Monday, February 07, 2005

Give me a break

I can't even believe that i am sick again. I just got over the flu last week. Now i have a bad chest cold! The worst part about it, i have no time to be sick! My mother needs me and i am trying real hard to stay as far as i possible can so that she don't get it! Honestly who takes care of us mothers when we are sick???? I asked Frank today to cook dinner because i was in bad shape. I thought he went to the bathroom but after a few minutes i called out to him and guess where he was...the BED! Really WTF why is he so tired? He does not do nearly anything that i do in a day! So i got really angry and started throwing pans and slamming cupboards...You think that he would come and see why I was doing it? HELL NO! Geesh ladies....why do we want to be married so bad??? I can do this badly on my Honestly, if something happened to Frank their would never be another marriage I can tell you that! I'm just venting like any other wife would do. But who does take care of us sickly wifes? Ok...i don't know why i can't make the lines separate so this will be one big kids went bowling this Sunday and Darin was not up to par he only bowled 46 and a 58 and then 85. He could not find the right ball to work for him. Amber bowled 63 and a 43 and then 56. Not great scores but they did try. Right after we left i was going to open my car door and all of a sudden i puked all over the ground. I have alot of sinus drainage and it caught up to me. Well me and my fever are going to bed. GOD I LOVE BEING SICK! NOT!


Monica said...

So sorry to hear your sick to. I totally know where your coming from.... Who takes care of sick mommies/wives. Certainly not the husband. Well at least not in our marriages anyway. Jonathan will do a little, like help take care of the kids and stuff, but he doesn't wait on me or anything. So at least he will do that. But all is fair, when he is sick, I don't wait on him either. I just take care of the kids. Its good to give them a dose of their own medicine sometimes. Like you've said before, our lives sound a lot alike.

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Skyler is feeling a little better today. Jonathan is going to come home this afternoon and stay with her and take her to the doctor so I can go in to work for at least 1/2 a day. Take care!!


Mallard said...

I hear you. As a divorced hubby, I know how impossible it can be for a wife and mum to deal with daily stuff when they're feeling like carp!

Your family bowls like I do... lots of fun and the occasional good score! Last time I took my three bowling, I came last with a 65 - and the boys beat me... and they were using the gutter stoppers! Ack! hahahaa. "A good time was had by all."
Mal :o)