Monday, November 05, 2012

Six Months post op

Down 124 pounds
Really starting to see the difference!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Before and After shots

Well here's a shot of before and after 2 months and after 4 months :)  very noticeable.  I couldn't tell a difference until i did this...

It's been a journey, one that i don't regret for a minute.  You can see the girl on the header of my blog just running across the page!! Down 98 pounds in 18 weeks :)

I feel great, the only down fall is the hair thinning.  That's because of the dramatic weight loss so fast but i have been told that it will stop and come back in the next couple months..(i hope).   I'm going to go and buy some biotin which should help some. 

Anyways i thought i would share in case anyone still stops by and reads my posts! 

Take care! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a little catch up

Amber got really sick July 10th, she was puking everything up like a volcano.  Took her to emergency and they admitted her because she was not able to hold down anything.  The next day they did an ultrasound to check on the baby and found that there was a sac but the baby was not living inside.  On July 12th we had to go in for a DNC and terminate the pregnancy.  It was sad for all of us.  But this is Amber's second chance to be a teenager!  I hope she doesn't do anything stupid this time.

On another note, I am down 72 pounds 11 weeks out of surgery!  Been feeling real good, except the emotional roller coaster!  

Did i mention that as of July 2nd it had been a year since my mother passed away.  That day hit me like a ton of bricks....Because of my work schedule i was not able to go to her grave till 4th of July.  All the flowers i had put out there were doing great.  There is a gentleman that is at his wife's grave everyday no matter what and he waters everyone in his wife's area.  Super nice guy...I thank him every time i see him.  His wife has been gone 8 years and still is visiting everyday!  I wish i could see mom everyday, but i do try and get out there at least once a month! 

I miss her everyday!!  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This deserves it's own post

I just posted about my weight loss, but this deserves it's own post....

My daughter decided to tell me on June 13th that she took 4 pregnancy test and they all came back positive!  
I was floored, I mean she really hasn't even been seeing anyone lately, so I never even contemplated getting her on birth control lately.  Well I am not proud of her for it because this is the product of a one time stand.

I begged her to abort it because she is soooo young, only 16, but she wouldn't.  The tears, the yelling, the screaming, been thru all the phases and now it is time for acceptance.  I'm not proud that she is pregnant but i am proud that she stuck to her believes.

I am getting used to the thought of being a grandma.  Been helping her with setting up with wic and medicaid.  Going to make her first appt to see a OB prolly tomorrow.  I wanna go to my work and talk to the nurses and see who is the best OB doctor.

She's already been to a couple of parenting classes.  This place she goes to she learns different things and then at the end of it she gets free baby stuff.  Everyone has been great, people are offering alot of baby things for amber, I almost don't need to throw her a baby shower, but i will throw something.

Oh and this child is going to be bi-racial. black/white..  It's not sitting well with alot of people, but for me, I don't CARE!! I will love this baby like it's mine!!

The due date is February 9th!  We already picked out baby names already, we really love them and stuck on it...Can't wait to find out if we have a Brayden Treyvon Yetnick for a boy or a Brooklyn Mary Yetnick for a girl (the mary is for my mothers memory, it was her middle name)

Well I will keep ya posted and baby bump pics...As of right now she is only 6 weeks along!

my weight loss

Things so far has gone very smoothly!  down 62 pound in 8 weeks...I still can't believe it.  Last week i had a stall, no weight loss what so ever and this morning i woke up to  7 pounds gone in 1 week...It surprised me too...I weighed myself 5 times to get the same weight.

I'm only 103 pounds away to my own personal goal.  I have have broke many goals so far.  Like...I wanted to lose 35 pounds before i went back to work...I had lost 47 pounds before mom past away, it took me 7 months to do that back then, but when she past, i gained every single pound back and that only took a couple months!!  But that's all back off! Also in the past i have lost 60 pounds and now i am at 62 pounds lost..I really feel like I've accomplished something!!  Thanks for all the encouragement!!

Friday, June 08, 2012

One down, one more to go!!! lol

JUNE 3RD, 2012

                                             my sister
                                           party in the backyard

                                          old friends.
                                           old neighbors
                                           greatest group of friends ever!
                                              Darin's friends
                                              old neighbors
                                         alot of wrestling with the buddies happend

                                              watching the action.

                                           The bestest guy friend i cold ever have!!!

                                            Best friends forever!!!!
                                              goofing around!!

Had a super time at Darin's graduation party!!!  The weather cooperated most of the day...had one down pour that lasted 10 minutes but for the most part it was awesome!!  I had alot of people in my house...I had 9 people staying with was hard but we glad everything turned out great, everyone had a good time..saw some old friends, old neighbors but everyone that i adore was there!!!  Loved it!!

Hopefully get to do it all over again in another 2 years with Amber!! lol

Monday, May 14, 2012

Darin Prom May 11th, 2012

                                                    My handsome little boy

                                          Me and my boy!

                                                One of his good buddies!!  13 years of friendship

                                            Him slipping his dates corsage on her...Danielle
                                             He gets his flower
                                               cute couple


                                          Danielle, Darin and her mother and father

                                           Danielle and her aunt
                                          Danielle and her friend April

                                             Funny photo

The whole time i was there i was wishing my mother was seeing this...Look at the mist and the white orb above Darin.  I don't think it was the sun...cuz i was just under the chauffeurs armpit!  lol

Anyway, i am going to hope that it was her there with him...He had an amazing time!  They danced the night away!