Thursday, February 28, 2008


I have been so busy with working that i don't know what day it is sometimes.

Frank is doing great! He needs to be working! He visited the neurologists today and he pretty much told Frank that he did not see any reason for him not to go back to work if he thinks he can do the work. He want's him to go for a few more tests and is going to suggest to our family doctor to put him on a different medication specially made for stroke victims.

So if everything goes the way we want Frank may be at work on the 11th! (insert lots of prayers here). Thank God for income tax money and the little bit we had stashed aside. Hopefully he will get back to work and all will be right in the world. Also i am hoping that he won't have any further problems.

Oh my god I was so sick this past week! I had the worst cold ever! And had to suck it up and work! Would you believe that my job made me sign a document that i would not come to work I swallowed dayquil ritually to make sure that they did not know that i was sick as a dog. I love the stuff! Worked like a charm! The only time i ever call in to work is if i am vomiting or i hurt my back so much that i can't walk.

Guess who has it!
He tried so hard to stay away from me. But the icky germs got him anyways...

Amber had her first tournament on Wednesday and it turns out she did not get to wrestle. According to school rules or whatever....she can only fight a 6th grader and has to be in her weight class. So we may go to all the tournaments and she may never hit the matt....
It was a real bummer to find that out. But i have to admit it was fun to watch the kids wrestle. The little ones really put up a great fight.
If you want to see some cute pics of my daughter at the practice game getting pinned you need to take a look at my mom's blog.

Well...I have to get up early for work. Later all

Friday, February 08, 2008


Ever since Frank got out of the hospital it has been one doctors appointment after another. He's seen our family physician which has sent him to a MRI/MRA which turned out to be a nightmare for me that day. A tech read his brain x-rays and told my husband that he had a bleed on the brain. Of course he panics (naturally) and calls me at work and all i could here is blah, blah, blah I have a bleed on the brain! Picture me sweating, crying and worried about finishing my job so that i could be with my husband that was on the way to emergency. Frank gets into the emergency room which all the nurses go into thier emergency mode and stick Frank with a brand new I.V. , just after recovering from the 2 that he had while there for his stroke. In comes a nurse just after they poked him and says "your going home"...we look like omg why? Well the nurse informs us that the radiologist called and said that the "tech" read the xrays wrong and it was not a new bleed, it was his stroke that he just had.

I could tell you that i did not need that all!!!!!

Anyhoo...he has been to physical therapy every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thank god that doctor has ok'd him to drive small distances, and only to his appointments that he has to go to. They really work on you at therapy, his has lots of exercises to do and they even hook him up to some electrical shock in his arm to get the muscles to move...some exciting news is that he is getting some movement in his hand slowly but surely. He is really trying! He can't stand being home all day.

He went to an ultrasound on his arm to see if there is a clog in there causing the problem..waiting to hear how that went.. and towards the end of the month he will be going to a neuroligist. All kinds of fun and excitement just adding up to tons of medical bills and nothing put worries.

If anyone ever said that my life is easy i would laugh in their face.

Well in other news...
I got what you call a paper interview from my job for the full time position that i was interested in. They said that they were not going to do any permanent hiring but apparently that has changed and i am desperately hoping that i get it! They give me the hours all the time...but i could really use the benefit package...especially if hubby can't go back to work very soon.

I did start the paper work rolling for disability but you know how that goes.

In even more news...

My daughter has chosen to join a sport...any guesses??????

If you guessed wrestling, you are right!!!!

She went for her physical yesterday and the doctor and the nurses thinks she is borderline
If i didn't already know some girls that are wrestling I would think she is one frie short of a happymeal myself. lol I will keep you all posted on how she does...Her first meet is on the 27th!
She starts practice on Monday the the 11th.

I think i will share a bumper sticker that i read that just plain made me stop and think.

it said
"Life is a gift, that's why they call it the present"