Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I want off the ride

I finally have a day off, I just worked the hardest 6 days straight! On Saturday they even had us come in at midnight for a mandatory meeting, then lucky me got to open the store the next morning. :P At least i am still working, but not sure how long. I talked to my district leader and she says the only thing that will save my hours and my benefits is if i moved up to Assistant Store Manager. I am not too crazy about all the responsibility that comes with. Mostly more paper work to learn about, but not much more than what i am doing already. Unless i can find a job that will help me like soon i am not sure what else to do. I have to make a living.

Frank's job works him so sporadic that it's getting ridiculous, some good news maybe is that my neighbor knows someone hiring and is going to put a good word in for Frank. It is a guarantee 40 hours a week...so let's all hope.

The kids are not looking forward to school in just a couple weeks, although i think they are just a little bit bored. On the 25th i am taking them up north to Lupton, Mi. to visit with my best friend and all the animals. I am hoping that i can make that possible.

I went to the Salvation Army and bought Amber some clothes for school, we looked at alot of jeans and pants. I actually found some with tags still on them. I walked out with 5 pairs of pants and 2 shirts and 2 belts for only $22.oo. I am getting a lay-a-way out at Walmart for socks and underwear and a couple outfits on Friday, so at least my kids will have some clothes when school starts. I was really worried about Amber because she is growing like a weed and none of her clothes that fit her last year will fit now. Darin's still wearing the same size pants as last year so he still has some...but i wanted him to have a different variety this year...you know how kids are with the trends.

I have alot of the kids school supplies already put up. I caught alot of good deals, like notepads for a dime and colored pencils for .88 cents markers for .88 cents and crayons for a dime.
Amber also needed a tri-fold presentation board for a science project, i found that at the local dollar store for $2.50 instead of $6.00 at the local office max.
Somehow i find the way to make a twenty dollar bill feel like a fifty...lol

I helped mom pack away the swimming pool since noone seems to be using it. I can see why she did it because it does cost alot to maintain it.

My son turns 12 on Wednesday the 16th! Time flies! Darin was born at 10:29 in the morning weighing in at 9 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 inches. Now he is 5'4 and I won't say what he weighs now..lol That will only embarrass him. But he is difinitely built for football. He does not know what he wants for his birthday. At first he wanted a new game but now he says he's not sure. So he has until Friday to figure it all out. Yeh, i know he has to wait for his present and all. Well that's what happens when you live from paycheck to paycheck.

Well goodnight all...take care


gammamoma said...

Im sure you are capable and able to handle the new job description. You have handled a lot more when you worked at Micky D's.
Darin is our big boy and I am proud of that young man. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARIN!

MrsDoF said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Darin!
He's already taller than I am--same age as my sons passed me right by.

I'm all too familiar with how to stretch a dollar. Thrift Store and yard sales are great for when the budget is tight.

Crossing my fingers for your job situation. I'm looking for one, also, but at least my husband has a regular one, with benefits.
He wants me to be real choosy, so that I don't end up with another Worker's Comp claim.
(As if I can foretell the future in that direction)

MrsDoF said...

I've been thinking about you today.
There must be news, so I hope it is of the Good kind.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

Monica said...

I'm reading your posts from oldest to newest here.

Happy way belated b-day to Darin. :-)

I to buy a lot of my kids from a local consignment shop. Kids clothes new are just absolutely outrageous. Especially if you are buying name brand. The good thing about them being so young right now is they don't know the difference between Abercrombie and say some off K-Mart brand.