Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for my mother. I'm happy to report that she was able to come home the next day. She is dealing with alot of pain expectedly. They had to cut her from the top of her right ear in the front, to the bottom of the ear and then all the way around her ear to the top of the back and down her neck to almost the middle of her throat. Then basically fold her face over and extract the tumor that was wrapped around a major nerve.

The doctor came out and said that the tumor was bigger than he had expected and wrapped around the nerve, but he was confident that he did not disturb the nerve. Mom had read up on some operations of this sorts that had gone bad. One guy could not close his eye to blink or sleep. Another had problems with her mouth. So many things could have happened but didn't and i am thankful! They pulled out the drainage tube on Friday and she said that was not too bad.

Thankfully i did not have to work today, and the kids had no school, so i enjoyed sleeping in!
My wonderful neighbors invited us to a BBQ! Any time that i don't have to cook is a bonus!
There was alot of people there, alot of them left very drunk after playing 2 hands of this drinking game. You use a deck of cards and for each card you had to do something different. All i know is you don't want the 8's if you got that, you had to spin in a circle 8 times while drinking. Trust me...This is not easy for one...and someone is going to the ground! Jack's you were able to make a rule, Kings you poured some of your drink in a cup in the center of the table, If you pulled all four of the kings the last king has to drink the cup in the center and the game is done. 2's and 3's and 4's you had to take that many sips. one card you had to make a subject up (example: names of cars) everyone had to say a car name right away...any stubbling you had to drink. Another card you had to rhyme words, again if someone stubbles in the least they drank. So if you want to get drunk....This game will do that!
Another card was called the waterfall(example: everyone at the table had to drink till the person that pulled the card stopped drinking) Another card was the mini waterfall(the person that pulled the card and one other person of the choosing had to drink till the person quits)

I could get the actual cards and what goes on if someone is actually interested in this game.

Only watched 2 movies last week
"Be Cool" ...This is the sequel to Get Shorty....It's always nice to see John Travolta perform. This movie was worth a hour and a half of my time. "The Rock" from wrestling had a part in this film that i found hilarious.

Then i watched a movie called "Submerged" with Steven Seagal in it...I can tell ya that this movie did not thrill me at all! Don't waste your money on this!

My birthday is coming June 8th and i will be 35! God i can remember when i was like 10 saying i don't want to live to be was way to old! Not only do i turn 35 on this day but my dad turns 58! Yep...i was my daddy's birthday present 35 years ago.... I bet back then he was asking for a

My son will be 11 in August and Semptember my daughter will be 10! Time flies! I still can't get it over it! I was looking at baby pictures and videos a few days ago, you forget that they were like that once. I love talking about what my kids did when they were little. I know i used love when my mother told me all the cute things that i did when i was younger. Now we have video recorders and i can show my kids what they did at a certain age. Ahhhh Technology!

Well...i'm getting kinda tired ...


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mommy looks like a Mummy.

Mom had surgery today to remove the tumor on the jaw of her right side. The doctor called us all in to talk about the surgery one more time. Reminding us of all the dangers. We understood because mom had been studying all about it since she found out she had it.

I had to take her this morning at 9:30 and the surgery was scheduled for noon. But it looks like they had their crap together and she rolled into surgery at 11:15 instead. Frank and i left for a bit and got some lunch and returned by 12. At about 1:15 pm the doctor came in and said that everything went well but the tumor was bigger than he even thought it was and was totally wrapped around a major nerve. The good news is that he did no damage to the nerve, she is able to smile, wink, open her mouth.

I saw her up to her room and stayed a bit. Tried to talk to her but she was really out of it. She could barely open her eyes. I remember after my surgery with my heart that feeling of knowing someones in the room, but i could not open my eyes, so i just left.

She had alot of bandages wrapped around the one side of her head. It reminded me of a mummy. They had to cut like have her side of her face and pull it over to work on that tumor. Mom was hoping for a face

They said as long as she does well tonight she will be able to come home tomorrow. :)...Welll take care all :)

Saturday, May 21, 2005


I don't know if everyone reads my mom's blog
But Tuesday I was typing out my son's report on the computer and my mother was watching over my shoulder, all of a sudden a news break comes on and all we heard was "Employees at Detronics are being evacuated due to bomb threat." We both stopped and watched and we both said "DAD'S WORK!" I cannot believe that someone would do that! Good thing they took some shots with the men standing around and we saw my dad standing outside. We waited for a phone call from him to hear what had happened. To hours later he could not tell us much, but he could not leave because they were not releasing the men to their cars.
No one knows why the man did this. The wife says he was trying to make fireworks...that's a big nope..fireworks don't come with nails and stuff in them.
Well that was our excitement for the week.


Mom goes for the surgery to her face this coming Wednesday. I have to admit i am a bit worried. I hope no complications come with this surgery. And i hope no infections invade her body afterwards. She does not need anymore, or more hospital stay at that either.



I watched "Are we there yet?" This is a good comedy. From 1 to 10 i give it a 7.


Found out that my son is going to have a graduation from 5th grade to 6th grade on June 16th...He will be in junior high next year. I'm so excited. He is slightly scared, but i don't foresee and problems. He got to go to a preview of the school so that kinda helped him with his worries of what to expect. I think that was a smart thing for the school to do that. I don't remember having that in transitions of school.


Well i am starting to fall asleep at the keyboard ...i will write more another time.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Is someone trying to tell me something..

