Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas was special!

Just think back in 1993 this is the day that I found out I was pregnant with Darin and I was proposed to with ring on the same day. 12/24/93

This is me now... Tired and can't stand up because i just worked the hell shift at work on christmas day.

Me, Frank and kids very happy with what was given to us!

Isn't Amber gorgeous!!!! She let me do her hair. You can't tell much by the picture, but i took an hour and a half just crimping her hair with a tiny crimping iron, it looks fabulous! She is growing up so fast!

Posing in front of grandma's beautiful decorations of harbor stuff in her play room.

Everyone was very happy this year! We all got what we wanted! I got a few things off the list i made. Like pots and pans and bed sheets, i guess everything else will have to wait. :)

My boss bought me a sex and the city travel game that was kinda great because i loved that show. I even had a crew member bring me a gift card for work, so that i can purchase a few pops or snacks when i need one. I thought that was very thoughtful.

I bought mom a beautiful gazing ball and pedestal for Christmas. It's not easy finding a garden item in the middle of winter. But it was the only thing that i new that she said that she wanted at all. It gets tiring getting her the usual stuff like perfume or clothes or jewelry. She seemed to enjoy it and she said that i had a great memory because she don't even remember that conversation.

My dad loved his ring and mom says that she thought he was going to cry when he opened it. It's a gold ring that says DaD on it, and around the word dad it has diamond chips around it. He has never had a ring before and told my mother that he would like one. He went to have it sized and it had to go to a 15 1/2. I new he had big hands but geesh! He thought he would get a ring that said grandpa on it. He's never completely happy...lol Who know's there are plenty of Christmas's left, you never know.

Frank got a couple pairs of jeans and a couple shirts from my mom and dad. He difinitely needed that! I got him a pair of sneakers that he needed for awhile but just kept putting off.

I myself was pretty satisfied with what i got. Coulda used that cruise or bills paid up but you can't have everything! lmao


I had to work a 5 1/2 hour shift at work on Christmas day, and it was busy even before i unlocked the door. About 5 people were waiting in their cars for me to unlock the door and within 3 hours of opening we had done over a thousand dollars! It was horrible, especially when they say "awwwww you had to work on Christmas Day?" Sometimes i said "awwww you had to come in on Christmas day?" Stupid people! It's better if they just say "merry xmas" then anything else on such a day.
On Christmas day is a day that i don't go looking for anything open! I do everything i absolutely need to do on the day before.

But all in all the food was great, the presents were awesome, and Mom was home for the holidays this year!

I'm getting tired so i will close for now. Hope everyone got what they wanted or needed.
And I am hoping for a better new year for everyone.


MrsDoF said...

Your family looks so sweet together!
I don't think we got one picture with everybody in it at the same time.
And I am so glad your Wish List was mostly fulfilled! and there is coming a whole year to try and get everything else.

I had to go the the convenient store on Christmas Day...for milk.
I forgot how much moo juice the guys drink when there are chocolates and cookies piled all over the place.
And I did mention how glad I was that the place was open and the clerk was in a good mood.

There were many years I had to work on a holiday. I fully appreciate what a luxury it is to have the day off.
Here's hoping your turn will come as well.

gammamoma said...

I'm so glad that we got at least a few things on your Christmas list for you. Even something you didn't ask for, the big grill pan that Everyone seems to love for cooking a lot of thinks at once. Hopefully the cruise might still come if I hit it big in the inheritance I am waiting on. We'll treat ourselves and the whole family to a Disney cruise for the FUN of IT! Once in a lifetime thing. Cross your fingers on that one.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Happy New Year Caroline!!

Monica said...

Glad to hear you guys had a great Christmas! I especially liked the old pic of you and your hubby. It's cool to look back on people's lives. Hope you guys have a great new year. Hope you get that cruise some day! Maybe you and your hubby can go on one with us! Take care!