Thursday, September 06, 2007


I don't know how to explain how relaxed my new job is. Relaxed is the only word that can explain my feeling. I don't have a boss constantly nagging, the only expectation is to keep coming down from the floors and grab some more food trays.

At the hospital I am working at they have what they call "room service". You call your breakfast, lunch and dinner down everyday. Within an hour of your phone call you should have your meals. You can call all day for anything to eat or drink and we devliver it to you. There are 4 traypassers constantly deliver food to different rooms and different floors. It's actually kinda fun. You can talk to employees and patients and visitors all over the hospital.

There are 2 people that their job is to go from floor to floor picking up the dirty trays. You get alot more walking done with this job because you have to go into every room and all the "soiled rooms" on every floor.

Then their are a ton of people that work in the kitchen area and dishroom and what they call "the line"(this is the people that make up your tray). It's very organized and most of the patients are impressed with how fast they recieve their food or how tasty everything was.

I should have weighed myself after the first day after i realized how much walking I would be doing, then weigh myself in a couple of weeks and see if i lose weight. Since I have started this job I have noticed that i am not eating as much as i have in the past. Alot of it has to do with i really don't have alot of time to, and I also think that i am not as depressed as i was also. Alot of my overeating was contributed to depression and boredom. As long as i am busy I don't think about food.

I go and see the doctor today, after seeing doctors all day long, I decided that i need to visit my very own. I hope he has good news with all my other test i took last time i was there.
Take care all..


Team Gherkin said...

Yay! It all sounds wonderful! Congratulations. I'm very excited for you. Hope those 6am starts are good to you also :)
Mal :)

Diane said...

Good for You and the new job!

Our hospital also has that room service ordering.
Back in February, when Husband was admitted to pass a kidney stone, he ordered macaroni and cheese, which was supposed to take about 45 minutes. He had been in ER all day, not eating a thing, so another 45 minutes seemed like forever.

The girl who was bringing his tray tripped as she got off the elevator, spilling everything, and also hurting her elbow.

There was a flurry of phone calls, Incident Reports, apologies.
The next tray came up in only 15 minutes.

Husband said it was the best macaroni and cheese ever to pass his lips.
I told him the price was high enough.


Team Gherkin said...

Thank you *SO* much for leaving comments at my blog. Thank you. I mean it most sincerely.

Hope things still go well for you with your Hospital rounds :)

Mal :)