Friday, September 30, 2005

Concerns on my health

Pill BottlePillI've been on pills for my diabetes for many years, the only time that i had to take insulin was when i was pregnant then shortly after i was able to go on pills. I have take glyburide and metformin for the longest. Now he added actos. the only side effects that i am noticing is that i have to go to the bathroom all the time for 1 and 2. I can say that i have not crapped so much in my life! It's to the point of annoying!!!!!!!!! If i am not urinated or pooping, i have the sensation to have to go. My main concern is this drug "actos" is the same drug that my neighbor was taking and his doctors took him off because they found out it causing liver damage. Does anyone know about this drug? Ever been on it? Have the same symptoms?

Now other than the diabetes i have other things wrong with me. Starting with my Thyroid that i take a drug for. I also suffered a heart attack 2 years ago, so i have to take blood pressure medicine, and 2 pills that help my heart. I will have to take these meds forever i am told or lose a ton of weight and i might be able to cut half these med s. Plus an aspirin a day as a blood thinner. And lets not forget the cholesterol pill that i take also, so that brings our grand total of 9 pills a day that i have to take! So ya figure 8 of my pills costs me 30 dollars for each, that's $240 plus $6.00 for the bottle of aspirins. This brings it to $246. a month to keep me alive and this is with insurance. And if i really want to throw in to my doctor that i suffer from depression i could very easily make this even more money. But screw it! I'm not going to do anything that i will regret. I have 2 beautiful kids that need me and my goal is to see them grow up and marry and have them take care of me for a

Well there ya have it folks, my beautiful life in a nutshell. Sucks to be fat!

If anyone can tell me a bit more about "actos" i would appreciate it.

Monday, September 26, 2005


I went to the doctors on Saturday and i got a short reprieve from taking the shots for my diabetes. He wants to see if this other drug will help first and then recheck me in a couple weeks. After i got this medication i found out that my neighbor that is a diabetic was also taking this drug but his doctors took him off of it because it causes liver damage. hmmmm not sure that i want to be taking this drug. So i will be talking to my doctor very shortly and besides it makes me feel bloated all the time. So other than that, i will let ya know what will be happening with that.

While i was there i got a second shot to my hip for my back problems and it did help a bit more. But i think that my old shoes were giving me alot of grieve also. So today i was able to get a new pair and i think it is actually helping.
Sunday i finally got to go bowling, and yes i took it easy because i am not fully healed. its not easy bowling straight up and down and throwing a ball. But i managed without causeing more pain to myself.
Scores as follows
Amber-49 64 73
Darin- 107 104 80
Frank- 97 137 108
Me 92 69 108

Not bad for an injured person right?

We made it a little interesting this week by adding money to the factor of playing. We told the kids a quarter for every spare and 50 cents for every strike. They were truly inspired for the games after that. Darin took us for 2 dollars at the end and Amber got 75 cents...but i just rounded it off and gave her a dollar.

Amber also made out like a bandit and got a dollar from the lady bowling against us for her birthday. And she was also picked to pick out the raffle ticket and was tipped another 5 dollars for picking the mans ticket. Another lady came up to Amber and also gave her a dollar. Geesh, the kid has more money than i do


I just want to give my MOM a HOLLA! She will know why. My way of saying thanks :)
She was there listening to me when i had a meltdown and i want her to know that i appreciated her advice, and for her listening to my problems.



From this little angel

To this big angel!

I know i have alot of complaints about my daughter Amber, but i would not trade her for anything! Sometimes i wish i had her nerve and her energy! She is fearless! She has no problem with telling you how she feels about something, even if it will hurt your feelings, embarass you, or make you mad. If its on her mind its gonna be said!

She turned 10 years old today, and of course she took her cupcakes to school and shared with the class. After school i had a cake made up for her and all the neighborhood kids came and sang Happy Birthday to her and we all had a good time.

She wanted some movies for her birthday, no toys, or anything like that, so i stopped by my work and picked up a couple movies for her to enjoy. She got Shark Tale and Racing stripes, she loves these movies because they involve animals! She saw them and was absolutely in love!

