Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Party time!

Me and my bestie!!!!! I bought her a little tiara that says Happy 40th Birthday on it with some mardi graw beads that say 40 on them.... And 2 huge balloons.

This is my best friend of 30 years! I love her to death!! It was her 40th birthday finally on the 16th, of course i had to make a special trip up north to see and be with her on such a traumatic time...lol I had so much fun, and let it be known that Barb finally drank so much she puked...it was a monumental moment! She was happy about it, she said "I finally feel normal"...lol whatever!

On Wednesday I weighed myself not thinking that anything was going to change and FINALLY I dropped another pound...for a little while i was up a pound or two then back down but never getting under the last weight....but finally i made progress...it gave me some incentive...hoping for this Wednesday to be the same..
See ya after Christmas, Hope you all have a great one!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Finally get to show it off

I started this project earlier this year. Could not show it off because it was intended to give to a friend that lives in Illinois and he reads my blog. But now that it is sent and he has it and Loves it by the way, I can finally show you all! Took me about 4 months to make, I am pretty proud of it. I know where I could have done better and in the future know that i could do better but for the most part for a beginner crocheter, i'm thinking not bad. Right now I am working on another blanket for my best friend in the whole wide world using a Larksfoot pattern, I am loving the design, it's in her favorite colors wine and navy blue. Can't wait to show you all that one.

I also made a baby blanket to a friend at work that just had a baby but totally forgot to take a picture of it. I was in a hurry since she was not supposed to have the baby till end of December or beginning of January and decided to have it in the middle of November. I'm just glad the baby is doing so well, she came out of the hospital the day before Thanksgiving, weeks before the doctors thought she was gonna. Ah the power of prayer!

Anyhoo, have a great holiday people if i don't get on here till then :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sneak Peak!

A couple months ago I had some family portraits done. Well finally I can present them to you. Thanks mom for all your help!

Amber age 15
Amber, and Darin

The whole Yetnick family
Amber, Darin, Frank and me Caroline

Darin age 16
Doesn't he look so grown up? Everyone I show his picture says he looks like a CEO or a Newscaster....lol
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we are doing our best with all the situations around us. Hope to catch up real soon, but with things the way they are, I am not very chatty at the moment...To be continued....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween fun

The kids love doing this every year! I know i did when I was younger, now not so much. Don't like the pumpkin guts on my hands anymore...lol
What's been happening? Well, Frank is still looking for a job, I really don't think there is much luck until after the holidays. My kids are going to get something for Christmas, I just cashed in 70 of my vacation hours to make something happen for them. I had been stressing over it for awhile now. Still gives me 2 weeks of vacation time left.
Anywho, I wish there was more to report. It's just been bad and it makes me not want to talk to anyone lately.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finally finished!

It took me months but I finished it!!! So glad that i am... I'm never making another single crochet blanket in my life!!! It took me forever! But he is happy with it and I am happy I am done!


On Saturday I helped Amber to get ready for homecoming...she was beautiful!!! He boyfriend looked very handsome as well...Here are some of my favorite pics of the night...this first one i had blown up to 5x7's one for me and one for her and one for him... It is the best pic all night.

Her shoes were a huge hit!! The heels are 4 glass balls that made up her heel. She is such a beautiful girl!

I got great deals on her outfit...I got 2 dresses and they only cost me $29.15 . Deb's had a clearance rack labeled buy one get one half off... Thank god she found 2 that she loved! The shoes i got for $3.00 at a salvation army, never been worn! I got lucky!!!

The other dress I bought for her she wore for our family portraits we had done on Friday. I finally put my son in a suit! He looked so grown up!!!

This is him without the tie on and not clean shaven...just wanted to see him in it.. He doesn't like going to dances...I hope that he will find a girlfriend and change his mind.
I had to reboot my computer last night because for some reason it would not go on the internet for anything all day yesterday...Thank god it worked because if it didn't i would not know what else i could have done.. Everything seems to working fine, just a pain to put everything back onto the computer.
Take care everyone...

Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's hard to believe it's been a full year since this wonderful lady left us. But so happy that she is no longer suffering. She was a wonderful mother to Frank and a good mother-in-law to me. Rest in Peace Ann Yetnick

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Skinny

Amber went to homecoming with her boyfriend Khalil, she enjoyed herself, she is going to her homecoming at her school with him on the 23rd.

Last month sucked with everything that happened. And at first this month was not so great either!! Last Monday my son woke me up telling me that his left side was killing him and he started vomiting, turned white as a ghost and was sweating so bad that it was falling off his forehead like rain....He scared me to death!! Turned out to be his first kidney stone! He passed it shortly after getting home from the E.R. It was so small to be causing so much pain. We took it in to get analized...I am calling in the morning to see if there is any results yet..

