Wednesday, June 24, 2009


What the heck is going on with this week..

As i was leaving my house a few days back everything out front was as it should be but when i got home the first thing i noticed was my little garden lighthouse was stolen. The way i figure it my daughter says it was there at 6 pm but by the time i got home around 8:30 pm it was gone, and get this, my husband was in the house sleeping and my son was in his room. How daring people are getting!!! I really liked that lighthouse! It had a light at the top that went round and round. SUCKS!!

Yesterday after work i had to take my daughter to the doctors, she has been breaking out with lots of pimples under her armpit. Trying to figure out why. But the doctor said something that may be the problem...seems since she has used shaving cream she has been breaking out..i told her to just start using soap and water like she was before the break out. She doesn't think it is because it's not happening to her legs...but i told her maybe the skin on her armpits don't like it.
So she is now on some antibiotics to get rid of the puss and stuff under there. While i was there for her armpits i mentioned to him that she really has a problem with underarm wetness and that i have tried every clinic type stuff out there and she still has a problem. He wrote a script for a lotion that may help....we'll see!

So after doctors i drop my lovely daughter at grandma's and get all the way home and pull into the drive way at the same time my neighbor did and she says "Caroline you have a flat tire", WTF! So there was the fun of finding the jack and figuring out how to use everything that you need to change a tire because you haven't needed to use this stuff before...anywhoshits...get the tire off and run up to the local gas station where they fix it with a tire that's what i call back home and put tire back on like nothing ever happened.

Ok that's enough of the bad good thing about this week....

Amber says "mom i need pants" I don't know about you...but i can't buy new clothes all the time... I buy "new" clothes for beginning of school and like Christmas time. For the in between times the Salvation Army is very helpful...So i take my daughter there and she finds many pairs of jeans and ends up with about 3 that are acceptable...1 pair actually still had tags on it. We also tried on some t shirts and she ended up with 2 new shirts ...with 1 still having tags on 3 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts that would have probably cost me over 100 dollars, i walked out with a price tag of $15.32!! Priceless!!! She's happy, I'm ecstatic!

I have realized that i put alot of pictures of Amber on here...that's because she is a camera ham! Darin must have been bored one day and decided to take a few pics of himself...I am more than happy with sharing it with the world :)

ooooo serious!

he's just cute!

this one caught me off guard and i laughed a ton!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Father's Day to my dad. I LOVE YOU!!! I know we don't always see eye to eye but we manage.

To Frank-I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!! Between the both of us, we got this parenting thing down. *me thinks*

Hope you all spent time with your dad or at least called him, prayed to him or whatever your connection is.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The kids are soooo enjoying their summer vacation. I think i have seen my daughter maybe 3 days since school has been out. She has spent the night over every girlfriends house that she can think of and taking many, many pics. I thought i would share a few with you.

Do you remember doing this with your girlfriends? No?, i I used to put little eyeballs on my eyes...

They look kinda sweet!

I just love Ambers eyes! gorgeous!

Seriously she is going to break hearts.

her friend uribi, the wonderful singer.

a random picture of a flower at my mother's house.

her friend jordan. she is very pretty herself.

cute eh?

I got to crimp Amber's hair!!!!!! She let me do something to it!!
Does anyone know where i can find a chastity belt?
It's getting scary ya'll!!

Ok, now that we have peeked into Amber's photo album.
We went to the Clay Walker concert on Saturday and i was completely amazed how unbusy the concert was. We had lawn seats at the DTE Energy Theatre and was lucky to be invited to sit in the pavillion due to the attendance. It was an awesome concert, and the best part was being able to get out of there without any traffic what so ever. Bonus!!!
Amber and her friends were checking out fella's all night...I guess Amber thought the cotton-candy dude was cute...they kept searching for him...they would call him cotton candy dude or they decided to name him "Jason" for the sake of calling him a
Besides that, just got my nose to the grindstone, taking each day as they come at me.

Amber and her friends without make-up

Amber and her friend Jordan...I gotta watch out for them.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I was just thinking about all the jobs I have had.

My first paying job other than allowance from parents was working with my neighbor at the age of 12 was dusting the bottoms of all the chairs at a lab. I earned $1.00 a night. That was awesome back then!

Then of course babysitting jobs. I enjoyed doing that. I took care of 4 children for the sister of the neighbor that i dusted chairs for. I was like 13 or 14. Got payed pretty good for it.

Then I started cleaning many different buildings with the family that i babysat for. I got payed really well for a 14, 15 year old. They were good to me.

When I was 15 I got a job at Big Boy's with my friend at the time. I was a hostess for 6 months and then i became a waitress for 6 months. It was my first official paycheck!!

At 16 I started to work for Mcdonald's, I worked there for the next 6 years. I worked my way to crew chief just under a manager because i was too young to be on. I was fired because a manager was stealing out of my drawer. It was only after i left that they found this out.

After I graduated High School I worked Mcdonald's and I worked for Mobil gas station, i did that for over a year. I quit Mobil because the owner was asking to many personal question and my boyfriend(who is my husband) didn't like it.

