Friday, October 29, 2004

DAY OFF??????

I have no idea what a day off is supposed to be..Today was suppose to be that...instead i paid the bills went to hostess, went grocerie shopping went to the pet store picked up my kids from school so that they can change into costumes for their halloween parties...i put make-up on my daughter that's the statue of liberty, my mother helped with my son that is a skeleton pirate...i made them lunch, and took them back to school...came home cleaned up the mess i had made vacuumed the floors and did some laundry all before 1 in the afternoon so that i could go to the school and watch my kids in what they call a parade at the school....all the costumes were really cute...but i have to say that my kids were the only ones of thier kind! So after the parade i had to run to another place to pay a bill and drop my mother back at her house..."All the while" cooking dinner at home...thank god for crock pots!!!!! lol So after dinner me and my big mouth says lets go get our pumpkins...we will carve them tomorrow....NOOOOO my daughter wants to carve it yep...that's what else that got put on the list of things to do in one i carved hers...she cleaned it....then while i was not looking...she added some carvings of her own...i only stepped out to look at a new puppy that my neighbor just had gotten.. It's always a test around my daughter...Am i going to flip my cork or can i remain calm??

Did i mention that i worked last night till 4 in the morning and went to bed by 4:30 in the morning to wake up at 7:30 in the i should be in bed right now...but i just can't sleep but i soon will, i have to get up early for work on Saturday.

So this was my day off...I'm not feeling i look and feel like crap so i am off to bed i'm depressed now it's only

Thursday, October 28, 2004


I'm getting excited about taking my 2 children trick or treating, mostly because i am dressing up in a costume also....I have 2 beautiful children...i have a son that is 10 and a daughter that is 9. They both have 2 different personality's. My son is really layed back, easy going, my daughter is a very busy, opinionated child....If she is thinking of something its going to come out of her mouth whether it will hurt your feelings or not. It's good in some ways but sometimes its embarassing!

I got off the subject just a daughter is going to be the statue of liberty and my son is going to be a skeleton daughter wanted to be a hippie...but the costumes were not appropriate for Michigan son wanted to be something scary like Jason or Michael or killer mechanic....(this worries me)lol Just kidding ...he's a great kid! I'm going to be a witch. My job asked us to dress up theme related to a movie, this is because i work for Blockbuster for living....I enjoy my job, sometimes the stress can be hard..only when people from the higher ups come to town...but for the most part its great working there...i get to see all the movies i can handle before they even go out on the right now i have Shrek 2 ...I'm dying to see Spiderman 2 that will be out on November 30...I'm also dying to see the Harry Potter movie next month....

Thanksgiving is coming soon...We (my kids, husband and I) have been going to the Detroit parade since the kids have been born...I was worried that we would not be able to do that this year...due to the fact that my mother had a stroke in May, but we have worked that out..i will go over the day before and work on alot of the meal the day before...just will have to toss the turkey in the oven...which my father should be able to help with that!

Well i have to be going to help my mother with her chores and such for the day ...write more later

Monday, October 25, 2004

I Love my mom

My mother got me started with this...not sure what i might say on this thing...but ya never know