Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Party time!

Me and my bestie!!!!! I bought her a little tiara that says Happy 40th Birthday on it with some mardi graw beads that say 40 on them.... And 2 huge balloons.

This is my best friend of 30 years! I love her to death!! It was her 40th birthday finally on the 16th, of course i had to make a special trip up north to see and be with her on such a traumatic time...lol I had so much fun, and let it be known that Barb finally drank so much she puked...it was a monumental moment! She was happy about it, she said "I finally feel normal"...lol whatever!

On Wednesday I weighed myself not thinking that anything was going to change and FINALLY I dropped another pound...for a little while i was up a pound or two then back down but never getting under the last weight....but finally i made progress...it gave me some incentive...hoping for this Wednesday to be the same..
See ya after Christmas, Hope you all have a great one!!!

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momma/mary said...

Ain't great to spend time with a best friend on a special occasion! Add my wishes of happiness and good health to the pile she is receiving already. Also that is good news on the the pound problem. You will get back on track soon.