Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello peeps

Well old age has just set in. lol I now have to have glasses for the first time in my life!! Here's me out by the water with my son Darin, yep those are my glasses. They are transition so they were kinda nice to be wearing in the sun. I went for a check up on my eyes just for the heck of it and found out that I have 40/20 vision...that i am far sighted and that i have diabetic retinopothy. Everyone got new specs, Amber insisted on getting contacts this year and she is doing very well with them. I can tell you that next year I will be doing contacts! I don't like glasses!

Anywho today I set the date for a major stepping stone for my son. On April 23rd he will be taking his driving test for his driver's license. He should do fine, becuz he does not make me nervous in the least. I'm scared of my husbands driving more than my 16 year old son's. lol

Amber is going to be starting driver's training in May. They are growing up too fast!!!

Also starting May 22nd I am officially on a 2 week vacation I will be off till June 4th! What am i gonna do for that long...well for 3 days i will be preparing for my trip to Alton, Illinois to visit with one of my best friends! I will be about 15 minutes from St. Louis. I will spend the 25th till the 30 with my 2 best friends in the world, no kids, no husband, just pure great fun!!!

So I guess i will have lots to talk about when i get back from my trip!! I am so excited...38 days till i'm on vacation and 41 days till i am having the most fun!

And i made sure that i was going to have a small vacation from my vacation...I will have a few days to unwind before hitting that grindstone again!!

take care all, I am still in and out of here and I read your blogs as much as possible...but ya gotta admit facebook is the greatest thing!! lol