Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Birthday's

As of June 8th, I got a year older....they are really starting to rack up now! 36 big ones came up against me. I have to say a couple HAPPY BIRTHDAY'S...To MrsDof...turned 50 on the 10th and I know Monica over at Pieces of us has a birthday coming in June also! Gemini's are the greatest ever, don't ya think?

I didn't do much for my birthday...that was planned in advance. I usually work on my birthday because i really don't care about my birthday that much. But this year i told myself take it off so some idiot don't come in the store and piss you off on a day that should be fun. I literally did not do much of cooking...just chill! I wished i had more of them.

Can I list 36 things that i am proud of out of my life?

1. Darin, he is the first and he gives me more reasons to list to be a proud mother
2. Amber, i love that she speaks her mind, and don't take crap from people...not even me and that makes us bump heads. But to know her is to love her. She loves to help others and I am proud of her for that.
3. Frank, He has been there for me thru the worst of times and I do love him!
4. House....I can't believe that i have owned a home for 8 years.
5. Cars.....Able to afford a new car if i need one.
6. My job...I'm so proud that i had enough nerve to quit one job to go to another that is less stressful.
7. Barb, I'm so glad that she is my best friend...thru almost 20 years we have been thru alot and I am proud that she is still there for me even tho she lives 3 hours away.
8. I'm proud that during hard times when i was younger that i was able to help my parents in their time of need.
9. Mom...I have the best mom ....I know there is nothing she would not do for us.
10. Dad...I am proud to share the same birthday as him...yep..i was a "gift". Thank god he did not "re-gift"
11. Proud to be an American.
12. Proud to be a mother
13. Proud of the fact that i can type as fast as i do.
14. Proud that every job that i have had ...saw management material out of me.
15. I can't believe how much i am able to accomplish when i put my mind to it.
16. Proud of the fact that i have never spent a night in jail...and don't plan to! lol
17. Proud to know who the father of my kids are...I was just thinking of how many times i watch maury and they have to prove who the father is.
18. Proud of graduation.....It was hard...but it felt great to accomplish it.
19. Proud of myself when i had a car in the drive way 3 months before my 16th birthday.
20. proud that i can cook some descent meals..... I'm no chef...but noone here looks like they are starving.
21. Proud to volunteer for all school activities.
22. Proud of my daughter making captain of the safety squad.
23. Proud of the wedding that my husband and I had....that was alot of hard work, and we did not have much..but it was beautiful and will always be great memories.
24. Proud that Frank asked me to marry him before we found out that i was pregnant.
25. I'm proud of the fact that i can work on some things on a car. I can change a tire, battery and wires...plugs, plug wires...small simple things...but i know alot of girls that have never opened the hood. I even used to give my cars oil changes.
26. Proud of my high score in bowling
27. I am proud that i can go fishing and catch a fish, i can even bait my own hook.
28. I am proud that my kids look up to me and know that i will do anything for them.
29. proud not to be a drug addict...
30. Proud that i am not an alcholic!
31. proud that i quit smoking...cold turkey.
32. Proud that i survived a heart attack.
33. Proud that I made it to 36 years old and i don't feel the need to lye about it.
34. I am proud of being 36 and don't have a head full of grey hair yet...there's a couple of them...but not very noticeable.
35. Proud to be able to support my family
36. proud to share my life with all of you.

There...the last few was hard...
when your off to bed all...gnight

Monday, June 05, 2006

Just thought i would update

Well Frank recieved one check from unemployment. Yeh, at least he got it! His boss called him back to work the Tuesday after Memorial day. Thank god he still has a job! I won't care if he gets laid off from time to time as long as there is a unemployment check to count on.

The kids are getting excited about summer! Their last day is the 15th and they only go for a couple of hours! I'm not too excited about it...but i am excited about sleeping in! I can see it now...everything will be fine for a couple days and then boom...bam...bang...fight after fight!

Mom and I opened the pool a few days ago. Hopefully that will keep the kids from fighting so much. I can't believe the kids went in the last couple me its still too cold. We had two days that i had to turn my air conditioning on, i can't stand the makes me sick. I was glad that i could shut it off and open the windows again. I am trying to keep my bills down to catch up on them.

I make the first payment on the truck this month. I put in some overtime the last couple of weeks. I snuck in an extra hour here and there. Not without any reason...we have been trying to transfer all the dvd's back into original cover art it's not easy when you have almost 5,000 movies on the floor area. We have only been able to work on it here and there. Putting the movies back in their cases saves us so much time when we put them for sale or send them back to distribution. Frank and I both have done what we can to survive during the hard times.
Frank took on a roofing job over the weekend for some extra money. The guy said he would call Frank if he has another roof in the area. He does them on the weekends only, which would be the only time he would be able to do it anyways.

This week was tight for us, I had to renew my plates to both our vehicles because my birthday is the 8th...I get paid on the 9th so ...i went and did it because with my luck me or frank would have been pulled over. The cost of my pills were it did not leave much for us to squeak by on. Frank said the guy for the roof was going to pay him Monday...that will get us thru the rest of the week.

Amber is having like her 8th field trip on thursday...The school is treating her out to C. J. Barrymores because she was on Safety Patrol all year. Guess what!!!!!! She is going to be Safety captain next year! This means she gets to do the flags and makes sure all the safety's are on their post. She is so geeked that the teacher that is in charge of safety's gave her this honor.
The teacher, Mrs. Fischer, is such an excellent teacher...Darin had her for 2nd grade and she really turned him around on the reading. When teacher's week came i gave her a bouquet of flowers and a really nice note. Do you know that she keeps that note and shows it off to all the rest of the teachers.. She said that it made her cry.. I sincerely meant every word that i wrote. She told me that when a parent is complaining to her about their kid, she will pull it out and read it to make her feel better. I thought that was sweet.
When Amber was going into the 2nd grade i insisted on having her teach Amber. She loved both my kids.

All of us at my work just found out that we re getting a new store manager on Monday. Everyone that has worked with her says that she is a sweetie...cross your fingers ya'll!
We are having a meeting tomorrow with her, just to get to know eachother. I think it will be fine. We handle things rather well, and we will just have to see what she will be expecting from us.

Well, bed time awaits...