Friday, September 16, 2005

Happy Anniversary to us!

Saturday the 17th of September is our Anniversary! We will be married 11 years on this day and i have to say that it's been worth the ride. We have our good times and bad times, but who don't? The only thing is, being able to work out the bad times together keeps us going.

It may be our wedding anniversary but it is also marks another anniversary. Two years before on that date, Frank asked me to go on a date. So we have been together 13 years!
I can still remember how he asked me out. After partying all night over a mutual friends house, i got ready to go home and take a nap and shower and change my clothes. Well anyways, he walked me to my car and said "Ya wanna go on a date with me, we can try it out for a while and if we don't like eachother we will break up." Could you honestly say no to that? lol

I know what attracted me to him the most was his beautiful salt and pepper hair. Another thing was that i could see that he was a hard worker and enjoyed being around kids. I told my friends that i would have him and i did!

He is a very good man! His heart is always in the right place. Sure he makes mistakes, lets face it noone is perfect! I'm sure he would be saying the same thing about me right about now. His priorties are the same as mine. Kids first, everything else will just have to wait.

Heres a pic of our special day and Darin was there with his blessings on the wedding of his mommy and daddy.

I still love this man! Happy Anniversary and many more!


Anonymous said...
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Monica said...

Hmmm, I think your getting some comment spam there Carolina.

Anyway, it was great getting caught up with you! I haven't updated or read any of my friends' journals in weeks. So it was great to see how your doing. Happy Anniversary to you guys! I hope your doing something special today. Or at least getting an evening without the kids around!

Take care,


cindy said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. I hope you get to do something fun and romantic. 13 years is a long time and I hope you have many more!

Mallard said...

Happiest and most sincere congratulations to you both and your family. Fantastic - I'm very happy for you all. Wowow!

You can get rid of that comment spam by going to your Blogger Dashboard page and 'settings' and 'comments' and click 'yes to "Show word verification for comments?" That'll stop those annoying anon spam comments from appearing in your blog. I was stating to get a few, and doing that stopped them cold - whoo hoo!

MrsDoF said...

Happy Anniversary! 11 years is good, 13 is remarkable!
Your wedding picture is similar to ours, we were holding a 5 month old baby. Where did all the time go?

Congratulations, and Many more Years to come!!