Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas was special!

Just think back in 1993 this is the day that I found out I was pregnant with Darin and I was proposed to with ring on the same day. 12/24/93

This is me now... Tired and can't stand up because i just worked the hell shift at work on christmas day.

Me, Frank and kids very happy with what was given to us!

Isn't Amber gorgeous!!!! She let me do her hair. You can't tell much by the picture, but i took an hour and a half just crimping her hair with a tiny crimping iron, it looks fabulous! She is growing up so fast!

Posing in front of grandma's beautiful decorations of harbor stuff in her play room.

Everyone was very happy this year! We all got what we wanted! I got a few things off the list i made. Like pots and pans and bed sheets, i guess everything else will have to wait. :)

My boss bought me a sex and the city travel game that was kinda great because i loved that show. I even had a crew member bring me a gift card for work, so that i can purchase a few pops or snacks when i need one. I thought that was very thoughtful.

I bought mom a beautiful gazing ball and pedestal for Christmas. It's not easy finding a garden item in the middle of winter. But it was the only thing that i new that she said that she wanted at all. It gets tiring getting her the usual stuff like perfume or clothes or jewelry. She seemed to enjoy it and she said that i had a great memory because she don't even remember that conversation.

My dad loved his ring and mom says that she thought he was going to cry when he opened it. It's a gold ring that says DaD on it, and around the word dad it has diamond chips around it. He has never had a ring before and told my mother that he would like one. He went to have it sized and it had to go to a 15 1/2. I new he had big hands but geesh! He thought he would get a ring that said grandpa on it. He's never completely happy...lol Who know's there are plenty of Christmas's left, you never know.

Frank got a couple pairs of jeans and a couple shirts from my mom and dad. He difinitely needed that! I got him a pair of sneakers that he needed for awhile but just kept putting off.

I myself was pretty satisfied with what i got. Coulda used that cruise or bills paid up but you can't have everything! lmao


I had to work a 5 1/2 hour shift at work on Christmas day, and it was busy even before i unlocked the door. About 5 people were waiting in their cars for me to unlock the door and within 3 hours of opening we had done over a thousand dollars! It was horrible, especially when they say "awwwww you had to work on Christmas Day?" Sometimes i said "awwww you had to come in on Christmas day?" Stupid people! It's better if they just say "merry xmas" then anything else on such a day.
On Christmas day is a day that i don't go looking for anything open! I do everything i absolutely need to do on the day before.

But all in all the food was great, the presents were awesome, and Mom was home for the holidays this year!

I'm getting tired so i will close for now. Hope everyone got what they wanted or needed.
And I am hoping for a better new year for everyone.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


It's officially Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!

I'm finally done shopping, baking, done, done, and done.
Today i was on a mission to find my mom's present since she was the only one i had to buy for left on my list. It only took me 2 days and 7 stores to find it! But at least i won't be walking aimlessly on Christmas Eve to find her a gift! I really hope that she is gonna like it.

It's really bugging my mother about what it is because she said it in one conversation and i put it to good use. So she has spent a few days trying to recall what she let slip out.

Hopefully we all will get what we most desire! Or pretty close..lol

Happiest of holidays my blogging friends :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


For some reason Sunday was a big day of bowling for most of us, but Darin went above and beyond!

Darin's highest score was a 122, it is now replaced with a whopping 141!!!!! Go Darin!
Amber almost beat her new high score of 105 but just came a little short. Maybe after the 2 week break we will all make new records! I think the new balls are helping alot!
Scores were:
Amber 57, 85, 103
Darin 141, 69, 114
Frank 130, 90, 127
Caroline 119, 129, 120

I've been trying different things when i bowl and i think i might have got something that i can do with my bowling. We will see if my average goes up.


I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away. I will be finishing on Christmas Eve. :P
I still haven't gotten my mothers. But i do know what i want to get her. I just hope that i am able to find it. If not i have a back up plan. Mom is like the hardest person to buy for, because there are the usual things that you get your mother and she would be just happy with that. But i always try to find something that she wants but won't spend the money on herself.

I have just a few more gifts to buy, which is impressive because with hardly any money and trying to keep my head above water, I'm lucky to be this far.
I hope that you all are having better luck than I!


I can't believe the weather, Unusual is the only word i can think of. I'm glad that i got my lights out when i did, otherwise it probably would not have gotten done. I just hope we get a break right after Christmas to take it all down fast. I love the Christmas stuff but when the holiday is over i don't like to keep it up! I look for a little more normalsy right after.

