Saturday, May 07, 2011


Alot has happened. Not sure where to start. I'll start with the most important thing in my life and that's my mother.

Mom has been having many tests and found out that an artery in her neck was getting blocked again so they were talking surgery, but before they could do that they sent her for some tests to check out her heart for the surgery. They did the usual stress test and the ekg showed that there was some abnormalities. Well then that brings her to the next step of a cardiac catherization and that showed many blockages so she was rushed to another hospital to receive stents, but when they went in the second time they said that they were so blocked that they could not do it. So their next course of action was to perform open heart surgery, they were talking anywhere from a triple bypass to maybe doing a 5 bypass. She had the catherization last Thursday and had her surgery this Tuesday, she had to wait because she has been on blood thinners for awhile now. I'm happy to say that she is doing very well right now. She had so many wires and tubes everywhere that would scare anyone! As of today she has nothing but 2 IV's on her that are not even connected to anything. She isn't even on oxygen anymore. I am so proud of her, she has been thru so much. Can you believe that she will still have to go back and do the surgery on her neck?! She is a trooper!

On May 1st my mom and dad celebrated their 41st anniversary in the hospital. The nurse was so nice to get them some nice cupcakes for the occasion. Today was my mother's birthday she turned 62 years old today! I took up a small birthday cake and we sang Happy Birthday and gave her one of the funniest cards. Tomorrow is mother's day and I will bring up the nice hanging plant I got her and a pretty card to chear her up.

I got really sad news on Wednesday. My uncle norman passed away. He had been in and out of my hospital and this time it was not good....He had bleeding ulcers, they were treating him for that and then they sent him to a nursing home where he ended up getting the worse bed sore you ever wanna see that lead to a staff infection and ended up with MRSA, by the time the nursing home sent him back to our hospital it was too late, the MRSA had taken it's toll on his body. All I can say is that he isn't suffering anymore. He has been thru alot himself. So tommorrow on mother's day I will be going to my uncle's wake. Sad!

I'm just so emotionally exhausted! I'm worried, scared, nervous, mourning, sad and also excited about my trip on the 25th.

I still plan on going on my trip as long as my mother continues to do well!!!! My friends and I plan on going to the St. Louis zoo, the arch, and the budweiser brewery. I also got surprised with tickets to a broadway musical called "Jersey Boys" from my Bestie Gary. It's the story of Frankie Valli! I am way excited!! Never been to a musical before!!! And the last time I even went to a play was back in the 6th grade about a million years

Darin is waiting on his pictured driver's license to come into the mail. He did pretty well on his driver's test. The parking gave him a small amount of trouble but that's for anyone! But on the road he did me proud! Amber starts driver's ed on Monday....Lord help us all! lol I can't believe how old they are, they are making me feel old!! Many milestones conquered and many more to come. Darin will be graduating next! Time flies!

Oh Frank has been working with a temp service, they sent him to like 4 different shops, they would just work him for awhile and then run out of work. Well for the last 3 weeks he has been working for a shop and it looks like they really like him. They said keep coming, hopefully he can get his 90 days and get hired in. It would take alot of pressure off of me!!! Just the fact that they told him to keep coming relaxes me a little bit. Hopefully things will continue to look better.

Well I hope all you Mother's out there have a great day tomorrow!!!