Tuesday, August 28, 2007


First day on the job and i have to say that i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new job!

It's still a little confusing to find some of the rooms, but i really enjoyed my first day. Everyone i worked with were very patient and helped me in every way possible. The girl that i was hooked up with all day was the greatest trainer ever! She had a really hard name (Artamesia) this is probably not how to spell it but at least maybe you can sound it out like it supposed to be. I politely asked her if they called her by a nickname, and thank god she said i can call her Me-me.

I'm really excited about this job and hope that i can work with both my jobs.

Next week i have a couple of 6 in the morning starts...This does not excite me! I am not a morning person. But as much as they are paying me...i will do anything :p.

Friday i have the day off at both of my jobs and i have been thinking if all goes well maybe i will take the hubby and kids to the State fair.
take care everyone

Friday, August 24, 2007


I have officially passed my physical for my new job. I start working at the hospital on Monday. I'm very excited about doing something different, also the fact that it's in a great hospital. It's in a great neighborhood and it's very close to my house.

I am also very nervous about starting over in a new job. I'm still not sure what they will be having me to do. From what gathered from the interview, it could be anything dealing with deliver the trays of food to the patients or retrieving trays to working in the cafeteria or cooking.

I will know more about my job on Monday after my orientation.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


He is so excited to finally be a teenager! We had a very small birthday party. Most of the people that we would invite are on vacations.
We did some shopping, took him out bowling and enjoyed some delicious birthday cake.
The boy is towering over all of us! Mind you he stood on his toes just too make that a little more noticeable.
I don't know why i did not smile for this pic, maybe tired from the whole day of doing this, that and the other thing.
Don't we look like an odd family...lol
In other news......On Thursday I got an offer on the hospital job! Yep, i do have the job depending if i pass my physical on Tuesday. I'm praying, and the church that i have started recently are praying that all goes well with my physical and nothing stops me from getting to keep this job. The money they offered me is more that i had anticipated and I am praying that all will go well and see a future in working in a well established hospital. (if you got a minute, can you say a prayer that all will be well )
Since Amber had decided to start going to church, I had to go and get her some dresses. Amber has really never shown an interest in wearing dresses, so i never got her any, ok...maybe one or two in hopes that she would dress up every now and then, but they just occupied space in her closet. So i took her to the Salvation Army and found her 3 perfect dresses. I absolutely love one of them...it looks fantastic on her, i got them for a real bargain....i paid $2.50 for one and $1.00 for another and one cost me $5.00. On my budget it's the best i could do. And only her and i know how much i saved :).
Well people...I'm getting tired....
I will let you know if i passed my physical :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Still hoping for that job!

I went on that interview on Friday and on Monday my boss told me that the hospital called checking on my references. I asked her what they had asked and what she had said, but unfornately all she could tell them was that i was an employee there and that i have been with the company for 5 years and what position i held. I feel as long as you have something good to say about that person it should be said. But according to "blockbuster policy" that's all she was allowed to say. To say the least that discouraged me a bit, until i got a phone call from the hospital asking me for the phone number of my other employer(i did not have it at the time i went for my interview, and i could not remember a number from almost 6 years past). I talked to a St. John's worker and I told her that i was trying to get into the hospital and she said that you have to know someone to get in there. But after i told her that they were checking my references she said that it was looking good for me.

So it's sounds very promising and i am still praying that i get this job. Speaking of praying, A week ago i visited the kids Nanny and my long time friend that took me to church when i was a little girl, she invited us to church again. It's really close to my home and Amber really showed an interest to go(She has never been in a church before). Not that we don't believe in God or anything, just my crazy fast paced life and work schedule has just been hectic! But if Amber really wants to go, i will either go with her or drop her off on Sunday mornings. It will be good for her, plus she can spend time with the lady that raised her for almost 3 years. On Sunday Amber and I went to church, her for the first time in her life and for me it has been 13 years since i went to some kind of service. The last was my wedding day.

A blast from the past came into me. People that i had changed diapers on, were there with their babies. It was great, many people remembered me, and welcomed me back. The preacher that married Frank and I was glad to see me and see my child, I really wish they could have seen my husband and my son. I am not going to force them to go, but if they ever want to, we will go as a family.

My poor dog, she went to the vets to get all the stitches and staples taken out and ended up with fresh staples on the side and was told to wait another week. We took her all the way to my mothers house and as soon as she got out of the car i noticed that her leg did not look right. Her incision on her leg had popped open and i could see her leg bone and muscles and everything. GROSS! I had to put her back in the car and drive all the way back for them to re-staple her leg. So now she has another 2 weeks of antibiotics and and has to go back and get them removed. She has started to lick on them and even removed a few, so i went and got some self adhesive tape to wrap around the sores so that she don't pull the rest out.

Well my kid is bothering me to get off so he can get on here and play a game...
take care all
and if you can, a small prayer for me to get that job. Thanks

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I want to work :)

I went on both interviews last week and i am hopeful on either one of them to offer me a job. The hospital job promises more hours than the kroger job. I really need for my life to get on a better track. I really hate the questions that they ask at an interview. I get so nervous that i am not sure exactly what i am saying, after all it's been 15 years since i hade to have an actual interview. But after the interview i think of better answers than what i had given...I wish you get to look at the questions before the interview so you can at least sound smart on them.
(insert prayers for the hospital job here)

The past week my sister and I devoted alot of time over my mother and father's house trying to get her house back to normal. We painted her humongous house, her bedroom, living room, the huge rec room and a front bedroom. The construction company painted her new addition bedroom and her HUGE kitchen/dining room. They will also be painting her bathroom when they finish that project. I can't wait to see the finished product, trim sticks, curtains, floors, carpenting. God it's going to look gorgeous in there.

Mini seems to be doing alot better, she goes to the vet on Thursday to have all her stitches and staples removed.
take care all....i am tired, i have been up early everyday for the past week.