Well if i don't get to say it later i will say it now.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Well while visiting Cindy's blog today, she posted her wish list. She asked that everyone that reads her blog do the same. It could be anything that we wanted and does not matter the price tag so here's mine:

1. A cruise. To anywhere!
2. money
3. all my bills paid up to date.
4. new pots and pans (the good stuff)
5. sheets for my bed.
6. a new computer desk
7. a new wedding ring (one with a big heart shaped diamond with diamonds in the band)
8 a new bed!
8. some new clothes
9. my hair highlighted again.
10 a new computer
11. my kitchen remodeled

well that's all i can think of right now. I'm tired so g'night all.

well it's the next night and had some time to think about this list And since i can wish for anything...here i go.
12. gastric bypass (so i will be here for a long time!)
13. to be healthy

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Just call me betty crocker!

Today was a lazy day, I had taken the day off work and got some sleep, housework and errands done.

I started baking again. Today on the menu was pineapple cookies and peanut butter cookies.
My son loves the pineapple cookies and have begged me for days to make them. I think i might bake some more cookies on Monday.

Got worse information on my husband's truck. It's going to cost us more than we thought. Apparently its a cracked head. Thank god the mechanic has a good heart and feeling the Christmas spirit. He told me that he will let me have the truck and make payments on it every Friday. Good news because my husband has a hard time getting home without a vehicle. He has a ride to work, but because he gets off work at different times its hard to have a definite ride. It figures when we are about to get rid of it around March, it would do this.

I'm happy that i got all my decorations up. Just in time for all the snow that we got. This weather is very unpredictable. The snow looked beautiful when i got up on Friday. I thought the kids would not have school, but apparently the snow fall was not bad enough and i got plenty of dirty looks while dropping them off at school. The roads were not that bad so i see why they were open. After school i thought i would not hear the end of MOMMMMMMM there was only like 10 people in our class. Well look at it this way, your not going to have double the homework on Monday. :)

time for bed! later

Monday, December 05, 2005

Tis the season!

God there is so much to say. Been busy, busy, busy.

Amber woke up sick this morning, she woke me up this morning around 5 in the morning saying she did not feel very well. After i said "if you don't have a fever, your going to school". I felt her forehead and indeed she was burning up! I gave her some motrin and she was sleeping like a log after that. She stayed home today, and of course my day does not stop for a sick child. I had to bundle her up to help my mother do her errands. Then once we got home i decided not to waste the day and start baking!

I only bake cookies one month out of the year and you guessed it! For Christmas! I started with 4 loaves of banana bread. One for my mother, 2 neighbors and for ourselves. After that i picked a new cookie for the holiday. I usually pick one different new recipe for cookies and this one was called peanut butter banana cookie. It tastes as good as it sounds. It is made with crunchy peanut butter, pretty easy to make and is delicious! After that i started with my famous pumpkin cookie. Everyone is begging for these! After that i was wiped out. Hopefully i will find time to do some more this week.

Frank had his Christmas party on Saturday. I enjoy these because we get to go to other cities and stay at fancy hotels. The past 2 years they did a show and dinner thing. This year we got to go see some comedians perform on stage. God they were funny, They did this big skit on Blockbusters and the "No late fee thing". I really laughed my butt off! Then they did a skit on a eye glass place on 8 mile, where the techs would be doing strip shows. lol
They were really funny. After the show we just hid in our room and watched TV. Are we getting old or what? Usually we go to the after party, party, in one of the hotel rooms and talk and drink. But i guess this year we wanted some peace and quiet.

Frank's truck went into the shop for repair on Friday, and Saturday they called to tell us that it needed a major tune up badly. Ouch! Well today they called and said that there is more work involved which is more money. I was about to cry, when i asked him if he would accept installment payments, and he said that he would work with me. Thank God he works at the end of my mothers block and we have seen eachother many times. He did some work on my mini van when the air conditioning went out and i was very pleased with his work. He called me a" nice lady" and that he would work with me and understood it's the holidays. Thank you Jesus!

Sunday bowling was fun, the kids got their new balls and are bowling way over their averages! Amber bowled over her high score of 97 and beat it by bowling a 105!!! GO AMBER!

Amber 105, 90, 86 ...this is way better than the 30's and 40's she used to bowl...wow!
Darin 112, 114,96
Frank 107,138,129
Me 95,97,80

Yes i know, I suck! lol. But in my defense i was tired as all hell! These days are hectic and sleep is an option these days.

On Wednesday i left my mothers a bit early to take advantage of a nice day and put out my Christmas decorations. I did not take everything out there, I could make it look like national Lampoon's Christmas vacation, but i was not really in the mood to deck it out. I made it a simple but pretty. I will try and take pictures and show you.

Mom's been trying to put her decorations up at her house. Believe me all week i have heard how messed up i made everything. I did the best i could do without any help from anyone. It needed to come down and she was in the hospital. I had to laugh when she said you should have left it up. "Until May or June?" that's about when she was finally able to do things on her own again. I just told her " YOUR NOT ALOUD TO GET SICK AT CHRISTMAS EVER AGAIN!"


Well, I still have alot to say but my eyes are already in bed. I think i will go join them. lol