Sunday, March 26, 2006


Friday was such a weird day for me. Nothing normal about this day. I don't know how to take it. It started off with dropping off the kids at school..nothing out of the ordinary there. But after that was me checking the good old checking account to find out that Frank's last check at his old job was not deposited. SOOOOO after a little freaking out, I called his old job and had to leave a message for the HR to call me about his check. After about a half hour i got a phone call from one of the head honcho's saying that they were holding Frank's check ransom for 5 pairs of uniform pants. Ok ok...maybe he didn't say ransom...but i just thought that sounded

What really sucks is i asked Frank if he had to turn anything in uniform wise and he told me no. Can you say "ummm yeh right". *smack to the head* Frank never is right! doh!

So when i got there several people pointed to different people. UMMm hello people, all i want is the person that has his check! What's so hard about that? So after finding her she makes me walk with her toting a bag of pants all thru the shop to find the head whatever to actually pull each pant out of the bag and count out loud. what the????? After that obscene mess i finally got my husbands check!

Wanna hear what was so horrible about the whole thing. Too bad..i'm gonna tell ya While walking thru i saw several people that knew me from previous parties, and not ONE stopped to say hi, how's Frank doing? The (forgive me for language) bastards worked with him 10 years!!!!! You would think somebody would be interested if Frank was doing alright in his new job. errrrrrrrrrr it makes me so mad.

__________________________________________________ onward on the odd day

After getting his check i stopped by my doctors office to see if i could get some samples on some of the medicines that i take because as of the 14 (the last day that frank worked) we have no insurance. I am getting insurance thru my work, but it won't start till the 1st of April. Well anyways i had to see if i could get help because i take soooo much meds if i had to pay for them outright i would have to take a second mortgage on the Maybe not exactly, but you get my point. Thankfully they were able to help
ok.... maybe that's not so odd but...

On my way home i got a phone call from my daughter's school saying that she had a tummy ache and a headache. Let's say "ummmm yeh right" again, she had been asking to stay home all week! Tummy ache was from cramps, i'm sure. But hey i don't let them come home often so the little faker got to come home. I took her grocery shopping, here's a weird part, we picked up liver and onions for dinner. I have not made this since the first year that we moved into the house. Don't ask me why, i could not tell ya.

So after putting all the groceries away i got the urge to bake...Yeh you heard me bake! If you know me the only time i bake cookies is Christmas. Well i baked a few dozen chocolate chip cookies which turned out awesome! Then i cooked our dinner of liver and onions and i have to say it turned out great! Then i went back into the kitchen and whipped up a batch of peanut butter cookies...yummmmmmmmyyyyyyy!
why? I don't know! But i could tell the kids were happy and the hubby was amazed to have a different dinner, and to have himself some homemade cookies.

After all that i was looking forward to watching "Ghost Whisperer" and low and behold it was canceled to put on stupid college basketball!

Sunday we are bowling as usual and after that we are going to pick up some tools for Frank for his new job. Frank is loving his new job! He has been working full 8 hour shifts and working pretty hard and it shows, the last few days he has looked drained, but he is happy :).

Well all...i gotta bowl in the morning so night night

Monday, March 20, 2006

It's looking good

Frank's first day at his new job went great! So far he seems to be liking it.
He was able to do many different jobs today which he said made the time go by faster. He also was able to go to other buildings to do other jobs.
Hopefully it will be a great change for him.

Mom's had her surgery on Friday. She was at the hospital at 9 in the morning and ready for surgery by 10:45 a.m. by the time i went and had some lunch and went back to the waiting room, the doctor came to me and told me that everything went fine, and he is pretty sure that he got all the infectious lump out. This was about 11:30 a.m. and then it wasn't until about 1:30 pm that i was able to see her out of recovery and up into a room.

The doctor was worried that he might injure a nerve that would prevent her from smiling, but when i saw her she immediately smiled at me so i knew that part was fine.


I mailed off my last van payment!!!!!!
In a couple of months if everything is fine with Frank's new job and i get caught up on some bills, i will be thinking of buying a new truck.

I have just lost one of the greatest bosses that you could ever hope for. She has decided to leave blockbuster for personal reasons. I can't blame her. But i am just a little selfish, she did not want me moving to Kalamazoo, but she leaves.. sad sad day.

I wish her well with everything! And i hope that we stay in touch. I gave her my email and told her that i am great at being a pen pal...or rather email pal. You write me...i write you :)

Pray that we don't get some evil M F'er in our store thinking they can come in and disturb the force. It's been running smoothly in our store. We are not normally first in everything but usually run in second place. I can live with that.

I just realized while watching my neighbors bring up their teenage kids how hard my job is going to be in just a few short years. And i am going to be looking for advice on alot of things. Such as girlfriends and boyfriends into the picture. How to give them some freedom...but not too much freedom.
I don't need either of my kids coming home and saying guess what grandma....ohhhh heck noooooo not before graduation!

I know i am prematurely thinking of this stuff...but it's something that i am afraid of. I try to be a good mother, My kids have what they need and i usually give them what they want, but not without earning it from me one way or the other.
I try and teach them a value of a dollar. I have to thank my parents for that!

Way back when i wanted my first ten speed, my dad said if i want it, i had to earn it. I worked my a** off to save for that bike. After a few months i had earned enough money to get it out of lay-a-way. I even remember getting it out of Sear's, and barely could wait to ride it.

But my point is I try not to spoil them and i am hopeing that i am doing the best as a parent that i can be. I honestly love when they know that they can depend on me when they are in need.

Don't ask me where this segment came from...I guess it's something that just had to be said. That and if i start asking questions...i want some help from those that have been down the teenage route. lol

"Derailed" was pretty good...but i tell ya if you want a movie to mess with your gotta watch this one.

