Monday, July 18, 2011

Mom's spot!

When I went to the cemetary, this was the spot that I "felt" was perfect, i'm standing on the exact spot where she is burried
..In the middle of the area stands these 3 huge monuments, all with pictures of christ and one says "Christ arose" one says "Christ died" and one says "Christ Lived" She is buried between 2 trees and she gets the afternoon shade always...
Also in this area, all four corners have beautiful monuments! I think it's perfect..

Every single tree in this cemetary will always be there....If one dies they replace it with another tree. I think that is awesome!

It's called Resurrection Cemetary on Clinton River Rd. and Romeo Plank ...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

In Loving Memory of my mother Paula!

One of mom's favorite pics...Just after her triple bypass!

It's with the saddest of hearts that I have to say that my mother Pauline M. Bagnasco passed away on July 2, 2011.

On June 22nd, she woke up like any other day and was drinking her coffee in her favorite spot on her couch while my father was looking for something in her bedroom in just the next room. My father said that he heard her say something but did not make it out. He came out asking her what she said and saw her laying on the couch and went to her and shook her to see if she fell back to sleep, with no response he jumped into action with CPR and dialing 911, but when EMS arrived she already had a weak pulse and shocked her 2 times to get her heart started. Yes she was clinically dead on arrival.

At the hospital we were informed it was critical and the next 24 hours would tell us more. About 2 days into it we found out that it was a massive heart attack followed by a massive stroke that caused anoxic brain injury and that she was not clinically brain dead but had some reflux actions still. The massive stroke caused her to seizure in the worst way... at first it was small twitching. After hearing from the doctors that she was pretty much just a body and would never be able to do anything as far as quality of life we decided to take her off the ventalator and if God wanted her to let her pass in peace. The only other decision was to make her live the rest of her life on a trach tube in her neck where she would eventually die from some kind of infection.

Her seizures got worse and took more and more drugs to control her body. We could not let her suffer like that. We took the tube out on June 30th and hoped for the best, but knowing that there was not much of a chance. Her body slowly shut down and on July 2nd, 2011 at about 8:05 am. She took her last breath.

I was there the entire time she was hospitalized, I only went home to shower and grab a bite. I was woken at 7 am by her bed side by the nurse to tell me her heart rate changed and that she felt it would be soon. She was right. :(

Two days before her death my father asked me to do some leg work for the funeral "just in case" I went to a cemetary that she had mentioned once to me. And when I got there I was greeted by a gentleman who was holding a paper stating that my mother had called there 5 times since 2009 for information on plots. I was stunned! No one knew she had even thought of it! I told him if thats not an omen that I am in the right place i don't know what is. We drove around the cemetary and my eyes were pulled to an area, and when we stopped there i "felt" the right spot! It's beautiful! I will post pics soon as things settle down.

After her passing I went clothes shopping for her and found the most beautiful baby blue pant suit that was just perfect for her. We saw her for visitation yesterday and she was gorgeous! We have visitation again tonight and tomorrow Thursday the 7th we bury her graveside at the most beautiful spot in the cemetary. We are having her luncheon at the "Gazebo" which i know she loved that place.

I will write more when I can. But I think she would be proud of what i have done for her. I will forever miss her! I LOVE HER WITH ALL OF MY HEART!

Till we see each other again.