Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Monday was a big day for my boy. Remember me saying that he was on the honor roll all year?
Well on Monday they had all the students that were getting awards and honored for special achievements at this special gathering at the school's gym.

Here he is coming into the gym

coming in front of us...he looks a bit nervous.

Here's my boy going on stage to get his special certificate. I couldn't have been more prouder. They didn't do this when i was kid.

Of course Amber was bored! The spotlight was not on my little girl. Buttttttt...On Wednesday my daughter is going to the high school auditorium to perform a special presentation of fun facts of Michigan...Amber was chosen to do Bay city, Michigan. Only 5 in her class was chosen to do such an honor, she is so nervous! She has been practicing and practicing and i think she will do just fine. I got the camcorder all fired up and ready to go.


Monica said...

Very cool. I hope Skyler and Chase do as well in school. I was never on the honor roll. I didn't make bad grades, but they certainly weren't perfect. Hopefully he will keep it up and maybe get some scholarships to college, so you won't have to pay for everything! :-)

Monica said...

Hey Carolina, it's me again. I know you haven't had as much time to post here lately. Hope everything is going okay. Hope you and your family are having a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. I hope you got some time off to spend with your family this weekend.