Honestly in one day i got a phone call offering me a job out in Utica. I thought about calling it but its to far to drive and it turns out it was not from a friend of mine..but i don't understand why someone called me saying they were interested in meeting me for a job at their company. I've not been looking for a job at the moment. But anyways...while at work i was speaking to my co worker and another gentleman said that he was looking for secretary...I kinda blew it off...but i'm wondering if someone is trying to lay a hint on


Well its official....the insurance company denied my surgery! Looks like it's better to keep me obese with all the health issues that go with it. Well let them pay for my next heart attack (if i survive it) and let them pay for all the labratory work that needs to be done with having diabetes and thyroid problems...And oh let them pay for the surgery that i may need for my foot that i suffer in pain with on a daily basis. I wish i could lose the weight myself...but my will power is gone...I have been up and down the scale so many times i can't count.


12 more days and mom goes into surgery on the tumor on her face..The closer it gets the more worried i am. I have confidence on the's the same doctor that did my daughters tonsils. This surgery is more complex and from what mom tells me it could have many problems if they are not careful.


I watched "The Aviator" the other day and i found it very interesting....i really never knew much about Howard Hughes other than he was rich. Now i know that he was not wrapped to tight. He had many issues.
Tonight i watched "Son of the Mask"...this is a pretty entertaining movie. The kids really got a kick out of this movie. It's not the greatest..but it really beats "Life Aquatic" hands down...that movie sucked!!!!

Oh well...i'm getting tired and i have to get up early for work...Have a great weekend..I have to celebrate my husband turning 39 on Sunday. :P

Monday, May 09, 2005

It's not about

I think i will start with some movies.
"National Treasure" is the best movie out there!!!!! Full of excitement and very educational.
"Racing Stripes" was not only good for kids but i know some adults that really got a kick out of this moive. The parts that really make the movie are the 2 flys, one has the voice of David Spade. Anyone that has kids will love this movie and also get a kick out of it.
"Assualt on Precinct 13" lets put this as a 5 on the entertainment meter.


My son went to the dentist last Monday and for some reason his cheek swelled enormously and to the point that his face bruised! I quickly took him back to the dentist and he said that he has never seen this in the 30 years he has been a dentist...he had a reaction...not exactly an allergic reaction but a reaction. Today he went to get some more done...thankfully he has not swelled up! My son said that all his teachers asked what happened to his face. I really think that they think that i beat my child.

My husband stupidly put his phone in his pants pocket and threw the pants near the hamper, so i picked them up and i washed them. Needless to say that it got washed and dryed and no longer works. So today i stopped by the local T Mobile and got an upgrade on my phone and hubby has gotten my old's already gone thru 2 phones compared to my

My mother and i went to the doctors today, Since mom will probably update you on her current condition i will just talk about my

Well i went in just to get some routine tests for starters...but the night before i ended up chasing a shoplifter out of the store and ended up hurting my foot big time! So while i was there he took an x-ray of my foot because this was the second time i had done it. I am now the proud mom of 2 huge heal spurs! One on the back of the heal and one right in the middle of the bottom of my heal. They are both shaped like daggers and he said that when i run the pressure of the heal spurs are cutting the tissue in my foot, therefore the pain!! To top it off and i quote the doc "These are the biggest, beautiful, heal spurs i have ever seen!" This doctor has been seeing me since i was 16 and i am almost 35 years old now, and i am sure that he was in practice long before that! So for him to say that makes me believe that my heal spurs are really, really, bad!

Well on a lighter note....I finally got up the guts to ask about shrinking my stomach, he had brought it up a couple times because of my medical history. So today i asked about it. Right now it stands that i have to call my insurance and see if they will cover such a surgery. My doctor says that they might because of all my medical background. I talked to the nurse at the office that does the surgery and she says i certainly qualify. She had asked what problems i have had because of my weight and i just said "heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, back problems, foot problems, all this and only 35 years old(almost)".
I told my husband about the surgery and i asked him what he would do with a skinny wife....he answered the same thing i do with a large I'm not asking a whole lot...a size 18 would make my life grand! a 16 would make life perfect!

Well i will keep ya posted on this one....with my luck i am only wishful thinking... later

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mothers Day!



It's the hardest job a woman could have! Now that i am a mother i know that times are hard and tough! It's not easy to raise kids and try to instill values and morals without being a nagging mom. I try to let them learn from mistakes, but i also try to save them from making them. Kids can make you laugh and kids can make you cry. There are good times and there are bad times. As long as you can talk them out or work them out, there is nothing a family can't do.

Mom truly has been there for me, the good, the bad and the ugly part of my life. She has never judged me for anything in my past. '

I LOVE YA MOM!!! Your the best!

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom is 56 years old! I hope that this year is better than the past year!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't say enough how much I LOVE YA! And I'm glad your still in my life! Happy Birthday and many more!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's my my mommy's and daddy's 35th wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats mom and dad! I LOVE YA!!!!

Thirty five years ago, my mom and dad got married on May 1st, 1970 and one month latter they had me! Could life get any better???? lol...

Life was hard on them, but they managed and did without alot to support their family. Mom is someone that is more than my mother, i consider her my friend. I can talk to her about anything that i have to and i know their is nothing in this world that she would not do for me.
Dad is a firm man and you have to work on him a bit to get what you need but he eventually will come around and help you if you really need it. Not without gripe tho. lol
He was hard on us but i have to say that he makes it up being a grandpa! World's greatest grandparents in the world are my mom and dad!