"In the Mix" this one has Usher the singer playing in it. It was cute, good love story.

Do any of you watch Ghost Whisperer? I absolutely love this series!!!! Every friday night i am glued to the tv at 8pm. I guess because it is about the paranormal.

Well i think i yada, yada, yada enough so off to bed i go.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Things happen for a i always said

You all know how i wrote about my husband is losing his job. Well starting on the 20th my husband will be starting his new job. Thanks to God! Thanks to all of you that said a quick prayer and good thoughts my way.

I had been talking to one of my customers about how my husband's job had done him and she said that her father works for the city and knows alot of people and she would ask him if he knew anyone looking for a laborer. I thought and said "that would be great if you could do that" and did not think of it since then. Well on Tuesday she came in and asked me if my husband was still looking for a job. I told her yes, and she handed me a phone number. Told me that this guy was looking for a laborer and was willing to pay 10 dollars an hour to start and if he was liked he would pay him 12 in a couple months. This is what we were hoping for!

Well i gave my husband the note and he called, and got the interview on the same day. He met with him and on the way home Frank called and said that he was on the way home and would tell me if the guy offered him a job. You know i knew that he got the job right then. So when he got home he told me that he did get the job, but i did not even think that he was going to tell me that his new boss if going to pay him more then he is making now! UNBELIEVABLE! And he is going to make 40 hours and overtime!! It's a dream! Somebody pinch me!

Frank's new career is going to be in construction. Or more along the lines of destruction and clean up. He will be knocking down walls and digging trenches and pulling up floors things in that nature. Frank thinks he will like it, and it's really something that he can probably handle. And like he says, it's something different. Let's pray that he likes his new job.


That was the good for bad

My poor son is very sick! Thursday he woke me up saying his throat hurt really bad. So when i got a flashlight and saw that the back of his throat looked redder than an apple, he got to stay home from school. I tried to get him into the doctor's on the same day but their were no openings so he had to suffer for 24 hours. I pumped motrin in him every few hours for the pain and the fever that reached 103.7. Poor kid has been puking everything up for 2 days. He missed the bathroom only once and guess who had to clean that up! Yep..yours truly...yuk!

When the doctor saw his throat he told Darin to close it because it was too
He then prescribed him antibiotics and told him to drink, drink, drink. Popsicles are good for kids that are throwing up because you can't drink them too fast.

The kid is getting treated like a king! Hopefully he is feeling better real soon.


On saturday my nieghbor is going to repair the brakes to my van. They have been grabbing for about a month, so before they get worse i am having that taken care of.

Well all...i'm getting tired..night people and thanks

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Still Here

The reason i have not been posting regularly is because i have not been feeling just right lately. The only symptom i seem to be having is that i am tired ALL the time. I can barely keep my eyes open for anything these days. I worried about it, talked to my doctor and he ordered some tests. My fear is that it was my heart. I did feel this way just before my heart attack. My doctor ordered an echo of my heart and a bunch of blood tests. I have to wait till Monday to find out anything because my doctor is on vacation this week.

I do think that i may have found out the reason for this, A man that works with me just found out that he has mono with a touch of the flu. Now catching mono was probably made easy by me mistakenly drinking his water. I thought it was mine folks.

I have not had the energy to do anything, and what i do, i have forced myself to do. I guess if i had to chose mono or heart attack..that's a no brainer.
But with me having to be so active and having so many things to do in a day it's really messing me up.

So that's my excuse for not posting and i'm sticking to


There has not been many to talk about these days but i will do my best

I just finished "Just Friends". This is not a great film, but worth watching once. It's about a "fluffy" man that has a crush on this girl in high school. They are best friends and he decides he is going to tell her that he is in love with her. Well things get mixed up and he gets made fun of. He leaves, starts a great career and loses all the weight. When he ends up home, he finds her and tries to have a relationship with her. Things get in their way ...i'll let you see if you like it from here.

"Yours, mine, and ours" was a great family film! There is no way in hell i would have that many kids! If you were thinking of a big family, you would reconcider in a second.

"Harry Potter, goblit of fire" is as usual! Spectacular! Little more dark magic in this one.

I thought "Doom" sucked. But from what i am gathering is the men that liked the game, are the ones that are really liking the film. I thought that watching "The Rock" would have saved this movie...but for me it was not even worth it for him.

I'm trying to remember the movies that i have watched lately that i have not posted anything on.
"Prince and Me 2" was not the same without kirsten dunst. But cute anyways.
"Stuart little 3" the kids adored!
"North Country" is the whip!!!! Every woman needs to watch this movie! I loved it! It's about sexual harrassement on the job. This one happens to be in a mine. Charlize Theron worked her but off on this one.

I won't talk about our bowling because i was not there this past Sunday...i had to work. :( But from what i have heard, we really sucked...goodbye second place. :(

My husband has honestly been trying to find another job. Hopefully he can find one before this job is no more. He's been looking online and whenever possible he is putting in applications when he can. I have faith that he will find one. He has never been without a job in the 13 years that i have been with him, and his parents have always said that he worked all the time. Just now i think he is nervous because we have alot to lose if he is out of work for too long.


I splurged a little and went and had my hair highlighted after 2 years. I do like the color(it's called apricot), but one small area i think she over did but it will
be fine. It's kinda of a golden carmely color.


Mom is back on the road again, after almost 2 years. She's doing well, but i do worry about her. I worry because she still gets a bit confused. But i think she will be fine. She runs her little errands here and there and i keep her company. I can't complain that i'm using so much gas anymore.
Well all...i'm starting to get tired again....I will write more later...
Ya'll take care