This was Darin's first IV ever!!! It scared him to death! But he wanted anything to stop the pain!
Just trying to get thru all of this...Still hoping Frank finds a job...He had an interview last Thursday i was hoping to hear something today, but nope. He has and interview tomorrow and someone else called him for and interview that he has to call back. Hoping something works out. I'm getting tired of working all the time!!
Anyhoo...have a great week!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

so much has happened!

Just had to put a pic of my now 16 year old son!
I'm so tired from working a zillion hours! and on this day I got up early and made breakfast, worked, thru a birthday party, went to church and then took my daughter and her boyfriend to the movies.. ack!

Some progress is being made on my weight loss...down 46 pounds...although I don't think this week is going to show any progress...I am so stressed!

Amber turned 15 on the 26th of this month...she is growing up so fast!!

I made her birthday cake, she wanted a banana cake, I did the best that i could!

A tree fell in my backyard. thanking god that the only real damage was done to a fence!

The fence is under there somewhere!

I became a grandma for a school project. She named him Jaden Treyvon Barney...It was a definite learning experience for her. But the dang thing was so loud it woke me 6 times in one night...Thank God that's over with.

The 17th was hubby and I's wedding anniversary. Sixteen years of wedded bliss. We all went to the cider mill and walked around some paths and took some really nice pics.

I love this pic, I'm gonna get it blown up!

and this one of my son is a definite keeper!

I tried to play professional camera woman.

So much has gone on. None of it really good.
Hubby is still out of work.
Amber had another reaction to another medicine.
Still don't know what is going on with her.
The hot water tank stopped working again and when it was supposed to be fixed a tree fell in my backyard, and the hot water tank did not get fixed that day.
My mom went into the hospital again with another stroke. This one almost blinded her. She was blind for a few hours! She is ok right now, but she will have another surgery, apparently she has a 80% blockage in her neck.
So the month of September has really sucked!!!!! Hopefully October will get better.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ok, where was I.

If there is anyone that reads my blog that has facebook and would like to be my friend on facebook let me know. It's easier for me to update real quick over there. But this will always be my little diary:)

Lets see, Frank is still looking for a job, he did have one interview but he hasn't heard anything back. He is depressed and was taking it out on all of us. He fought with everyone, my father, our kids, me, I was ready to beat his butt!!! Then I snapped at him and gave him a bit of a slap in the face (sort of speak) to just chill out!! It's going to be ok....But i found out from my neighbor that he confides in that it's because he is sorta depressed and worried about me. He doesn't like me working so much. But I am, what I call in "survival mode" working all these days and hours is not bothering me at the moment as long as it's for survival.

I am just thanking God that at the moment I can get the hours at my work, there are hours "a plenty" open right now! I don't mind most days. But when Frank does find a job, you know i am taking a vacation!!! lol

Now about Amber, she has just started vomiting again. For a couple months after taking antibiotics she pretty much just stopped vomiting. She did not even take her acid reducers. Now she is back on acid reducers. Tomorrow I go see a Infectious disease doctor and tell him the whole story and pretty much hope that there is something that he can do. I hope that he finds something!!! After this, I have no clue what I am going to do.

The kids, they are both in high school now. They had their first full day today, Amber was excited about being with her friends. Both would rather stay home...lol Darin has weight lifting, he is hoping to bulk up nicely. He would look so good! He also took drawing...remember the pictures i showed you before that he had done...I think he has a little talent. He also starts calculus this year. Hope he can handle it, he has always done good with math, he says it's easy, we will see!!

Amber took child development, she's excited about getting one of those fake babies. Hope she learns to not have one for a very long time!! lol She also has Business computers, I know she will like that!! The rest for both children is math, social studies, history and all of that kind of thing. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I am hoping to get my front brakes done this weekend before they get too bad. Thankfully i have a mechanic friend that owes me a favor :) so it's only costing me parts....well actually he is going to pretty much instruct my husband on how to do it because he is on some restrictions for his leg. But at least it's going to get done.

Me, well, I had horrible pains, my back tried to go out on me.I had a pinched nerve, it caused my foot to go numb..thankfully I had a back brace and some vicodin that helped make it thru the day at work until I saw the doctor and got the shot in my back, and i also took a shot in the left elbow that had been bothering me for quite awhile. But the pain is slowly coming back in my elbow. I think i may take another shot in the heel the next time I see my doctor, the heel spurs are hurting! But again I am thanking God that I am not missing any days at work and am able to work a ridiculous amount of hours lately!!!

One thing that i do know is that i have great friends, life long friends, I even have special friends at work, ones that actually care about me!!! These days i need them all!!!

Oh and I have posted my new weight loss, look at that girl move across the board!! Down 44 pounds!!! It amazes me!! Some days are harder than others! For me to lose anything while depressed and stressed is amazing!!

Well I am outta here!!! Gotta get some zzzzzzz's!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Poem I wrote Jaycee

Remember the poem that I wrote for Jaycee for her graduation, Well Masen finally got it up on the computer.....So now I can share it with you guys...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Darin's Sweet 16!

