Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mommy looks like a Mummy.

Mom had surgery today to remove the tumor on the jaw of her right side. The doctor called us all in to talk about the surgery one more time. Reminding us of all the dangers. We understood because mom had been studying all about it since she found out she had it.

I had to take her this morning at 9:30 and the surgery was scheduled for noon. But it looks like they had their crap together and she rolled into surgery at 11:15 instead. Frank and i left for a bit and got some lunch and returned by 12. At about 1:15 pm the doctor came in and said that everything went well but the tumor was bigger than he even thought it was and was totally wrapped around a major nerve. The good news is that he did no damage to the nerve, she is able to smile, wink, open her mouth.

I saw her up to her room and stayed a bit. Tried to talk to her but she was really out of it. She could barely open her eyes. I remember after my surgery with my heart that feeling of knowing someones in the room, but i could not open my eyes, so i just left.

She had alot of bandages wrapped around the one side of her head. It reminded me of a mummy. They had to cut like have her side of her face and pull it over to work on that tumor. Mom was hoping for a face

They said as long as she does well tonight she will be able to come home tomorrow. :)...Welll take care all :)


Monica said...

Glad to hear your mom made it through surgery okay. Hopefully she will have a really quick recover. I'm thinking happy thoughts for her and for your entire family. Take care!

cindy said...

Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. Especially with the nerve thingy that stuff can be touchy. Tell her the on line buddies wish her a speedy recovery!

Mallard said...

Glad to hear she's going OK... as well as can be expected. Send her my best regards and happy thoughts from one of her online friends too. Hope she can come home and rest and recover really well.

Mal :o)