a color on my top ten list.

Tomorrow i may be making some cookies since my local store has all kinds baking ingredients on sale. I have a couple of cookies that i want to try out.
G'night all

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I thought i would never get back online again! The reason for no posts or comments or anything was that i purchased a brand new computer and my aol was not compatible with my new vista, so i decided to go the cable direction, but i had to wait 2 weeks. I got a really great deal putting my internet, phone and cable on one bill. I'm still trying to figure things out and get all my blog buddies in my favorites and letting people know of my new email address.

Lots have gone on since i last posted. Frank was really depressed, he would call into work (not helping with the situation that we are in) because he hated his job soooo much. He also would fly off the handle with the kids and me for minor little things. I tell ya, he's lucky i love him, or else i would have had to put a hurtin on
Well i have great news! Frank has got himself a new job!!!!!!!! More money, benefits, vacation time, holidays off, he even gets his birthday off with pay. He's a new man! He started on Monday and he worked today and he says that he LOVES it!!!!! His job is similar to the job he has had back when he was delivering wood floors. He is a warehouse/driver, only this time it's dealing with cleaning products and packaging supplies. Him and his boss seem to be getting along very well from the conversations that Frank has been telling me, and he also bought Frank lunch today. I tell ya, from one extreme to another.

Now some bad news.....Amber quit her dance class. Her teacher Miss Alexis got a scolarship and will be performing with David Bowey(i know i spelt that wrong but i can't think how to spell it right). Anyways...We went to the class with the new teacher, and found out thier are 2 teachers and neither one had a clue what to do with these girls. With competition in just a few short weeks i did not think that it would be the greatest idea to keep her dance class. The thing is she said she did not want to go back before i could say anything. Poor Amber...i told her that i would check around for other dance classes.

So i got a new computer with a printer, now i don't have to run to my mother when i need something printed out. And on Friday i have a new bed being delivered, for the first time in a very, very, very long time i will have a headboard and a footboard. It's been about 6 years that my bed has been laying on the floor in my bed room. Good ole income tax returns :) Although this years tax return was a disappointment...but at least it covered a computer and a bed and that's what i was hoping for.

Ok, now i am getting tired i think i will get some Z's :)