Thursday, January 24, 2008


Frank got to come home Tuesday. The verdict is that he had his third stroke. He is showing improvement. He went from no strength in his hand to being able to squeeze a very little bit. It's going to take time but i think that he will be able to get back to work. He is really trying hard. He is constantly trying to work with his ball and trying to pick things up with his hand.
He's been a non-smoker a week come tomorrow. I can tell you that I will never buy another cigarette for him. I told him that he's had 3 strokes now the next could kill him or paralyze him for good. I also told him that if he thinks he's leaving me with 2 kids by myself he's crazy! lol

Everyone at work has been really great! All the nurses ask me how he is doing, all my co-workers ask me everyday how he is doing and offering their prayers. I've never worked for a place that genuinely shows concern. I've never worked for a place that is so grateful that you came in early or that you came in to help on your day off. Not only one manager says thank you but all of them thank you.

We had a meeting yesterday, the meeting was to express any concerns or any suggestions that we may have about our jobs. So I took a brief second to express my Thanks for all the well wishes and i let the managers know how much I appreciated their kindness.
Well, i can tell you that i am emotionally and physically exhausted!!
Now i am off to bed to get up very early to work again.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Please Pray

My husband is in the hospital with a possible stroke....It's only affecting his left arm and most of all his left wrist and fingers. He can move is arm up and down, but it feels like 100 pounds he says. Last night he was not able to control his wrist...but today he was able to move it at will. But his fingers are still not able to move from an almost fist like position. They said that the catscan shows that he had 2 previous strokes in the past but they can't say that this is one because sometimes new strokes don't show up right away.
I have about a million things running thru my first worry is my husband and getting him better. Then my next worry is him not being able work and so on and so forth.

I haven't had much sleep but i have heard prayer chains work miracles, please join me in prayer for a healing.