Monday, February 28, 2005


The kids bowled this Sunday and they did not do as good as a did the past Sunday. Darin was a bit under the weather with a bad cough. But Amber was just plain not trying to hard unless money was Her daddy told her if she got a strike he would give her a dollar, well she said "give me 2 dollars!" Frank not thinking that she would do it said "ok." Well guess what folks! Amber after not getting any strikes in all the games pulls a strike and we ended up coughing up some money for that You should have seen our faces! We looked at each other and started laughing!

Darin's scores for this Sunday was a 99, 73, 103
Amber's scores for this Sunday was a 45,45,50

pretty low compared to what they had done...Maybe it was just something in the air because Frank was having an off Bowling day also. He scored 103,120,125 . It's been better for him.


The movie that i finally got to check out today was a movie called "Little Black Book". This movie was pretty good, but not one of my favorites. On a rating scale of 1-10 i will give it a entertainment score of about 7.

Something totally funny happened Saturday at work, this totally falls into kids say the darndest things. A family came in and they looked around a bit and when they checked out they had picked out a game that they wanted to purchase. I noticed the little girl crying not hysterically but enough for me to say "hi" and "whats wrong". She said "they won't get me a movie" I looked at the parents they said "we told you that we are going to Family video later"( ugggggg the f word!) is what i was So after that i said "but they got you a game" she says "what kind of game" I say " Finding Nemo" ....She then got excited! She says " I thought you were getting a basketball game" so i say " I think they were teasing you" She says with hands on hips and with an attitude "UH! They are driving me crazy!" I laughed so hard that i almost fell to the floor !!!!!!!!!! Guess you would have had to be there to get the full effect.

Mom is doing pretty good. She is even trying to get around without the walker, this makes me nervous of her falling. She is still weak, not able to stand for long periods of time. But i think she is trying to push herself so that she can get things back to normal. I have to say that she is really trying. She's holding down food a bit better and she is able to do most of her excercises. Next step is to get her to visit the doctors.

Well, I gotta go to bed. take care all

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Today was the first day that i had nothing to do. It was my day off from work, the kids did not have school and my sister had to take care of my mother. So today i did what i wanted to do and when i wanted to do it in.

I started off by sleeping until 1:00 p.m. God that felt good!!! The kids got their own breakfast together. And for the most part behaved themselves. I had to shout out a few STOP THATS but all in all they behaved. Then i got up and cleaned up my house a bit, the kids even pitched in which is unusual! After that we went to the grocery store and came home and just blobbed in front of the television, while watching t.v. i folded some laundry.

About 6 in the evening my neighbor called and asked me to come and chit chat for a bit. Well one thing lead to another we ended up playing a few games. I love trivia games! Around 11 in the evening i decided to come home and watch a movie that i had been dying to watch for a while. Turns out that the movie was not all that it is cracked up to be. If you haven't seen "Without a paddle" don't rush to see it. I was disappointed in seeing it.

I work at a video store and you would think that i would be talking alot about movies in my blog. Well truth is i don't watch alot of them because of my time schedule with my day to day life but i will try to incorporate it more in my blogs. Maybe someone would find it interesting..Do ya think?

The last video i watched was "Taxi" with Queen Latifa. This movie i recommend to watch! I love comedies. Don't ever ask me about scary movies! I try not to watch those unless they are so hyped up that i can't help myself. I did bring myself to watch a few thrillers like "Gothika" that was almost to the verge of not watching it because i thought a few parts were to scary.
"Shark Tale" was a great movie! I am dying to watch the "Incredibles" when it comes to our store thanks to my friend Mal's recommendations.

Maybe i will start sharing some thoughts on movies that i get to watch that i am able to get before they make it to our shelves.

Well like i said...a nothing to do day but blog! or blob...
Take care people

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just a little something

Sorry about the posts lately, hopefully there will be no need for anything like that again. Just a sibling arguement, not that's anything out of the ordinary.

