Monday, August 28, 2006

Sometimes you have to say screw it

The title means that i did get to take my kids up North to see my best friend and her kids and all the animals that she has gathered in 2 years. My kids had a blast feeding the turkeys and the goats and the pigs and chickens. In her garage she has 11 rabits and and one barn kitten. The house had every indoor animal that you could think of! She has 6 dogs and I don't know how many cats...because I am allergic she made sure to keep those out of my sight. The snakes, birds and (daygus?it's kinda like a squirrel). were all over the house.

Every morning all the kids woke up to watering and feeding all the animals! This takes about an hour with 5 children doing it. They were excited to have Amber and Darin helping them do all this for 2 mornings. After all the animals were fed, all the children were fed their breakfast and were able to play with the animals or walk around the area. We even took them into town and walked around a couple stores. I got to see a store that carried horse saddles and bridles and all kids of feed for different farm animals. You don't see that around here.

I did take pictures, but it might take me a month to finish the camera to get developed. I have some pictures developed that i will be posting just as soon as i get to moms and have her scan and email me them.

Friday and Saturday was so wet and muddy out there in Lupton. It was pretty cold up there also. We were planning on letting the kids go swimming walking the goats and doing all kids of stuff, but the rain did not permit anything like that to happen. We did manage a night time walk by a cemetary...umm don't I would not go in, but i would not have minded walking in it in the day time..i like looking at old head stones. The plan was to scare some of the children...yeh...kind of cruel...most of the kids were not phased. It was just some excercise for the kids. We were checking out the stars and hoping to see some deer walking in the roads.

Sunday we got up early to go up to the high school to see some of the children do their cheerleading for the football games and one of the kids was in a game of football. Three football games later and one bad sunburn to the face it was time to head home! Yeh..the last day up north and the sun finally showed up! Sucks! Funny thing is, by the time i got home its been doing nothing but raining here! Geesh!

Times are tight, which sucks, but what can you do. I still don't know what they are going to do about my job. They have snuck some hours away from our crew to give to me....but if they get busted on it i will be going down in hours. I have been looking everyday at other possibilities...if i do get another full time job i am going to try and keep blockbusters part time. Every penny helps ya know. Frank worked 3 days last week and he did work today and we know he is working tomorrow, but other than that its a who knows kind of thing.

Next week i am on vacation for a week! I like to take the first week of school off so i can take care of anything that the kids need in the first week. I got everything on Amber's list of things for school in her backpack and ready to go. Darin did not have a list, so i got him what i know he will need for starters, like pens, pencils, erasers, compositions books, paper. Anything else will have to wait and see what he is going to need. Amber's list had baby wipes and antibacterial wipes....i can understand the antibacterial wipes...but why the baby wipes? I will have to see what Amber says they use those for.

Well...I am getting tired...and i have to get up early for work.Later all!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I want off the ride

I finally have a day off, I just worked the hardest 6 days straight! On Saturday they even had us come in at midnight for a mandatory meeting, then lucky me got to open the store the next morning. :P At least i am still working, but not sure how long. I talked to my district leader and she says the only thing that will save my hours and my benefits is if i moved up to Assistant Store Manager. I am not too crazy about all the responsibility that comes with. Mostly more paper work to learn about, but not much more than what i am doing already. Unless i can find a job that will help me like soon i am not sure what else to do. I have to make a living.

Frank's job works him so sporadic that it's getting ridiculous, some good news maybe is that my neighbor knows someone hiring and is going to put a good word in for Frank. It is a guarantee 40 hours a let's all hope.

The kids are not looking forward to school in just a couple weeks, although i think they are just a little bit bored. On the 25th i am taking them up north to Lupton, Mi. to visit with my best friend and all the animals. I am hoping that i can make that possible.

I went to the Salvation Army and bought Amber some clothes for school, we looked at alot of jeans and pants. I actually found some with tags still on them. I walked out with 5 pairs of pants and 2 shirts and 2 belts for only $22.oo. I am getting a lay-a-way out at Walmart for socks and underwear and a couple outfits on Friday, so at least my kids will have some clothes when school starts. I was really worried about Amber because she is growing like a weed and none of her clothes that fit her last year will fit now. Darin's still wearing the same size pants as last year so he still has some...but i wanted him to have a different variety this know how kids are with the trends.

I have alot of the kids school supplies already put up. I caught alot of good deals, like notepads for a dime and colored pencils for .88 cents markers for .88 cents and crayons for a dime.
Amber also needed a tri-fold presentation board for a science project, i found that at the local dollar store for $2.50 instead of $6.00 at the local office max.
Somehow i find the way to make a twenty dollar bill feel like a

I helped mom pack away the swimming pool since noone seems to be using it. I can see why she did it because it does cost alot to maintain it.

