Saturday, January 28, 2006


If anyone hasn't noticed, I finally figured out how to blogroll! All my favorites are there on the side. It took me a minute to figure out how to do it but I finally made some progress. lol

Can anyone tell me where to get some cute blinkies? Or anything that would be cute to a blog?

Sunday bowling was fun. We bowled pretty good, I managed to pull off a 142 in the second game which won the mystery pot. It made me a whole 23 dollars
No one beat their high scores last Sunday...but there is always this Sunday.


I totally recommend seeing "In Her shoes" It's about 2 sisters, one having her life together and the other not able to get anything right. It explains half of siblings these days. I thought it was great and Cameron Diaz was fantastic!

"Flightplan" is always a great movie...I will warn you that you will think that you have the whole movie figured out ....but this movie pulls the rug from underneath you and it's nothing of what you thought it would be.

I watched "Waiting" this movie is about working in a restaurant and what things that could happen while working there. This movie is kinda National Lampoonish..I laughed at parts, almost gagged at parts but this movie was not the greatest, but if you have nothing better to watch give it a try. I think people that have ever been in the restaurant business would appreciate it the most. I think this movie will fall under "personal preference".


I am happy to report the kids are still alive! lol
Darin is still on the honor roll :) ! I am so very proud! Darin got 3 A's 2 B's and 1 C.
Amber is also doing very well with mostly B's and a couple C's she did however get an A in computers and art. I really got to crack down with her and her math. especially multiplying and dividing.

Darin started a new semester which includes gym for the next 10 weeks. I'm glad the boy is getting excercise on other body parts other than his thumbs. Poor guy on Wednesday was complaining he could not walk because his legs were hurting him so much. He usually plays football out front during summer, but winter he hybernates to his room and games.

Amber was in the school paper that we got at home, they honored her with Safety of the month.
For taking care of more than one area. She has the responsibility of chaining the drive way for the school if she arrives before the other safety's. She usually is there before others because I drop her off right after Darin, he has to be at school before she does.


On Wednesday night i was not feeling well and almost puked. When i got home i went straight to bed. Thursday i woke up feeling like someone sucked the life out of me. I could not stay awake. I felt like i was getting something and still had to go to work. I told myself the whole day if i puke i will call in to work, but that did not happen. I have this fobia of calling in sick, i can't unless i am throwing up. I won't lie totally i have in the past called in sick without actually being sick, but only a couple times in the million years that i have been working. lol. But today is all fine and dandy. I know i am going to get something. Everyone i know has been sick, but somehow i have avoided it.

well all, for someone that had nothing really to say i managed to pull off an entry. lol
take care

Monday, January 16, 2006


Never in my wildest dreams did i think that i could beat my bowling high score of last weekend of 146! But this Sunday was a miracle, or chance, or whatever you want to call it. I bowled a shocking 164!!!!!!!!! Go Me!

We all are improving
amber 78, 102, 90
darin 138, 92, 96
frank 109, 133, 140
me 113, 97, 164


You can tell it's been a full moon the last few days. All the weirdo's are out, or just plain stupid.
I had a guy that i had followed all over the store because he just drew attention to myself by always looking to see where i was. So i started to be around him as much as possible and walked around the areas that he was at and noticed a few games in the very back of the store that were not supposed to be there. So i put them back where they are suppose to be and hung around the area. Any smart shoplifter would have given up or left. Not this one! He takes another game and hastily tossed it on a shelf in the back, he seen me coming fast is why. So i told him that i wanted him to leave. He said why of course and i said i just found games in the wrong area and its very suspicious. Anyways i got him out. He new what he was up too and so did I.

He had enough nerve to call a few minutes later pretending to be the father. Why did you kick a boy out of your store. I said that he had been in the store for over an hour and that i had asked him many times if he needed help. I plainly said for loitering! I also said that there were games for the game boy advance being placed towards the back of the store that should have not been there. He (acting as the father) said that "his son" don't even own a gba system. I said OHHHHH yes he does! I saw it plainly in his coat! Total outline of it in his pocket.

Then there was a caller that asked "Do you know when you close?" It took me a second to decide to say this but out came "Yes i do, apparently you don't" It would have been different if he said "what time do you close?" It was the " Do you", that had me. I'm hoping for a better week here.

There are more that i could rattle on about but these two took the cake.

Well anyways.....Happy MLK day!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Amber's haircut

Don't she look cute? I love this look for her since she won't let me put her hair up or do much to it unless its a special reason.

Me and mom argued wether this looked like a halo above her or horns. It wasn't me that said angel. lol

At least she likes her picture taken.


Last Sunday at bowling we all did rather good. I have finally beaten my high score of 137 and now its 146. It took all i had to get that, so i can't imagine beating it any time soon. Darin also bowled over his high score of 141 and got a 145! He's really into it...but mostly he tries to beat his dad in bowling. We were up against some bowlers that there averages are higher than we can imagine, but it helped that we had a high handicap.


Just got done watching a movie called "Half Light" and i thought it was great! It's not out till Tuesday but I do recommend you watch this, it has Demi Moore and she acted her but off in it. I won't tell ya much about it because anything i say might ruin it for ya...
I also recommend "Transporter 2 ", this was action packed. "Lord of War" with Nickolas Cage was interesting. He's been doing better movies lately, i was no fan before National Treasure, that was the best movie i have seen him in for awhile. "40 year old virgin" was funny.

well i just wanted to post something real quick before i went to bed...gnight all

Monday, January 09, 2006

Just for the fun of it.

Thanks to a fellow bloger I thought i would check out what i would be. Thought it was cute. Thanks momma jenkins.

What Is Your Animal Personality?

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy Belated New Year

I'm a little late with that, but its meant most sincere!

My New Year's was not too bad, I had to work an 8 hour shift that was not bad at all. Then i left work and went to our local super K to get some dog food and pick up some lunch meat for the festivities later in the evening. I spent a half hour waiting at the deli counter because the person in front of me ordered what seemed like a pound of everything in the case. Then i had to wait in line to check out because the register was not printing out reciepts correctly. All i wanted to do was actually go home.

We chose to spend it with our good neighbor friends and just play some cards and games and listen to the radio. We taught our neighbors how to play Euchre and that turned out to be fun when it was boys vs. girls, and girls won.


Amber and I went and finally got our hair cut today...yeah! My hair starts to bother me when i have to blow it off my face or it's poking in my ears so i definitely needed it. Amber decided to get a shorter hair cut also. She looks adorable!!! She got a kind of bob look, it follows her jaw line. I will have to take a picture of it and post it on here when i can.

Mom's computer took a royal crap, so it will be awhile before she has a new one and is up and running again. She's had it for a very long time and it has been acting up for awhile now, out with the old and in with the new i suppose. to bed i go.