My neighbors were good enough to give my kids their old bowling balls. Their kids got too big and had to get new bowling balls. Darin used his new ball on Sunday and one of his games he scored a 124! I'm impressed! Amber started to actually use the finger holes in her ball and really did excellent, her high score was 78 which i think is great for using her finger holes for the first time. Now its going to be all about practice. They really seem to be enjoying bowling on Sunday's . Plus when you factor in the family quality time together its really worth it.

I can't bowl because of my severe tennis elbow, it finally feels in better shape than it has and i don't want to reinjure myself. But i watch and i cheer! High fives! Give advice. Ya know?
I've been told they do this every year and i am seriously thinking that we may do this again.
Everyone we have bowled against or met or talk to are really sweet!

Friday i had to chaperone for my son's school field trip to the Detriot science center. I recommend this place for everyone. We really had fun with all the hands on things that they had. The 2 girls that i had really loved the glass elevator, so we went on that about a billion times. The boys that i had really loved the music room where they had a couple of electric guitars and a drum set to play on.

The kids are out of school this week for winter break. They may go to my friends up north but that is not cut in stone yet.
Hope all is well...i'm really tired now i think i will hit the hay..

Thursday, February 17, 2005

To my Sister

Just leave me alone....stay away from me...I don't need your crap! Just take care of mom on fridays. That's all i want from you! The only ones suffering is our children. Lets just face that you and me are oil and water...will never mix. So just drop it and stay away from me.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Today was an ok day. KIDS went to school, hubby went to work and i went on with my day to day thing. First cleaning my house then going to my mothers. Mom is doing much better, she is even getting up on her own. She is just not able to keep herself standing for very long.

The kids had thier parties at school, Amber passed out cards and candy just like she wanted to. Darin chose not to participate in that. He said its kid stuff. I thought i had this last year in elementary before i would hear those words. Next year he is off to middle school. They are growing up so fast. I was writing my Aunt in Florida and was telling her that i still want to bring them down to Florida, but i realized that i have been saying that for almost 11 years now. Darin was barely walking the last time i was there, and Amber was 2 weeks before delivery then.
I will get them there again hopefully. :)

Last night i got home to find my Valentine's card on the kitchen table for me to find. Frank surprised me with a card, the card was really nice! All the mushy stuff that i needed to hear. But i also had a card that i had bought weeks ago, so when he got up in the morning he had his to read. Since i did not have to work today and he got home at a descent hour, i took him out to eat, it was not an expensive restaurant but just fast food..Burger King...that's what the kids wanted. Hey we are not rich people and things are tight right now. It was good enough for us.
Then we visited the neighbors and played a couple games.

This Friday i am going with my son's class to the Detroit Science Center, he is really excited about going because they are showing the monster trucks there. I hope that i do not get the class misfits in my group. The last field trip i did with my daughter was my worst nightmare, all i can pray for is a a good couple of kids.

Well i am getting tired. Hope that Everyone had a great day...and if ya like...tell me about your Valentines day. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Amber stayed home from schoo yesterday and today due to fever. God this bug is really attacking this family. I'm thanking god that i can finally breathe without the rattling in my chest. Today i went to my mothers for a little while to help her in the shower. Then i did my grocery shopping. After Darin got home from school we went out for dinner.

We visited our neighbors across the street and she asked me to run her up to the carpet store down the street. She saw a rug in a medium blue that she liked and purchased it, she will be getting that tomorrow. So we run home and she has her son and some others move the furniture and pull up the carpet. I don't know how i got involved but i ended up doing alot of scraping the floor because the old padding that had been down there for at least 10 years (so i was told) was sticking to the floor something awful. If you ever have to due is a tip for ya. BOIL the water and then scrap with a putty knife...alot easier this way.

I can tell ya that I was wishing that i was at work. I work harder at home than at my job! At least i get paid there...I just told her that she better remember me when i have a big project at the house.

I have so many plans for my house. I love my kitchen...but I have a half paneled wall that i want to take down and put up some notty pine wood instead....i seen it at my best friends new home and i fell in love with i think that would look super in my kitchen. I also have to replace alot of wood trim around the doors and stuff. I'm also planning on building a little porch in my front yard. Just pour some cement under my picture window so i can set some chairs out there instead of on my grass.