Today was my day off and I owed Darin a little sweet 16 celebration!! I would show you a pic of his birthday cake but Darin was cutting into it before i could even snap a pic...lol
Notice how my big boy towers over all of us!!

Darin, Mom, and me.
Amber, mom, Darin and me

Darin, mom, Amber and Frank

Darin, mom, Amber Frank

This is what Darin thinks about turning 16!!!!
I love this boy!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey, you miss me?

I have been sooooo busy working, I work almost everyday and working many double shifts. Why? Well that's simple, about 2 weeks ago my hubby was informed that his services are no longer required at his job!! Yep, permanently lay off! So then I filed for unemployment for him and they give you something close to JACK NOTHING!!! So I went to my bosses and they have been hooking me up big time with hours!!!

That's just the beginning of my woes! Let's see, Amber broke out big time under her armpits again! The doctor did a biopsy to see what was going on with that...I will find out on the 25Th what those results are. She had massive amounts of puss filled pimple's, boils, whatever you want to call those. She took another 10 days worth of antibiotics and guess what!! She has suddenly pretty much stopped puking!!! So I am pretty sure that the mrsa in her body and this puking has something to do with it...so it may be bacterial? I'm not sure but i talked with my family doctor and he also agrees with me that it could be something that an infectious disease doctor should take a look at.

Ok, not enough? Well try that my hot water tank took a crap. With working alot and stuff it took me almost a week to dig out my warranty that i had on it because it's only 3 years old, Thank God that I purchased the 5 year warranty on it!! After about a weeks worth of the coldest showers that you can imagine, I had someone fix it!! Apparently the gas line became loose from the vibrations of my furnace being right next to it. Only took the guy about 15 minutes to say your all set! Yay!!

With all that said and down, my back was hurting and I started to wear my back brace to work well yesterday was about all I could take with the pain...I practically overdosed on vicodin to make myself nice and relaxed and pulled my back brace nice and tight to make it thru another shift at work. I called my doctors office and they squeezed me in after work. I got a shot in the hip and a shot in my left elbow(my left elbow has been killing me for awhile now) Now my back is feeling pretty good, but the pain was radiating down my right leg and my foot. Pretty sure it's a pinched nerve...the back is feeling tons better but I still can't feel my foot, which is making me walk funny....hope this ends soon!! I'm thanking God that I was still able to do my job, They are being so nice to me by giving me all this overtime.

Well, we don't even want to get into my financial woes! But the Lord is making things happen with all of that too!

Alright is that enough bad stuff? yeh, i think enough for one day.

Here's a good thing to throw out there...My work put up a notice that we are all getting a pretty sizable bonus check, and it's coming on Monday!!! Hallelujah so it may get me caught up on some of my bills...which means that I will have to try and keep it up...I may have to think ahead about Christmas and try out a layaway...if i can make that possible at all or my kids will have pert near nothing! I am in survival mode lately, which is helping make it thru all the hours of work.

Hopefully Frank will find another job soon.....a descent job, making descent money!! I know things happen for a reason, I'm hoping that this will work out good for us! If ya gotta sec for a quick prayer for my little family, it is appreciated!! Thanks!

OHHHHHHHHHH I almost forgot, my son Darin turned 16 on the 16th of this Month!! Because i had to work a billion hours we are celebrating it tomorrow with cake and ice cream!!

So that's been my hectic ummmm month or so??? How's things with ya'll??

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vacation/Masen's Graduation.

My little ladies man Darin and Jaycee
Look, he likes the cougars!! lol

My girl Amber and I

Just got home from a weeks worth of vacation!!! After Jury duty on Wednesday I came home loaded up the car and North I went. Had a blast!! On Thursday we went tubing down the Rifle River, I almost made the whole trip without an incident! But not my luck, about less than a quarter of a mile I thought i was stuck on some rocks and it turned out that i was stuck on a log with a branch that was shaped like a dagger and ended up popping my tube...dang it!! Had to take one of the kids tubes to finish our ride. It was still fun tho!! And i would do it again!
Friday we had to set up the hall and finish the food and Saturday we had a blast at the party!! We got up early to clean the hall on Sunday and then off to the beach!!! We came home that evening, because I think my husband was missing us and there is something wrong with my dog, but still not sure what it is. I'm going to give him a few more days and see what happens.

Silly Darin!

And the cutest couple award goes to Jaycee(my best friends daughter) and her honey Josh!

The graduate!!!! Masen, he graduated a whole year early!! So proud of him!

Me and my favorite girl!! Jaycee!

Just been catching up on housework, and back to the grindstone at work. Next month we are having a family reunion!! We haven't had one in a few years. Should be fun! I hope quite a bit shows up, it would be nice to see what the cousins are doing!