Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This deserves it's own post

I just posted about my weight loss, but this deserves it's own post....

My daughter decided to tell me on June 13th that she took 4 pregnancy test and they all came back positive!  
I was floored, I mean she really hasn't even been seeing anyone lately, so I never even contemplated getting her on birth control lately.  Well I am not proud of her for it because this is the product of a one time stand.

I begged her to abort it because she is soooo young, only 16, but she wouldn't.  The tears, the yelling, the screaming, been thru all the phases and now it is time for acceptance.  I'm not proud that she is pregnant but i am proud that she stuck to her believes.

I am getting used to the thought of being a grandma.  Been helping her with setting up with wic and medicaid.  Going to make her first appt to see a OB prolly tomorrow.  I wanna go to my work and talk to the nurses and see who is the best OB doctor.

She's already been to a couple of parenting classes.  This place she goes to she learns different things and then at the end of it she gets free baby stuff.  Everyone has been great, people are offering alot of baby things for amber, I almost don't need to throw her a baby shower, but i will throw something.

Oh and this child is going to be bi-racial. black/white..  It's not sitting well with alot of people, but for me, I don't CARE!! I will love this baby like it's mine!!

The due date is February 9th!  We already picked out baby names already, we really love them and stuck on it...Can't wait to find out if we have a Brayden Treyvon Yetnick for a boy or a Brooklyn Mary Yetnick for a girl (the mary is for my mothers memory, it was her middle name)

Well I will keep ya posted and baby bump pics...As of right now she is only 6 weeks along!


River Glorious said...


The baby will look Puerto Rican probably.

I pray for a safe pregnancy and safe delivery, too. God's blessings to all of you, sweetie.

momma said...

It will be a new challenge for you and Amber. But your attitude will make it easier to figure out the best way to handle it. Good luck to the both of you.