Thursday, September 20, 2007

just a quick note

Well since i wrote last Darin had strep, followed by Amber. Frank was suffering from sinuses and now i am officially not feeling good. It's all in my sinuses also, i'm sitting here trying to figure out if i am ready to go to the doctors. I'm thinking right now i probably can get away with over the counter drugs. We'll see.

Amber did talk to the vice principal and he talked to the boy that was threatening her. She says the boy is being nicer to her now. I'm glad that's taken care of.

Amber joined band this year and goes today to see what instrument she is going to pick to play. We are going to rent the instrument until we know that she is fully into doing it.

I'm going to be working a whole lot of hours at the hospital in the next 2 weeks which is good.
take care

Thursday, September 13, 2007


My job's are going great. But the more i work at the hospital, the more i hate working for Blockbuster. The stress to get the sales there are just killing me. What do they expect when most of the people working there are only getting an average of 10 to at most 20 hours a week. My job there seems 3 times as hard as ever. Today i did about a million things and time dragged like no other. I stocked the pop and candy to the hilt today because it seems that no managers that are working the night shift think that this is part of their job or to deligate this job to any crew members because it must be a sin. I am not kidding when i say i emptied about 70 boxes of candy out of our storage room. I felt like i worked on this what seemed like eternity, but ended up only being 3 hours. Then i cleaned up the backroom emptying more boxes, since i was back there i decided that the bathroom could use a good cleaning. Well since i cleaned the bathroom i guess i better mop the floors, so now i am sweeping and mopping and pulling out all kinds of garbage.

Time just never moved, the more i did the more i found myself finding other things to do. It was like yesterday at home, I was doing laundry when i started to see things that needed to get done in the laundry room. Like dusting the tops of the hot water tank and the furnace. Washing the washing machine and dryer, and the front of the furnace. I'm really starting to get anal with keeping things neat and clean. I have the worst habit of hopping out of bed and starting right away with cleaning things. Before i leave the house things have to be a certain way or it bugs me to no end. Do you think i might be a little OCD? Even when i say i am not going to clean this or that, in my mind it's tearing me up, because i know it's not done, so i get up and do it. Geez i need

Anyhooo...yesterday Darin woke up for school, got dressed, ate his breakfast, and sometimes he will lay back down till we have to leave for school. Well when i woke him back up he said "mom i don't feel very well, my stomach hurts" of course i am thinking "yeh right, already starting with wanting to stay home" of course i said "no fever, no throwing up, your going to school" they know my rules! NOOOOOO sooner than i said that he said mommmmmmm and runs to the bathroom and projectile vomiting everywhere. It came out of him like a volcanoe! Then after the vomiting he sits for a minute and says " mommmmmm, my throat is hurting really bad" so i start to look for a fricken flashlight that works, because i am thinking if it's an infection it will be red in his throat and if that's the case i have to bring him today because on Friday i am practically working 12 hours and i can't go then or he will suffer the weekend with an inflamed when i saw pink in the throat i call the doctors....rush him over there to find out he has strep! NICE!

Come home to pick up my daughter from school only to find out that some boy at school is threatening to beat her up. She is taking apropriate actions with talking to the vice principal about it in the morning. Does anyone disagree with me when i tell my daughter if someone throws the first punch at her, she needs to defend herself even if it means she might get suspended? I will only get mad if i find out she was the bully and started it. Anyways, this now becomes a huge fight between my daughter and I and i'm ready to shove a sock in her
I think it has alot to do with how tired i am, how tired she is because Amber has not regulated her bed time with school yet. And we both are really close to starting...she gets emotional a week before she starts and I get "pissy" (everyone and everything bugs the crap out of me. )

Well anyway, I hope that the vice principal can do something with the punk little boy that thinks threatening girls with violence is the right thing to do.
Well now that i am officially exhausted and you know i am because i am rambling on and on.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I don't know how to explain how relaxed my new job is. Relaxed is the only word that can explain my feeling. I don't have a boss constantly nagging, the only expectation is to keep coming down from the floors and grab some more food trays.

At the hospital I am working at they have what they call "room service". You call your breakfast, lunch and dinner down everyday. Within an hour of your phone call you should have your meals. You can call all day for anything to eat or drink and we devliver it to you. There are 4 traypassers constantly deliver food to different rooms and different floors. It's actually kinda fun. You can talk to employees and patients and visitors all over the hospital.

There are 2 people that their job is to go from floor to floor picking up the dirty trays. You get alot more walking done with this job because you have to go into every room and all the "soiled rooms" on every floor.

Then their are a ton of people that work in the kitchen area and dishroom and what they call "the line"(this is the people that make up your tray). It's very organized and most of the patients are impressed with how fast they recieve their food or how tasty everything was.

I should have weighed myself after the first day after i realized how much walking I would be doing, then weigh myself in a couple of weeks and see if i lose weight. Since I have started this job I have noticed that i am not eating as much as i have in the past. Alot of it has to do with i really don't have alot of time to, and I also think that i am not as depressed as i was also. Alot of my overeating was contributed to depression and boredom. As long as i am busy I don't think about food.

I go and see the doctor today, after seeing doctors all day long, I decided that i need to visit my very own. I hope he has good news with all my other test i took last time i was there.
Take care all..