Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hoping for a wonderful New Year!

I got this in an email and thought it would be great for a hello to the New Year!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and stress free Christmas. I know that i have been reading wonderful things on those blogs that i read daily!

As always my family had a wonderful holiday. Everyone has got what they asked for. My son is in love with his new flat screen t.v., my daughter is enjoying her portable dvd player. She is enjoying her spending money. She went with me to get our hair done. New haircuts and highlights, we feel all refreshed.

Today i purchased my very own digital camera! Now i have a brand new toy! Hopefully soon i will be taking my own pictures and posting them to my blog. Mom has promised to help if i need it. It's a Nikon L11 and seems to be pretty easy to use, which is exactly what i was looking for.

I'm not completely computer illiterate but i am no scholar at it either. This is a pic of my new camera.

This is a family portrait that my mother took with her camera on Christmas Day. I think it turned out nice. Although i can see the tired in my face.

New Years Day is my last day with Blockbuster's. I have mixed feelings about leaving. I have worked for them 6 years and it was a wonderful job compared to the 16 years working at McDonald's. But i feel the need to move on to hopefully better things without killing myself with working too much.
I forgot to mention how i tricked the kids this year. Everything that they had specifically asked for i hid in my room, so everything underneath the tree was things that they could care less about. When they were done opening them i asked "did you get everything that you asked for?" they obviously said "NO!" I laughed and said "Ya'll must have been some bad kids!" lol
I had a great laugh at their expense hehe...then i got up said i had to use the bathroom and came out with the other gifts... The look on their faces was priceless!!!
Well i gotta run.
Everyone have a Wonderful New Year!!! See you next year :)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hoping everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

I normally don't go shopping on Christmas Eve, I try to avoid it if at all possible, but i found myself running out really quick for one more gift that i had forgotten. Luckily i knew what i wanted, grabbed it and ran like the dickens to get out!

I luckily had Christmas Eve off and I don't have to work until 4pm. on Christmas Day. Enough time to be with the kids and family before going to work for a couple of hours.


Yesterday i made a huge decision! I talked with my husband and he agreed that I should put in my 2 weeks notice to Blockbuster! I am working way to much. I find myself on my feet sometimes 16 hours in a day. I'm always complaining of how much my body is aching. I will miss that money, but I have to go with faith that working at the hospital will be better for me and less stressful. My boss at Blockbuster told me that i could always come back if i wanted, even as a csr. I don't think that i could do that. Especially if they pulled a manager from another store and started barking orders to me. I'm too old for that.

I love the thought that i will be home more for my kids. I won't be coming home in the middle of the night anymore, the latest i will ever work is maybe 9:30 pm and that's on a really bad night.

Well I'm off to bed soon because I know the kids will be up really early!