Saturday, February 26, 2005


Today was the first day that i had nothing to do. It was my day off from work, the kids did not have school and my sister had to take care of my mother. So today i did what i wanted to do and when i wanted to do it in.

I started off by sleeping until 1:00 p.m. God that felt good!!! The kids got their own breakfast together. And for the most part behaved themselves. I had to shout out a few STOP THATS but all in all they behaved. Then i got up and cleaned up my house a bit, the kids even pitched in which is unusual! After that we went to the grocery store and came home and just blobbed in front of the television, while watching t.v. i folded some laundry.

About 6 in the evening my neighbor called and asked me to come and chit chat for a bit. Well one thing lead to another we ended up playing a few games. I love trivia games! Around 11 in the evening i decided to come home and watch a movie that i had been dying to watch for a while. Turns out that the movie was not all that it is cracked up to be. If you haven't seen "Without a paddle" don't rush to see it. I was disappointed in seeing it.

I work at a video store and you would think that i would be talking alot about movies in my blog. Well truth is i don't watch alot of them because of my time schedule with my day to day life but i will try to incorporate it more in my blogs. Maybe someone would find it interesting..Do ya think?

The last video i watched was "Taxi" with Queen Latifa. This movie i recommend to watch! I love comedies. Don't ever ask me about scary movies! I try not to watch those unless they are so hyped up that i can't help myself. I did bring myself to watch a few thrillers like "Gothika" that was almost to the verge of not watching it because i thought a few parts were to scary.
"Shark Tale" was a great movie! I am dying to watch the "Incredibles" when it comes to our store thanks to my friend Mal's recommendations.

Maybe i will start sharing some thoughts on movies that i get to watch that i am able to get before they make it to our shelves.

Well like i said...a nothing to do day but blog! or blob...
Take care people

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