Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving. I know i will. I do have to work early, but right after work i should be enjoying me some Turkey and all the trimmings. I went over earlier today to help with all the prep work so mom does not have to work so hard at getting it all together.

So much to be thankful for even tho so much has happened lately.
Just my short, most thankful for list
and no particular order!

1. i'm not homeless (yet)
2. i'm not dead
3. my kids
4. my husband
5. my job
6. my friends
7. my family

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I won!

I'm shocked...i won the bike for the best slogan...."food and nutrition...the next best thing to being at home". I guess they had nothing

Anywhoo...i have a nice new shiny bike :)

Scary situation!

Monday afternoon i was helping on the line making trays and all of a sudden i had to grab my chest. I was having massive spasms that went down my left arm. I did what i had to do and then i went home. Around 6:30 pm. I could not stand the pain anymore and went to E.R. pretty sure that i had a heart attack again.

My blood pressure when i arrived at the ER was 206 over 119, and never really went down although i was calm and just sitting. The pain in my arm was constant. But with the blood test and the stress test it confirmed that i had not had a heart attack. They say it was just because my blood pressure was out of control. So now i have to take one of my pills twice a day to keep it down. Ever since they did that my blood pressure is just fine.

The hospital stay was nice, my co-workers kept coming in to see how i was doing. My boss called me from her house!!! I was very touched, she said she was worried about me and wanted me to know it was ok if i wanted to take the rest of the week off, turns out that the doctors agreed to take the rest of the week off. I told her to stop taking away my work days..she laughed! I am going up there today for the meeting...I am dying to see who won the slogan and if it's me i want to take my bike I am hopeful that it's me!!

Amber only has a few more pills to take and then we will see if she breaks out anymore. Hopefully she won't.

We are suppose to go up north to see if my husband and son can get bambi this weekend.
I have a good feeling that they might!!

Ya'll take care!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the usual!

Amber went to the doctors on Thursday, the doctor thinks that this infection is on the tail end. She gave Amber one more week of antibiotics and some cream to put on it. Then she will be seen the day before Thanksgiving back at the doctors, it will be a week to see if after the antibiotics if she breaks out anymore. Wishing her luck, we will see.

Seems as if my only 2 jobs at the moment is my work job and my worrying job. I hate the second one.

Frank and Darin went for opening deer hunting day today and came home empty handed. Hopefully their luck will change at my friends house up north next weekend.

Monday, November 09, 2009

When all else fails...number your issues...

I don't know where to start....

1. Money sucks around here. Pretty much everyone's feeling this way. This will be the leanest Christmas ever!! At least i have my family :)

2. My car decided to break down and I totally nailed the diagnoses before the mechanic told me! I told my husband I believed the U joints were going bad and I was right! I sweated the outcome of the bill. But I'm THANKING GOD for it being covered under warranty!! Then i turned around and asked them to change the oil because we are planning a hunting trip up north at my friends house. Then I pulled out of the dealership only to find out that one of my headlights were not working, so we went out and right back in and had that replaced...So the dealership made some money on me today after all.

3. Amber has been seeing our doctor about her break outs under her arms for quite awhile, so he sent her to a skin doctor and tested the sores...come to find out she has mrsa. Taking yet another antibiotic and still not recovering. She is still breaking out with new sores...She goes back on Thursday and the doctor told her on her last visit if this did not work she would probably have to go to the hospital and get IV's. She is scared and I don't blame her.

4. I'm not feeling well....i think frank gave me his stupid cold!

5. I went to a jewelry party called lia sophia and omg that stuff is nice...but way to expensive!!
I purchased a pair of earrings for amber for christmas..It's her birthstones so she will love them.

6. AT work we had a contest to come up with the best food and nutrition slogan...winner gets the slogan put on jackets, hats and things like that for our dept. The prize is a very nice Bike that I would love to have...they are announcing the winner next week. cross your fingers...i only put in one entry...but i think it was very nice. I don't remember what it popped into my head, i wrote it down and dropped it in the box for an entry.

Other than that I can't think of much else. I had a wonderful weekend, very low key. Hope yours was just as awesome.