My son turns 12 on Wednesday the 16th! Time flies! Darin was born at 10:29 in the morning weighing in at 9 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 inches. Now he is 5'4 and I won't say what he weighs That will only embarrass him. But he is difinitely built for football. He does not know what he wants for his birthday. At first he wanted a new game but now he says he's not sure. So he has until Friday to figure it all out. Yeh, i know he has to wait for his present and all. Well that's what happens when you live from paycheck to paycheck.

Well goodnight all...take care

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I hope i don't babble on

The only thing i really have to talk about is my deep depression on what life has to keep throwing at me, I know I am not the only one that is in trouble but this is my blog and my worry. I'm so worried about things its really making me sick to my stomach. I have to talk to my district leader to see if either a) when i am going to lose my hours or b) how can i save my job.
I only have experience in retail, or the restaurant business, and i don't want to do that again, and no one is going to pay me near what i am making now. Plus i have to have benefits! My pills alone will put me into severe debt.
I wonder if life will get better? Can a new president turn things around? what a difference life has made for it self since our current president has been in office. Am i the only one that feels this way?
Sorry i am venting...I will try to talk about something else.

My dad had the week off for vacation so i really did not have to go over and take care of mom this week. I did go over with Darin and he helped me mow the lawn really fast before the heat got to be too much. Darin really loves riding the lawnmower and he gets to earn a few dollars.
We will be bright eyed and bushy tailed come Monday to visit grandma, we miss her and i am sure that my dad has about drove her crazy!

Amber is starting to do what i have asked her to do for a long time. She is wearing a headband to bed now...Not because i told her to, but because my best friend Barb told her to do it! Aunty Barb has more clout than I! If there is anything that i want done i just have to call Barb and somehow she is able to work her magic on her. What is great about it is that it's actually helping with the acne.

Well all...i gotta get some sleep..
Ya'll take care and i hope life is treating you better.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Trip

On Friday i had to make the decision that there was not going to be any way to afford a hotel room the night before the trip. So about 4 a.m. we all got up to make the 5 hour drive down to Cincinnati, Ohio to King's Island. (Mind you that i really made it in about 41/2)

I could not sleep Friday night at all, I tried about 4 times to lay down and go to sleep, but it was just not going to happen. I felt like the Walt Disney commercial that said "I'm to excited to sleep". That and I am too stressed out about bills and such. So I got no sleep at all and drove all the way there.

We made it down there just as they opened the park. We mapped out our course and went to town on all the fun rides. Darin went on his first roller coaster and his daddy said that he was gonna puke. I love roller coasters and I wished that i could have done them with him, but alas my fat ass could not fit in the roller coasters seats. How dissapointing! How embarrassing! I did get to go on the White Water Rafting ride. That would be alot funner if you can go barefooting so your shoes don't get wet. The kids LOVED this ride! They went on it two times. They also loved the Scrambler, that's always their favorite at a carnival.

We went on the replica of the Eifel Tower, it's only a third the size of the real one. All i can say is that i don't want to even attempt the real Eifel Tower. But we did get a beautiful view of the whole park and some of Ohio.

We also went to the water park there and they had a blast in the pools and the slides and the large fun water activities they had there. They were totally soaked and having so much fun. I just waded my legs in the water, i was not up for swimming .

We did make it to the last show of what they called the "School of Rock". It was a concert and they played alot of rock music of the "80's", Me and Frank were rockin it out. lol The kids really enjoyed the music also and they pretty much said that was their favorite part.

We stayed at the park from 10 in the morning till 7:30 at night. We were all under the same sun and I am still wondering why i was the only one that got fried! My face looked like a huge tomato! My husband has nothing my son and daughter has nothing...just me! God just hates me i guess.

So after that we decided that we better start heading home. I drove all the way back home on zero sleep! It was a hard feat but i managed. I am glad that i had packed pop and chips for the ride home. Luckily the cooler kept everything cold. I made it home in only 4 hours! Only had to make one potty break! It was great to get home into our air conditioning and fans, it felt so nice on my red hot face. All in all we all had fun. But i think we would have had more fun at Seaworld, watching the animals do tricks.

In other news...I was just told today that in probably a couple of months they will be cutting my hours in half. When one of our managers returns to our store, supposedly we both will get 20 hours. I pray that won't happen...but I have to start looking for a full time job, so i am not lost if it does happen. This really sucks!!!! I'm really worried about losing medical, all my pills.
Hopefully everything will turn out alright. Pray for me..