Friday, June 05, 2009


I don't know what it is about today, but I found myself laughing the whole day.

Today I had alot to do, and my daughter had the day off of school, so I took her with me.

First thing I had to do was go to the Secretary of State to renew my plates on the vehicles because Monday is MY BIRTHDAY!!! WOOHOOO!!!

I hope I can make this sound as funny as it actually was in person.

So while we were sitting there a man walked up to the counter and the lady behind the counter said to him "could you go stand on the grey square?" Here's where I am thinking to myself "if it was me I would not stand on it..I would stand next to it, or in front or behind it, just because she actually had to say stand on the grey square" (instead of just saying could you just back up) so finally I could not keep this thought in my head so I decide that I would tell my daughter what I was thinking. She busts out with "no kidding this is not kindergarten" which makes me laugh until no end!

So, it's my turn at the counter and I accidently stepped on Amber's pant leg, she says to me "Don't step on my pants" and I say "well if you would clip those hanging pieces off I wouln't have" which the lady behind the counter chimes in with "wow, your some girl"....then I say "you should have heard her about your grey square" and I proceed to tell her, which makes her laugh.

You would think that would be enough laughter in a DMV, but no! On our way out Amber spots a different colored square and points and says "I wonder what they do with that square?" This makes me laugh until I was snorting!

Ok, next stop was to my work to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy. We are commenting on the tiles and thanking God that we did not have to step on a special colored tile. More laughter.

Then on to grocery shopping to prepare for Amber's little backyard party in the tent. She invited 3 of her girlfriend's over to spend the night in the tent. You know you need provisions for such an event. The whole time we are making things up for the grey square...if her brother or her father gets out of line they will have to step onto the grey square...

Not funny? Well, I guess you just had to be there!

It was a fun girls day out! I laughed until i hurt my stomach and tears came out of eyes.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Happy birthday!

Sounds like you had a great stress-relieving laugh - enjoy :)

momma(mary) said...

Even though my daughter and I our older than you two we also have moments like that. Aren't daughters the most delightful stimuli!

Colby said...

Definitely written as well as it felt to be there in person. You two made me laugh for the first time today!

FoxyMoron said...

I have times like that with both my kids, they both inherited my sense of the ridiculous and we laugh at lots of things. I did chuckle at the grey square.

LiLu said...

HA! That's the best DMV story I've ever heard. I thought the lady behind the counter would have kicked you out :-)

Maxie said...

Happy Early Birthday!