Tuesday, February 05, 2013

8 months in January

It was 8 month in January. As of today I am down 152 pounds...cant wait to see the 10 month photo!  or even the year...I am only 13 pounds from my personal goal!!  It wasnt easy but easier with the surgery.  Could never had done it by myself!!!  It's definately saved my life.  I am no longer a diabetic, no longer on blood pressure meds.  I went from taking 12 pills and 2 shots a day to only taking 1 pill for my thyroid and the rest is all vitamins!  So proud of myself!  And the best thing I could do for myself!!

I went from wearing a size 28/30 in pants to a size 14 right now and from a 3/4 xlarge shirt to wearing a large!  The clothes show me how far i came but I still see myself as fat.  I think that will pass in time...

Well march is around the corner and it will be 10 months, I will update as soon as i can.