Saturday, February 12, 2005


Amber stayed home from schoo yesterday and today due to fever. God this bug is really attacking this family. I'm thanking god that i can finally breathe without the rattling in my chest. Today i went to my mothers for a little while to help her in the shower. Then i did my grocery shopping. After Darin got home from school we went out for dinner.

We visited our neighbors across the street and she asked me to run her up to the carpet store down the street. She saw a rug in a medium blue that she liked and purchased it, she will be getting that tomorrow. So we run home and she has her son and some others move the furniture and pull up the carpet. I don't know how i got involved but i ended up doing alot of scraping the floor because the old padding that had been down there for at least 10 years (so i was told) was sticking to the floor something awful. If you ever have to due is a tip for ya. BOIL the water and then scrap with a putty knife...alot easier this way.

I can tell ya that I was wishing that i was at work. I work harder at home than at my job! At least i get paid there...I just told her that she better remember me when i have a big project at the house.

I have so many plans for my house. I love my kitchen...but I have a half paneled wall that i want to take down and put up some notty pine wood instead....i seen it at my best friends new home and i fell in love with i think that would look super in my kitchen. I also have to replace alot of wood trim around the doors and stuff. I'm also planning on building a little porch in my front yard. Just pour some cement under my picture window so i can set some chairs out there instead of on my grass.

Maybe with our income tax i will get some things done...but not sure...because another thing that is huge that we have to get done is replace and repair some of the electrical in this house...we still have fuses in the house...i want to change that to a circuit breaker box and run a line out to the garage for Frank. We also need the front porch light to work again. And one of my kitchen lights gave out when the porch did. I also want to install a ceiling fan in our bedroom because we have a lamp for light in there and i would love a fan running in our room. Plus hook up a box outside for electrical for the christmas decorations instead of running off my porch light.

Well that's what we have planned so far. Lots of work ahead of us.
I'm getting i will bid you all a good night...
take care

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Monica said...

Hate to hear your family has "the bug". It was he-- around here last week with Skyler down with some serious illnesses. But after she had her "bug zapper" shot (that's what her pediatrician called it), she was miraculously better in a few days. Hope you guys are feeling better soon!