Saturday, May 20, 2006

When did i lose it?

I always thought i was a fun mom to my kids. I thought my kids thought i was cool. I listen to the kind of music that kids today listen to. I like hip-hop and rap and rock and all that and my kids and i would sing to all kinds of music together.

But today i was singing and dancing in my seat in the car, having a great time, when my daughter yells at me to "STOP DOING THAT"!!!!! I asked her" why?" and she said "your embarrassing me"! " Moi! embarrassing you?" She said "yeh! Everyone can see you!" I was like "soooooooooo you never cared before" The only answer she had was "I do now!" I've always been the mom that kids want to hang around. I am always the mom that the kids around me want to talk to and get advice. Have i lost it? Or simply misplaced my coolness?lol
Will i ever get it back?

I didn't feel that old until today.....another birthday is coming up on me in June....

Someone got a cane? better yet a power scooter? If i am getting old i might as well do it in style.

Frank filed for unemployment today. His boss said that he could because of the down time. Hopefully he will get it.


Monica said...

Don't sweat it. I think there comes a time in every teenager's life that no matter how "cool" you think you are, or no matter how much you do for them, your their parent and well your just not cool. Just look forward to the day that she is all grown up and out on her own and thinks about how wonderful you are and how lucky she is to have you as her mom.

Good luck with hubby's unemployment. Hopefully he can find something better really soon.

MrsDoF said...

Ah, yes. A child's puberty brings on a mom's uncoolness.
You will get to be nice again whenever she needs to build up the hours behind the wheel towards the driver's license, or allow a bunch of friends to come over but don't stay in the room and ask questions.
You've been a fine mom so far, and I am sure the time will come again.

Meanwhile, maintain your balance on the surfboard of life with teens.

Looking for a job is a job all by itself. Here's hoping your husband can find steady employment soon and very soon.

Dak-Ind said...

i can relate. my oldest son is teenaged and his parents are embarrasing. my friends think im cool, but my kid doesnt. i am afraid that my friends only say i am cool because they too have shildren who think they arent cool, adn if i can be cool, surely they can too!