Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Yetnick way!

Had a wonderful Christmas, the kids are happy and excited. I'm just glad it's all over and things are in a positive way lately!!

Darin is loving him some Axe...he loves it!
He got a game before the

Amber got makeup...hopefully she will stay out of mine!!

Amber and all of her smelly
Darin is happy about a gift card to of his favorite places.

My sad excuse for a tree....but this is about all i can bring myself to do anymore.

my card holder...i love getting cards all december!!

Amber loves doing these!

Then the most important part about christmas is being with family!!!!

Can you tell i was not ready for this pic...Me and my dad!

Darin and I

Mom and I

Amber and I

Frank and I ....
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...I know we all did!!! See ya next year!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


To all my family and friends, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Amber and her new haircut!

I loved her long hair but she never really took care of it...She always had a spot with a knot in it....This haircut is much easier for her...I think she is adorable!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm looking forward to Christmas Day, it will be the first one off in 7 years!

I've been baking away at my house. I made pineapple cookies, peppermint cookies, crinkles, chocolate chip and this weekend i will be making Pumkin cookies, thin mint cookies, pistachio bread, and anything else i can come up with, after that I will call it done for another year.

The vitamin D I have been taking has done a world of good, I'm mostly awake! I go to the doctors on the 28th and asking him about my thyroid. I have the worse horsey voice ever!!!! Not because I am sick or have a sore throat, the more i talk the worse it gets!!! So i will have him check my levels.

I can tell you that I have been truly blessed this month. God has blessed us alot and I am truly happy. Hopefully I have gone thru my trials and tribulations and nothing but good things are going to come. Miracles do happen!!!

Amber and Darin cannot wait until schools out and they get their presents.

We will spend Christmas over my mother and father's like always...they have a much bigger house than i do, so it makes things easier to do it over there. Can't wait to hear how everyone's holiday goes. I'm hoping Christmas will be better than my Thanksgiving.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Friday, December 04, 2009

When my doctor speaks, I listen!

After getting out of the hospital I was sooo tired. I mean don't want to do anything, can't keep my eyes open, forcing myself to do things even tho all i wanted to do was go to bed. At first I thought it was the stay a the hospital, it only got worse after I went up North and on the way home I almost fell asleep while driving! While working i was worked with eye closed.

I went to my doctor on Monday and told him everything they did to me in the hospital and told him my only complaint now is that i was extremely tired. He said he was going to test my iron levels and my Vitamin D levels...He says alot of people are coming in with low vitamin D levels. Meanwhile he gave me a B-12 shot...It did not do much for me. I would come home from work everyday passing out on the couch by 6:00 or 7:00 pm.

He got my results on Thursday and called me that night. He said "Your iron levels are just fine but your vitamin D levels are practically non existent" He said "levels are supposed to be around 30 and yours is like 11" So he told me to go and get a bottle of vitamin D and take them everyday!!!

I'm hoping to get some relief from this soon, I was talking to another lady and she said she was having pains in her bones and found out it was from low vitamin D. I have been having pains, it all could all be related to eachother and here i just thought i was getting old. I will let ya know if there is any changes with this.

So that's the reason why I have not been on much, I've been sleeping my butt