I worked for Motel 6, i worked 3 months, the day they made me head housekeeper i never showed up there again. I feared for my life because there was alot housekeepers there that had been there longer than me and would never take me seriously. (i still believe it was racial).

I ended up back at another McDonald's and worked there 10 more years. I worked my way to 3rd assistant manager. I was pretty happy there, but did not get along with the supervisor's daughter. I had to quit on the spot one day when it became quite clear that i was about to grab her by her skinny throat!

Don't worry at the time i was lucky to get a job working at a Blockbuster's and had been working both jobs for 4 months. When i decided to quit, Blockbuster's was asking me to quit Mcdonald's to work for them full time...I took the leap!

I worked for Blockbuster's for 5 whole years!!!! I was a manager there from the day that i walked thru the doors. I loved that job!! But all good things come to an end. I was knocked down from working full time, to working only 20 hours a week. So i was forced to search for either a full time job or a part time job. I got lucky to work at the hospital I am working now.

The hospital also demanded alot of my time and sure wanted me to quit Blockbuster's to work for them full time. It just felt right and so far so good it was a wise decision.

My current job is my favorite, there is a variety of jobs that i do that makes it interesting. The pace is much different, and for the first time I am not "the boss" I so wanted out of being the boss.

My worst job, Motel 6! it was digusting. You don't want to know what i have seen in a room.

So what's your favorite job? and what job did you totally hate!

Monday, June 08, 2009


Today i turned 39 and my father turned 62! I would like to Thank those that have made this possible. God for creating all things, and Mom and Dad for bumping uglies to create what is me!

In other news I broke down and joined facebook because "everyone is doing it". Honestly it was because my best friend posted pictures of her daughter graduating on there and if i wanted to see them i had to join. But, in 2 days I have seen and caught up with a few old friends. Neat, it will be a lovely past time I suppose. Facebook is really hard to figure out for the most part.

Darin has been shaving for quite awhile now and today was his first slip up. He shaved a nice chunk off his Yeh, that's a band-aid on his lip. lol

oh and he will kill me..but i found out on one of our special talks that he is crushing on a girl in school :) awwwwww...

he don't know if she likes him tho :(
who could resist his charm and good looks?

it's too early for any of that...but it's cute.

Friday, June 05, 2009


I don't know what it is about today, but I found myself laughing the whole day.

Today I had alot to do, and my daughter had the day off of school, so I took her with me.

First thing I had to do was go to the Secretary of State to renew my plates on the vehicles because Monday is MY BIRTHDAY!!! WOOHOOO!!!

I hope I can make this sound as funny as it actually was in person.

So while we were sitting there a man walked up to the counter and the lady behind the counter said to him "could you go stand on the grey square?" Here's where I am thinking to myself "if it was me I would not stand on it..I would stand next to it, or in front or behind it, just because she actually had to say stand on the grey square" (instead of just saying could you just back up) so finally I could not keep this thought in my head so I decide that I would tell my daughter what I was thinking. She busts out with "no kidding this is not kindergarten" which makes me laugh until no end!

So, it's my turn at the counter and I accidently stepped on Amber's pant leg, she says to me "Don't step on my pants" and I say "well if you would clip those hanging pieces off I wouln't have" which the lady behind the counter chimes in with "wow, your some girl"....then I say "you should have heard her about your grey square" and I proceed to tell her, which makes her laugh.

You would think that would be enough laughter in a DMV, but no! On our way out Amber spots a different colored square and points and says "I wonder what they do with that square?" This makes me laugh until I was snorting!

Ok, next stop was to my work to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy. We are commenting on the tiles and thanking God that we did not have to step on a special colored tile. More laughter.

Then on to grocery shopping to prepare for Amber's little backyard party in the tent. She invited 3 of her girlfriend's over to spend the night in the tent. You know you need provisions for such an event. The whole time we are making things up for the grey square...if her brother or her father gets out of line they will have to step onto the grey square...

Not funny? Well, I guess you just had to be there!

It was a fun girls day out! I laughed until i hurt my stomach and tears came out of eyes.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


TMI Thursday

Has it really been a week?

Because I can't think of any TMI's about myself, i'm going to throw my husband under the bus today. lol

About 7 years ago while visiting in Vermont, some relatives, Frank's mom, brother, sister, and cousins decided that we were going to a Montshire museum for a little typical tourist thing.

Well the day that we decided to go Frank woke up not feeling to great, but did not want to disappoint everyone and their plans.

While driving to the museum Frank kept saying he was so sick, and just as I got near a rest area he says "stop there", not nearly in enough time for me to actually make that turn. Just as we passed he says "oh no, I just shit my pants". People this was watery diarhea! He sharted in his pants. We were very close to our destination, so he tried not to sit on it, he even asked me what he should do and I told him " go straight to the bathroom and throw your underwear away". When we got there he went straight to the bathroom. He was in the bathroom most of the time that we were there or out in the car laying down.

Seriously, after he was fine, we all laughed till no end!