Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a little catch up

Amber got really sick July 10th, she was puking everything up like a volcano.  Took her to emergency and they admitted her because she was not able to hold down anything.  The next day they did an ultrasound to check on the baby and found that there was a sac but the baby was not living inside.  On July 12th we had to go in for a DNC and terminate the pregnancy.  It was sad for all of us.  But this is Amber's second chance to be a teenager!  I hope she doesn't do anything stupid this time.

On another note, I am down 72 pounds 11 weeks out of surgery!  Been feeling real good, except the emotional roller coaster!  

Did i mention that as of July 2nd it had been a year since my mother passed away.  That day hit me like a ton of bricks....Because of my work schedule i was not able to go to her grave till 4th of July.  All the flowers i had put out there were doing great.  There is a gentleman that is at his wife's grave everyday no matter what and he waters everyone in his wife's area.  Super nice guy...I thank him every time i see him.  His wife has been gone 8 years and still is visiting everyday!  I wish i could see mom everyday, but i do try and get out there at least once a month! 

I miss her everyday!!