Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Poem I wrote Jaycee

Remember the poem that I wrote for Jaycee for her graduation, Well Masen finally got it up on the computer.....So now I can share it with you guys...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Darin's Sweet 16!

Today was my day off and I owed Darin a little sweet 16 celebration!! I would show you a pic of his birthday cake but Darin was cutting into it before i could even snap a
Notice how my big boy towers over all of us!!

Darin, Mom, and me.
Amber, mom, Darin and me

Darin, mom, Amber and Frank

Darin, mom, Amber Frank

This is what Darin thinks about turning 16!!!!
I love this boy!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey, you miss me?

I have been sooooo busy working, I work almost everyday and working many double shifts. Why? Well that's simple, about 2 weeks ago my hubby was informed that his services are no longer required at his job!! Yep, permanently lay off! So then I filed for unemployment for him and they give you something close to JACK NOTHING!!! So I went to my bosses and they have been hooking me up big time with hours!!!

That's just the beginning of my woes! Let's see, Amber broke out big time under her armpits again! The doctor did a biopsy to see what was going on with that...I will find out on the 25Th what those results are. She had massive amounts of puss filled pimple's, boils, whatever you want to call those. She took another 10 days worth of antibiotics and guess what!! She has suddenly pretty much stopped puking!!! So I am pretty sure that the mrsa in her body and this puking has something to do with it may be bacterial? I'm not sure but i talked with my family doctor and he also agrees with me that it could be something that an infectious disease doctor should take a look at.

Ok, not enough? Well try that my hot water tank took a crap. With working alot and stuff it took me almost a week to dig out my warranty that i had on it because it's only 3 years old, Thank God that I purchased the 5 year warranty on it!! After about a weeks worth of the coldest showers that you can imagine, I had someone fix it!! Apparently the gas line became loose from the vibrations of my furnace being right next to it. Only took the guy about 15 minutes to say your all set! Yay!!

With all that said and down, my back was hurting and I started to wear my back brace to work well yesterday was about all I could take with the pain...I practically overdosed on vicodin to make myself nice and relaxed and pulled my back brace nice and tight to make it thru another shift at work. I called my doctors office and they squeezed me in after work. I got a shot in the hip and a shot in my left elbow(my left elbow has been killing me for awhile now) Now my back is feeling pretty good, but the pain was radiating down my right leg and my foot. Pretty sure it's a pinched nerve...the back is feeling tons better but I still can't feel my foot, which is making me walk funny....hope this ends soon!! I'm thanking God that I was still able to do my job, They are being so nice to me by giving me all this overtime.

Well, we don't even want to get into my financial woes! But the Lord is making things happen with all of that too!

Alright is that enough bad stuff? yeh, i think enough for one day.

Here's a good thing to throw out there...My work put up a notice that we are all getting a pretty sizable bonus check, and it's coming on Monday!!! Hallelujah so it may get me caught up on some of my bills...which means that I will have to try and keep it up...I may have to think ahead about Christmas and try out a layaway...if i can make that possible at all or my kids will have pert near nothing! I am in survival mode lately, which is helping make it thru all the hours of work.

Hopefully Frank will find another job soon.....a descent job, making descent money!! I know things happen for a reason, I'm hoping that this will work out good for us! If ya gotta sec for a quick prayer for my little family, it is appreciated!! Thanks!

OHHHHHHHHHH I almost forgot, my son Darin turned 16 on the 16th of this Month!! Because i had to work a billion hours we are celebrating it tomorrow with cake and ice cream!!

So that's been my hectic ummmm month or so??? How's things with ya'll??