Maybe with our income tax i will get some things done...but not sure...because another thing that is huge that we have to get done is replace and repair some of the electrical in this house...we still have fuses in the house...i want to change that to a circuit breaker box and run a line out to the garage for Frank. We also need the front porch light to work again. And one of my kitchen lights gave out when the porch did. I also want to install a ceiling fan in our bedroom because we have a lamp for light in there and i would love a fan running in our room. Plus hook up a box outside for electrical for the christmas decorations instead of running off my porch light.

Well that's what we have planned so far. Lots of work ahead of us.
I'm getting i will bid you all a good night...
take care

Monday, February 07, 2005

Give me a break

I can't even believe that i am sick again. I just got over the flu last week. Now i have a bad chest cold! The worst part about it, i have no time to be sick! My mother needs me and i am trying real hard to stay as far as i possible can so that she don't get it! Honestly who takes care of us mothers when we are sick???? I asked Frank today to cook dinner because i was in bad shape. I thought he went to the bathroom but after a few minutes i called out to him and guess where he was...the BED! Really WTF why is he so tired? He does not do nearly anything that i do in a day! So i got really angry and started throwing pans and slamming cupboards...You think that he would come and see why I was doing it? HELL NO! Geesh ladies....why do we want to be married so bad??? I can do this badly on my Honestly, if something happened to Frank their would never be another marriage I can tell you that! I'm just venting like any other wife would do. But who does take care of us sickly wifes? Ok...i don't know why i can't make the lines separate so this will be one big kids went bowling this Sunday and Darin was not up to par he only bowled 46 and a 58 and then 85. He could not find the right ball to work for him. Amber bowled 63 and a 43 and then 56. Not great scores but they did try. Right after we left i was going to open my car door and all of a sudden i puked all over the ground. I have alot of sinus drainage and it caught up to me. Well me and my fever are going to bed. GOD I LOVE BEING SICK! NOT!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I don't know what to title this..

Yes it's about 2 in the morning and i feel like posting even tho i know i have to get up at 7:30 to take my kids and hubby to their bowling league. Genually i don't really have to go but Frank has a hard time with the kids and if i get up and help it usually goes a bit smoother.

Last Sunday my kids had a blast bowling, Darin bowled a 67 by a 86 then finally he bowled a 111...we were proud of him. He at one point bowled 2 strikes and was going for his 3rd when only 9 pins fell and the last one just teased him by wiggling. The dissappointment in his face was the worst thing, he really wanted the turkey to flash on the screen. I even went so far as to jump on the lane only to be unsuccessful but i had to try.

Amber bowled pretty good for not using a bowl with holes and rolling it. She bowled a 47 a 52 and a 60. She bowled one strike in all 3 games. I thought it was pretty good anyways!

While we were bowling a family came in with their daughter...all i can say is OH MY GOD! She had shaved the sides of her hair and and what hair she did have left was pink and blonde! and all sorts of pony tails in it. She was wearing baggy, black jeans with the huge legs and all kinds of chains dangling off of them. Topped off with a belly shirt with a skull in the center.

I looked at Amber and i told her "You see her?" she of course said "yeh" I said " I don't ever want you to look like that!" Of course i got "ahhhh mom she looks cool!" WHAT!!!! I said if you want to do that you will do that when you are 18 and your no longer my responsibility!

That's my dispute to some parents! They complain on tv about their kids dressing like this or that. Think about it, if your buying their clothes how can you complain. I can tell you right now that's not going to happen!

I really don't see alot of trouble out of my boy, but my girl is a handful and i hope that i am ready for the teenage days. I may be searching for some help right around that time by someone that's been there and done that. I have been watching my neighbor with her kids and how she handles the teenage situations.

Kids these days don't seem like they care if they have a education or not. I remember when i was a kid I would not dare to bring bad grades as long as i could help it! As long as i put forth the effort things were good.

Well...I'm tired and like i said i have to get up in a few...Plus i am just rambling.
See ya