Thursday, May 25, 2006

Amber's Theatrical Debut

Amber in the grey sweater with her classmates just before the show started.
Amber was one of 4 people in the entire 4th grade at Roosevelt Elementary to participate in a show for Michigan week. Her responsibility was to talk about Bay city Michigan. The night before she was a nervous wreck and practicing her speech to anyone that would listen to her.

Many of the shows were interesting, informitable and imaginative. One school performed a talk show type theme. One school performed a newscast type of skit, and one school used Gwen Stefani's song "hollerback girl" to perform a skit on camping, i think everyone enjoyed that. You can see the nervousness in alot of kids. One girl did her whole thing while standing on her tippy toes. lol Another kid was figiting with his shirt the entire time. It was a total blast to watch the kids perform.

Never thought i would see my daughter's name up in lights but there it is...Amber Yetnick :)
They talked about a couple major city's in Michigan.

For their months of hard work they all recieved a trophy saying "Michigan week 2006 Education Day presenter"
She was more excited about being excused from any homework for the day...go figure!

This is Amber's teacher Mr. Turner!
I don't know why but i think he is super cute. lol
Amber seems to like him also.

The spotlight was on my daughter today...see everything balances out.


Monica said...

How cool, Amber's debut! I hate speaking in front of crowds. So if she is doing at her tender age, I say wow! Way to go Amber. I know you guys must be so proud.

MrsDoF said...

Totally agree with the idea that the teacher is super cute. How in the world did you manage a Parent-Teacher Conference?

Congratulations to both the younguns! Being in the spotlight does balance out, given enough time.