Saturday, July 30, 2005

vacation!!!! wooo hooo!

Well as of Monday at 4 in the morning i am leaving Michigan to visit New Jersey for 5 days.
I really can't wait to go, but I really hate the long drive. My only fears of traveling is breaking down in the car, in a state that i have no clue about.

I have alot to do on Sunday, finish cleaning the house and laundry and cages and packing on top of putting my 8 hours in at work! Frank is going to be a doll and do alot for me while i am working which will take some of the stress off me.

Today i took my car to a car wash and vacuumed the crap out of it, and then gave it a good bath. Then came home and washed the inside windows and then I Fabreezed it to death! Just to make it smell good. A few weeks ago my husband left a slab of ribs in the car and made my car smell like the city morgue! Well the smell is no longer there thank god!

Well i will tell ya all about New Jersey when i get back .

Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm Learning..

As you can see i have done a few things to my blog to make it more personal to me. Mom and I are both trying different things. She has been showing me different things that she has learned and i take it home and try it out for mine. Since i don't really get on the computer as much as i would like to i rely on her to tell or show me what she learned.

I've also been learning how to play Dominoes!!! It is so fun to play! I can't believe i have not learned to play this sooner! If you get the chance to learn it, i highly recommend it! I have taught my mother and my son to play the double 6's. Once you start it is kinda addicting.


Work was weird today. Where i work its called a strip mall, and at this strip mall 99 percent of it the power was knocked out all day!!!! Only a section with about 8 stores was open with power this included my store.

Well anyways, this lady walked in, looked around, got some movies and came up to the register with movies in her hand and handed them to me and then asks "Are you guys open"? It doesn't take a genious to figure what i was thinking at that moment! All i could say was "your in the store aren't ya!!" But what i really was wanting to say is "Here's your sign!" Anyone that has every watched Bill Engval will know what i mean on that! I mean how many stores do you know that are closed but yet your able to walk inside of it. Go Figure!



I watched "Guess Who" and i have to say that it was pretty funny. The movie is about an interacial relationship and Ashton Kutcher is going to meet his fiance's dad. Bernie Mac is the dad so you know with that combination, your looking at a funny movie!


My son is in major pain right now. My cousin took him to an outdoor waterpark and really got fried by the sun. I wished i knew he was going there or i would have packed him a shirt to wear. I know that he is just like me...he would fry! So no shirt, and he got burnt to the point of blisters all over his shoulders and arms! The pain my poor little poor went thru when they popped yesterday was enough to make you cry. Luckily my neighbor had some silverdene and i went and got some gauze to cover his poor skin. He is doing better today thankfully. I just want him to get better before we go on our trip to New Jersey.


Anybody know of any good sites to see in New Jersey? Something on the cheap end would be I'm still trying to figure out how we are getting down
Well ya'll i'm getting tired. Hello Tired

Sunday, July 17, 2005


go to if you want to see my Darin and Amber acting kooky :)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I had a day off :)

I didn't do much today other than pay a bill and do some grocery shopping. This is very unusual for me. I usually have 342 things to do in a day.

My son asked if i would take him to Kmart's so he could spend some of his money that he had saved. He purchased an action figure, and my daughter had a few dollars and purchased some puzzles and some more plastic animals. I say my daughter now owns over a thousand of these plastic animals. If she doesn't grow up to do something in the animal field, i think i will just die!

While looking around Kmart i saw so many things that i would like to purchase but just can't. Like all summer i have been looking for sandles for my daughter and i finally found some that i like. One of the pairs you can tie up in front and one has a velcro that attaches the shoe on. I have been looking for sandles that have a heel on them. I think they are much safer for her to play in that way. Well anyways, as usual i don't have the money to purchase them...they want 20 dollars for them. And you know what happens now, i will get the money and they will be all out of them.



I watched "Man of the house" with Tommy Lee Jones. I give this a high five in comedy. I found it very funny to watch. So much so that i watched it twice. Tommy plays a cop that has to watch over 5 cheerleaders that witnessed a murder.

I also got to watch "Ice Princess". Trust me if you have a daughter, she will love this movie! My daughter has watched it at least 5 times! This movie is about a girl that decides she is going to study figure skaters and use it towards getting a scholarship in physics. Well she decides to try and test her theory's with her problem solving and really gets into figure skating. Disney always makes such good family movies.

I have one more movie to watch and that is "King's Ransom" I will get back to ya on that one.
On a personal note:

I have a couple of friends that are having a hard time in their marriages, I just want them to know that i am thinking of them and praying for things to work out!


Frank and the neighbor went out fishing today and i have to say that Frank actually brought home a nice size fish! A pretty big bass! I laughed when the neighbors daughter asked where they had bought it from. lol That falls under kids say the darndest things.

They plan on going all weekend. I hope they do have some fun. And the boat is getting some use.

Well i'm off to bed... g' night

Thursday, July 14, 2005

my pet!

Don't ask me how i did this....i'm still trying to figure it out. But i thought this is cute and if you click on it..then use your curser to push it in the water.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday muddle

Well i know it's been awhile. I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July. I did, it's not very often that i have any holidays off. But i have to be happy that this year the holidays have been falling on a Monday, and i usually don't work Mondays. We just went across the street from our house and had a small bbq and lit some fireworks off. That is until the massive storm came and stopped our little fun. Oh well we saved some fireworks for next year.


This past Saturday was our family reunion and i have to say that it was dissappointing not to see alot of our family there. I guess everyone had other plans. Its hard to say how many people will show up for these things. But there was alot of people that said they were coming and never did.

Anyways Frank brought his boat and found out that the battery went bad, but thankfully his motor pull starts anyways. We went fishing for 2 hours and my daughter caught a little fishie and my husband caught a little fishie and I caught sun poisoning!

By the time we got back i was sick as a dog! All night i kept feeling like i had to vomit. I went across the street and helped put up a tent and then chatted for a bit and i had to excuse myself and go home. I had to make myself throw up to make myself feel better. Does that make any sense? Well i went straight to bed after that. When i got up in the morning I felt like someone hooked up a vacuum cleaner to me and sucked every bit of energy that i had out of me.

I did manage to do a little cleaning around the house with the help of my great son who always takes pity on his mom when she is ill :) . While my husband and daughter stayed asleep. But when they finally dragged their butts out of bed we had to do some light shopping, but by then i was dead to the world. All I wanted was bed. I slept for a few minutes and then off to work. My god every butt head in the world comes in when your not yourself! Everyone had a comment about my face, (it was red as a beet) Yeh, i needed that!

Well finally i did start feeling better around 11 at night, my stomach started to settle down and i was starting to be able to tolerate all the idiots that came in, even the jerks that came in 5 minutes to close. ___________________________________________________________________

I am really hoping that i will be able to come up with the money to go to New Jersey in August. But if its not possible then its not possible, i have to worry about school clothes and we want to do a camping trip before the kids go back and all kinds of things. Then can you believe that i am already worried about Christmas shopping. Things usually fall into place but i have to wait and see.

Well i have rambled on long enough...hope all is well with everyone.