Thursday, May 25, 2006

Amber's Theatrical Debut

Amber in the grey sweater with her classmates just before the show started.
Amber was one of 4 people in the entire 4th grade at Roosevelt Elementary to participate in a show for Michigan week. Her responsibility was to talk about Bay city Michigan. The night before she was a nervous wreck and practicing her speech to anyone that would listen to her.

Many of the shows were interesting, informitable and imaginative. One school performed a talk show type theme. One school performed a newscast type of skit, and one school used Gwen Stefani's song "hollerback girl" to perform a skit on camping, i think everyone enjoyed that. You can see the nervousness in alot of kids. One girl did her whole thing while standing on her tippy toes. lol Another kid was figiting with his shirt the entire time. It was a total blast to watch the kids perform.

Never thought i would see my daughter's name up in lights but there it is...Amber Yetnick :)
They talked about a couple major city's in Michigan.

For their months of hard work they all recieved a trophy saying "Michigan week 2006 Education Day presenter"
She was more excited about being excused from any homework for the day...go figure!

This is Amber's teacher Mr. Turner!
I don't know why but i think he is super cute. lol
Amber seems to like him also.

The spotlight was on my daughter today...see everything balances out.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Monday was a big day for my boy. Remember me saying that he was on the honor roll all year?
Well on Monday they had all the students that were getting awards and honored for special achievements at this special gathering at the school's gym.

Here he is coming into the gym

coming in front of us...he looks a bit nervous.

Here's my boy going on stage to get his special certificate. I couldn't have been more prouder. They didn't do this when i was kid.

Of course Amber was bored! The spotlight was not on my little girl. Buttttttt...On Wednesday my daughter is going to the high school auditorium to perform a special presentation of fun facts of Michigan...Amber was chosen to do Bay city, Michigan. Only 5 in her class was chosen to do such an honor, she is so nervous! She has been practicing and practicing and i think she will do just fine. I got the camcorder all fired up and ready to go.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

When did i lose it?

I always thought i was a fun mom to my kids. I thought my kids thought i was cool. I listen to the kind of music that kids today listen to. I like hip-hop and rap and rock and all that and my kids and i would sing to all kinds of music together.

But today i was singing and dancing in my seat in the car, having a great time, when my daughter yells at me to "STOP DOING THAT"!!!!! I asked her" why?" and she said "your embarrassing me"! " Moi! embarrassing you?" She said "yeh! Everyone can see you!" I was like "soooooooooo you never cared before" The only answer she had was "I do now!" I've always been the mom that kids want to hang around. I am always the mom that the kids around me want to talk to and get advice. Have i lost it? Or simply misplaced my coolness?lol
Will i ever get it back?

I didn't feel that old until today.....another birthday is coming up on me in June....

Someone got a cane? better yet a power scooter? If i am getting old i might as well do it in style.

Frank filed for unemployment today. His boss said that he could because of the down time. Hopefully he will get it.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

On Monday morning before the kids went to school and while Frank was shaving his face to go job hunting. We all ran out and stuck every one of the signs that my mother helped me make into the ground. Thank God it stopped raining long enough to do it!

When we were done the kids called Frank to come out, he was totally suprised! He did not know what to say. He looked at each and every one of them. They all had something different on them. My yard looked so colorful...they were all on flourescent colored poster board. People drove by stopping to see what they were all about.

I would have gotten pictures of them but the rain came back before i could snag my mother's camera for a shot. The signs got ruined from the rain, darn it.


Frank still has not been working, it's on 2 weeks now. I am very scared, but Frank is looking for a job. I just don't know what happened. For two and a half months they worked him like a dog. Now to not have any work, just don't make any sense.

Why is it when i feel like i take one step forward something makes me take 2 or 3 steps back? I know i am not the only person suffering in this day and age. But you just always have to ask WHY?
I do know why...but i am not going to get all politcal now.

I want to thank you all for your prayers.....
I had a customer come in and ask why i have not seemed myself. I told him that i was stressed out about my hubby not working. He asked me to write his name on a piece of paper and he was going to get a prayer chain going for him. I thought that was totally sweet! And if God seems fit to work a miracle for my family i know he will.

gnight all

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

I hope every mother had a wonderful day! Other than working on Mother's day, my day was pretty nice.

I woke up to a gigantic card that my my son bought for me, he very nicely added his sister to the card. My husband and my son made me breakfast before i had to go to work, that was really nice of them. And when i got home from work, dinner was waiting for me. What a nice day, don't ya think?

I stopped at my mother's after dinner and gave her the cards that i had gotten her. I had planned on getting some flowers to go with them but by the time i had went to the place their flowers were already picked out :(. Yeh i know, bad planning. Sorry Mom!


I haven't been posting so much lately because, I have not been feeling quite myself. When i am depressed or stressed i tend to keep to myself.
I guess it's another bad cycle for me again. Things just keep going wrong. My washing machine just broke down. Remember the wonderful job that my husband got, well....for some reason they did not need Frank to work ALL of last week! I say Great! Right after i take the plunge and put myself in debt with another new vehicle. If i had known that was going to happen i would have held off another month or two. Can ya help me pray that Frank starts working again without so much time off? It's appreciated.

Frank's Birthday is Monday. My mom helped me make signs to put all out on the front lawn, but who knew that we were going to get all this rain. Hopefully, Frank will work on Monday and it stops raining long enough for him to come home with the yard all decorated. I originally planned to do it in the middle of the night and he would wake up to it. But they will get ruined right now.

I'm going to make him a birthday cake in the morning.

He will be the big 4-0 ...yep 40,,,he said to me today that he was going on 28...if i had my say,,,i would say 2
Doesn't 40 sound ancient? But since i will be 40 in another 4 years , i guess it's not as bad as it sounds.


Darin goes on a field trip on Monday to a place called C.J. Barrymore's because he has been on the honor roll all year and has no points against him. The points are what you get if your bad in school. He is such a good boy and really try's hard in school. They are having an awards night at the school and we have been invited to honor Darin because he is getting more than one award in school. He was allowed to invite up to 5 people. He asked his grandmother to come, and she was happy to be asked to come. I'm sure Grandpa would come if he wasn't so tired after work.

Their are many field trips planned for this month. Darin is going to the Detroit Zoo at the end of the month and Amber is going to some kind of camp for the day in just a few days.

I am so proud of my kids, they work hard!

well all, I'm getting tired...
Happy Mother's Day to you all

Saturday, May 06, 2006




Me in my new truck. Thanks to Frank's new job
we are hoping to be able to make the payments

This thing has all the bells and whistles on it! I love all the new Onstar toys on it! The hands free phone is the whip!!! I car that can talk to ya! It's a 2005 Chevy Colorado, It's brand new but just did not sell in 2005. We got a great deal on it. After haggling a bit we were able to bring the price down almost $5,000 .