Tuesday, August 28, 2007


First day on the job and i have to say that i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new job!

It's still a little confusing to find some of the rooms, but i really enjoyed my first day. Everyone i worked with were very patient and helped me in every way possible. The girl that i was hooked up with all day was the greatest trainer ever! She had a really hard name (Artamesia) this is probably not how to spell it but at least maybe you can sound it out like it supposed to be. I politely asked her if they called her by a nickname, and thank god she said i can call her Me-me.

I'm really excited about this job and hope that i can work with both my jobs.

Next week i have a couple of 6 in the morning starts...This does not excite me! I am not a morning person. But as much as they are paying me...i will do anything :p.

Friday i have the day off at both of my jobs and i have been thinking if all goes well maybe i will take the hubby and kids to the State fair.
take care everyone


Diane said...

How nice that everybody was willing to help you out. And you seem to have some variety during the day, just to keep it interesting.

For awhile when my age was my late 30s, I had a job which started at 5:45am.
I carried the key, so I had to be there and getting everything ready by the time the 6:15 person came in.
This time of year wasn't so bad, but when I had to shovel snow off the car and driveway, yet Still be there on time--those mornings were difficult.

Working for the school system, my earliest morning should be 7:30am.
I'm looking forward to some good times.


Dak-Ind said...

congratulations! i know you have been struggling with the work issue for a while.

i hope all continues to go well on the new endeavor. good luck!