Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Darin(son) is doing great, got a full time job at pep boys and loves working on cars!  He's a freaking genious with cars.  He talks about how they work about fixing them and what to look for like he been working on them since birth and honestly it's only been since he started taking classes at college.  I always knew that he would do something that required him to fix things.  And he loves it! Talks about buying an old car and making it a project car.  Can't wait to see him do that!  He really wants a nova, but any old classic car will do.  

He is still going to college working on his associates.  It's taking some time cuz he is only taking 2 and 3 classes at a time, but it down to his last 15 credits to get it. He is thinking about getting his bachelors but we will see.  Just the fact that he is wanting to finish the associates its tremendous to me!  He has done more than Frank and I and half my family.  Could not be prouder.  

August 16th he turns 21!  21 is amazing to me!  Can i be that old????? I been told i don't look like i have kids that age!  Even tho this old body tells me different!  

Amber (daughter) is doing well also.  I have to say that Amber decided after her first semester of college that it was not something that she wants to do at this moment...she can always go back.

She got a job babysitting and as of Thursday she started a new job working in a daycare!  Yes!  I called what my daughter would be doing with her life also!  I always knew that she would be working with kids, I figured she would work in a daycare or something like that!  So far she loves it!  I've always been told since kindergarten from the teachers that Amber is very motherly!  I already knew that! duh! 

She is saving to buy her own car, which will be great not having to share the one vehicle that we have.  

Frank(hubby) he is doing good.  He  hates working midnights, you would think after almost 3 years that he would be used to it, but no, he is a day person and every chance he gets he messes up his internal clock and puts his self back on morning on his days off.  I wish they would put him back on mornings.  Do us all a favor!!  lol  He's happy that he got his review and will be getting a raise...that will help tremendously!!

Me well, I've had some ups and downs.  Had a problem at work that took me off the job that i hated with a passion!!  Thank god!!  supposedly this is my punishment, but to me it was an answer to a long time prayer!  Even my coworkers say that i am a much happier person lately!!! Won't get into detail because it could get me in trouble if ever it's leaked onto the media dealing with the job...Just know that my mental status is in a much better place!!!  

May 1st will be 3 years since i had the surgery!! I have gained a few pounds but nothing that i am going to stress over...of course i'm working hard to correct that problem...i know i will!!  i know what i have to do to get back to where i was..
But for the most part i am extremely happy with myself!  

We still have Amber's best friend Kayla over every other weekend and enjoy spending time with her and her son Spencer!  They both brighten my day!  Spencer is a the cutest thing ever and i adore him! It's like having a grandbaby!  I know the real thing will come in  time but for now we enjoy the company!  

Well peeps I think i have caught up a bit..i always say that i will get on here more, i always have good intentions!!!  

Take care, that is anyone still reads this