Thursday, June 04, 2009


TMI Thursday

Has it really been a week?

Because I can't think of any TMI's about myself, i'm going to throw my husband under the bus today. lol

About 7 years ago while visiting in Vermont, some relatives, Frank's mom, brother, sister, and cousins decided that we were going to a Montshire museum for a little typical tourist thing.

Well the day that we decided to go Frank woke up not feeling to great, but did not want to disappoint everyone and their plans.

While driving to the museum Frank kept saying he was so sick, and just as I got near a rest area he says "stop there", not nearly in enough time for me to actually make that turn. Just as we passed he says "oh no, I just shit my pants". People this was watery diarhea! He sharted in his pants. We were very close to our destination, so he tried not to sit on it, he even asked me what he should do and I told him " go straight to the bathroom and throw your underwear away". When we got there he went straight to the bathroom. He was in the bathroom most of the time that we were there or out in the car laying down.

Seriously, after he was fine, we all laughed till no end!


Colby said...

That is love.

Maxie said...

Love it! I've yet to have this happen, but I'm sure someday soon...

Karmyn R said...

That is the absolute WORST. I'd rather puke on someone's new shoes.

T said...

Oh gosh Caroline, that is definitely TMI!!!
Your poor hubby.

This probably has happened to many people though, just no one admits it.;)

LiLu said...

Sometimes, you just can't hold it in... I know this all too well ;-)