Tuesday, March 05, 2013

working on some crochet projects

I can't post these to facebook yet because they are intended gifts to the moms to be...

 This one is intended to a woman i work with...she is suppose to have a boy...This has to be my most favorite blanket that i have made...I ruffled the edging...and put a pastel blue with mixed silver thread on the ends i think it makes the blanket!!  if you enlarge it you should be able to see the silver thread in it.
                                                          the edging with the silver!

This blanket is intended for my cousin...yes it's big!!! I'm calling it a play blanket for the baby...lol  she is also expecting a boy...
 the edging on this i did a little different and never had done this before but it turned out great..it's called a picot stitch...
I hope they both like their blankets!!!  What you think?

10 months

10 months post op and down 156 pounds!!!  Just 9 more pounds and i hit MY personal goal of 170!  Then its learning how to maintain after that!