Monday, September 23, 2013

My Great Uncle Ed turned 100 years old!

My Great Uncle Ed turned 100 years old on September 20th.  We thru him a little Birthday Party.  We surprised him with 100 balloons on the front yard.  All Saying something like Happy 100th Birthday...

 Took Him and his wife (93years old) out to dinner.  The whole restaurant came out and sang Happy Birthday to him.

Came home for Birthday cake dessert!  

 He loved all the attention he got for his birthday
 I love my Aunt and Uncle they are there for me whenever i need them!! My uncle has said that he always wanted to live to be 100 and he did!!!  I am so happy for him!  But I know that I don't wish to live that

 And of course I had to show you a picture of my new love Spencer!  I love this baby with all my heart!!
He was so happy to be apart of the birthday celebration!!