Monday, September 26, 2005


I went to the doctors on Saturday and i got a short reprieve from taking the shots for my diabetes. He wants to see if this other drug will help first and then recheck me in a couple weeks. After i got this medication i found out that my neighbor that is a diabetic was also taking this drug but his doctors took him off of it because it causes liver damage. hmmmm not sure that i want to be taking this drug. So i will be talking to my doctor very shortly and besides it makes me feel bloated all the time. So other than that, i will let ya know what will be happening with that.

While i was there i got a second shot to my hip for my back problems and it did help a bit more. But i think that my old shoes were giving me alot of grieve also. So today i was able to get a new pair and i think it is actually helping.
Sunday i finally got to go bowling, and yes i took it easy because i am not fully healed. its not easy bowling straight up and down and throwing a ball. But i managed without causeing more pain to myself.
Scores as follows
Amber-49 64 73
Darin- 107 104 80
Frank- 97 137 108
Me 92 69 108

Not bad for an injured person right?

We made it a little interesting this week by adding money to the factor of playing. We told the kids a quarter for every spare and 50 cents for every strike. They were truly inspired for the games after that. Darin took us for 2 dollars at the end and Amber got 75 cents...but i just rounded it off and gave her a dollar.

Amber also made out like a bandit and got a dollar from the lady bowling against us for her birthday. And she was also picked to pick out the raffle ticket and was tipped another 5 dollars for picking the mans ticket. Another lady came up to Amber and also gave her a dollar. Geesh, the kid has more money than i do


I just want to give my MOM a HOLLA! She will know why. My way of saying thanks :)
She was there listening to me when i had a meltdown and i want her to know that i appreciated her advice, and for her listening to my problems.



Monica said...

Hi Caroline. Glad to see your back. Your in our prayers. I hope your new medicine gives you a break from taking the shot. Hopefully you can get your sugar back under control and it won't be a lifelong thing. Also, happy birthday to your daughter! She is such a cutie. Don't they grow up so fast?

Dak-Ind said...

is it the pill? my dad was on the pill instead of the shot for a while and it gave him some trouble. i dont know if your doc told you, but i would really really (unsolicited advice) not drive for a while until you know how it effects you. the pill wasnt working for my dad and he didnt realize it until he had a sugar crisis and lost conciousness at 65 miles per hour on the hiway in his new mustang! so i urge caution driving with new sugar meds!!

also adding my hello to your beautiful young lady! both of your children are georgous, you should be proud!

Dak-Ind said...

that was supposed to be a happy birthday, not a hello, but i was distracted and didnt notice it until i had already posted!