Amber is growing up to be a fine young lady and I hope that i will teach her to be a great and responsible young woman. I'm proud of my kids and hope that they get whatever they desire in life.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm Broken!

For a long time now i had been suffering from heal spurs on my right foot. Finally decided that the pain was more than the fear of getting the shot in the foot. Mind you that i am not afraid of needles at all, but in the foot gave me the willies. Well in a couple days i could tell a major difference in walking without as much pain as i had been. Thank God! Sunday i got up to do my first day on the bowling league and all of a sudden i got a sharp pain in my butt that radiated up to my back. I knew what just happened, my butt muscle gave out causing major pain in my back, i layed all day long on the couch. I was not able to sit, stand, walk, do anything at all! I even called into work and that is not like me at all!!! Thankfully my boss was able to cover it for me. I would never had made it!

Monday i saw my doctor and got another shot, this one in the hip and i can say that i am doing alot better, but still sore! I'm able to make it thru work and that's all i care about! But after work i am drugging myself up like crazy! So while i was with the doctor he said that he was going to call me that night anyways because he got the results of my tests that i took on Thursday. Not good news at all, apparently i have to go back on insulin for my diabetes. I had been on it with both my kids, so i know what's involved. The hardest part is poking yourself!

So you see.....I'm broken!!
If i had a reciept i would take myself back for a

Well, the drugs are kicking in and i am getting sleeping.. gnight!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Happy Anniversary to us!

Saturday the 17th of September is our Anniversary! We will be married 11 years on this day and i have to say that it's been worth the ride. We have our good times and bad times, but who don't? The only thing is, being able to work out the bad times together keeps us going.

It may be our wedding anniversary but it is also marks another anniversary. Two years before on that date, Frank asked me to go on a date. So we have been together 13 years!
I can still remember how he asked me out. After partying all night over a mutual friends house, i got ready to go home and take a nap and shower and change my clothes. Well anyways, he walked me to my car and said "Ya wanna go on a date with me, we can try it out for a while and if we don't like eachother we will break up." Could you honestly say no to that? lol

I know what attracted me to him the most was his beautiful salt and pepper hair. Another thing was that i could see that he was a hard worker and enjoyed being around kids. I told my friends that i would have him and i did!

He is a very good man! His heart is always in the right place. Sure he makes mistakes, lets face it noone is perfect! I'm sure he would be saying the same thing about me right about now. His priorties are the same as mine. Kids first, everything else will just have to wait.

Heres a pic of our special day and Darin was there with his blessings on the wedding of his mommy and daddy.

I still love this man! Happy Anniversary and many more!

Monday, September 05, 2005

The kids finally have school in the morning...woohoo

Mom took some pics of the kids recently and i thought they were some nice ones

Isn't she cute? She wants her bangs to get as long as the back of her hair.

This is my little man that stands almost as tall as i am. Today i was watching him play with the neighborhood teenagers about 13 and 14 and he stood as tall as them.

Now, any suggestions on punishing a boy that is bigger than you? lol

Can't wait for the kids to start full days of school! Peace and quiet at last! Lately they have been fighting like cats and dogs.

Today i ended up shaving half the boys in my neighborhood heads for the first day of school. Don't ask me how i got that job. I don't remember putting out the barbershop pole. hmmm I didn't get paid for it either. (see sucker, caroline) Anyways i guess its ok because i had to do my husband and Darin anyway. As long as i don't have to clean up afterwards...all is good.

What did everyone do for Labor day? We all went over my mothers and fathers for Labor Day and ordered some really good pizza and sat and chit chatted about some things. I am broke so i kinda blew the original plans for us. I know...I suck! That and thinking about how crowded the popular parks would be today made me decide just to hang around the houses.

After that we were also invited to a bbq at the neighbors. But i really was not hungry by then so i just nibbled a bit. Then just before dark i became Caroline the barber. The kids came home and then they showered and are pouting about waking up early for their first few hours of school.

This Sunday we are signing up for family bowling again. This time i will be bowling also...Can't ya just wait to hear how bad we are

Well...I am off to bed also...why? I have to get up for