Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at my house

When we woke up on Christmas day I decided to take a picture of all the cards that we had gotten. My snow man was full so I moved on to the archway leading from the living room to the kitchen.

We ended up with something like 30 cards..pretty good compared to some other houses that i have been too.
I feel blessed and loved!

Thought i would share a few pics of what Christmas looked like at my house.

Amber loves these fishnet arm warmers!

she liked the paint splattered wrist warmers

you can see how well the perfume went

and the body

Darin says he will be stylin in some new jeans!

I think those were some earrings.

Darin really seems to enjoy the cologne or body spray..he lets me know when he needs more all the time. He does smell good. Which is important when your in high school!

Amber was totally excited to get a new cd/radio player...I won't hear from her for days.

Amber loves the new jewelry i bought her.
especially the choker and a necklace that has a scull on it.


Darin got the long john's that he wanted for hunting. He likes them very much!

this is literally Darin's favorite cd! He also had it memorized before i had even purchased it.

new pj's for Amber...
don't tell her that i bought it on clearance for $

After all the excitement Amber had to go put on most of her jewelry and new stuff to strut around in.
not bad for semi-gothic eh? I think she looks cute!
Since Christmas Day I have worked everyday and don't have a day off till January 8th 2009!
Just the way things ended up at the the hospital.
My husband took the kids out to the stores the day after Christmas to spend some of the cash that they had received and guess what! My daughter got herself a second ear piercing and with her money purchased me a new pair of earrings...they were even hearts! She scored major Mommy points there! She did not have to but she said that she saw them and thought that i would like them. She's a keeper :)
Well that was a glimpse of Christmas as my house.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We celebrated Christmas at my mother's today because I have to work on Christmas day...yeh, I know I feel the pity coming thru the internet!

From our house to yours a Very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today was my day off after an 11 day stretch!

Lets see what did I do?

1. cooked breakfast for the family...eggs, bacon, toast. It's a real treat for the family.

2. Went to Entenman's hoping to get a gift certificate for someone that loves their cakes and donuts...only to find out they don't have them...oh well perfect excuse to purchase some cakes for the house. Oh well plan B

2. went to Walmart to try and figure out what i am getting my clue got Amber one more gift tho and purchased guinea pig food.

3. Went to Plan B for my Aunt and got Ponderosa gift certificates only to find out I had to go to another to purchase them because the one i was at is no longer selling them.

4. Went to Dunham's (a sport's store) to see if they may have a size 14 boot for the growing boy and I did find a pair for $50.00 ..and since he was there we just gave them to him and said Merry Christmas...because as you can see in the last post we do have alot of snow on the ground!

5. Went to Toy's R Us for something, but changed my mind and am going to plan B for that.

6. Went home!

7. Went to dinner.

8. came home and decided to look at some recipes for cookies.

9. made more chocolate chip cookies because this family LOVES THEM!

10. Ran across the recipe for above picture and thought it would sound good.

Turns out they are good...kinda a sugar cookie but with peppermint taste. Turned out good..

I posted the recipe on the shared Recipes for Disaster Blog.

Amber is my super chef's assistant and loves to cook just as much as i do.

She's very creative too! See!
Who says they have to be striped...nothing wrong with a marble candy cane!
Well the only other thing that I have done on my day off is sitting here and telling you all the day I was having.

Friday, December 19, 2008


They said we were getting 6 to 10 inches and they were not kidding! SNOW DAY for the kids!
Darin did not want to see his mother shoveling the big heavy snow. He's such a good boy!

It's still snowing but at least you can see the driveway.

Poor Torro! He was like heck with this let me back in the house

That's Torro in the corner pretty much buried in the back yard!

Hershey is looking at me pretty much saying "come on mom....let's get back in the house!"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Is it sad that my husband and I are under senior citizen age and we LOVE BINGO?! Amber came to sit and watch us and guess what came with
yep, her camera...

waiting to start.. don't i look intense to start.

we never win....we are very charitable.

Mom likes to come, it gets her out of the house. Don't it look like she's taking a massive drink?
It's something to do when you don't have alot of money. Safer than going to a bar and cheaper than attorney's and fines for drinking and driving.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Here is my 6 foot, size 14 shoe wearing, 14 year old son.
Pretty handsome eh?

This is him before I stopped talking to him.

Don't do it! Daddy the accomplice is there!

giving him tips and's where i stopped talking to see this is not ending well!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The last of the baby fur is gone. (mustache) sad :(

And here is where i am pouting and not saying 2 words to him!

Amber likes taking pictures at different angles if you have not

I think he was done with the pictures by now.

chillaxing after dissappointing his mother. He's done is job.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Amber got her camera and it's been nothing but flash here and flash there...if it's not the dogs it's pictures of her...I am going to share a few of the pics that i actually liked that she took. Pretty creative using a mirror in some of these.

A girlfriend spent the night and she used her friends lip ring in this pic...I say ewwwwwww and i hope that she washed it before putting it in her mouth.
Also the girlfriend got her to crimp her hair and put make- up on so she looks a little girlie ...

I have to admit she is pretty..isn't she?

this is much to old for her!
Watch out boys...i am an owner of a rifle!
Just as soon as she dumps her camera again I have pictures of my son shaving his mustache for the first time. It was a sad day and i am not talking to him! Yes, i know he has been shaving his beard for some time now...but his stache was the last of his baby It's killing him that i won't talk to him. I even got kisses from him, but i still won't talk! Oh well, more milestones that i am going thru!
Amber got her progress report...umm errrrr let's just say i am not happy! She has 5 weeks to get them grades up or I am not even putting another dime on her trip! I would never had dared to come home with a D or an!!